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Friday, December 16, 2011

♥ Life is Getting Better. Alhamdulillah ♥Almost the End of 2011 ♥

It's been almost 4 weeks since I got back from my long vacation. Still recovering. Adeh.. Kerja kat Gateway makin menggila. Stress der.. Kerja ANZ gak best! Nways. Biarlah. Relaks2 aje.. So far Shairah dah start balik layan movies and dramas online. Since balik here, the list of Movies/Drama yek...
  • Immortals - another epic movie
  • In Time - I love this Movie :)
  • Harry Potter 3,4,5,6 and both 2 parts for HP 7 - saje je start blk tgk from 1 :)
  • Jiwa & Lara - sambung from cuti, so now dah abis
  • Cinta Elysa -  dah abis :)
  • Tentang Dhia & Bunga April - full swing! up to date with the latest Episod
  • Jack & Jill - Adam Sandler, but surprisingly, tak de la best sgt
  • Puss in Boots - Oh, he's sooo cute!!
  • Moneyball - Creative gak la cerita ni
  • Now watching - The Ides of March
Selain tu, Shairah busy gak Countdown for the next 3 planned events (so far). In 7 days/ 131 days and also 309 days! But along the way, mesti ada je benda2 best!!

This entry saje je nk focus about my Wedding Plan. Eceh, so far from these checklists....
Caption : Keh3. This is my current focus right now :)
  • Date - Confirmed
  • Venue - Confirmed
  • Time - Confirmed - Hall booked for 24 hours :)
  • Sessions - Lunch and/or Dinner
  • Solemnization - Pagi at One of the Masjid in Putrajaya or Rumah (TBC)
  • Dais Hall - Confirmed
  • Dais Home - KIV, Dh ada pilihan dah :)
  • Dowries - WIP. To finalise and start shopping this Boxing Day!!
  • Make Up - Confirmed
  • Dress - Confirmed, but will need to show Bb's uniform to the PIC :)
  • Catering - Confirmed, to finalise by April. Menu pun almost dh settle
  • Invitation Cards - WIP, to finalise design and compare pricing
  • Doorgifts - Confirmed, To finalise and start shopping
  • Performances - WIP
  • Protocols - BB's in charge
  • DJ/MC/Pembaca Doa - Mama's in charge
  • High Table - Bb's in charge
  • Foto/Video - BB's or Mama's in charge
  • Guestlists (Papa & Mama) - WIP
  • Guestlists (BB's side) - WIP
  • Guestlist (My mates) - Confirmed
  • Flower girl(s) & boy(s) - Confirmed
  • Pengapit (L) - WIP
  • Pengapit (P) - WIP
  • Pihak Merenjis (L& P- min 5 pax) - Confirmed
  • Bilik Pengantin - KIV, few options
  • Honeymoon (Local) - WIP
  • Honeymoon (Overseas) - WIP
Caption : My Chenta Hati, Oct 2011. During my trip back home before off to South America. 
Location : Low Yat Plaza, Photographer : Dearie Cousin, Aqilah Husna

Other than that, past few weeks since balik memang very busy with work. But ada jugak fun nye. Xmas party, Xmas Brekky, Xmas Third Party Channel Brekky, Noritake Warehouse Sales (the best. hihi), All pictures of my trips and videos dh diupload. I love South America!! Macchu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Rafting, Paragliding and all.. Feel free to browse -

Facebook Albums Here
Facebook VideosHere
Youtube Videos Here

Above all, I am currently working on finalising my End of Year 2011 Trip with BB & his mom. They are coming Down Under for Xmas, Boxing Day (shopping2) and New Year Holiday. This is BB's 2nd visit Down Under. Last year he was around 23 Dec 2010 - 6 Jan 2011. So kali ni datang ngan Mak. (24 Dec 2011 - 3 Jan 2012) ... 

My next international Trip, Insya Allah (April & May 2012 to China, HK, Macau & Msia pn dah settle. Tinggal nk book acco and transports around China, HK and Macau je). Jeng3x, Insya Allah, we'll make it official May ni :)
Caption : One of the important folders in my drive

P/S : I need to work on my Bucket List for 2012 onwards :).

So happy sebab Home Loan approved! So I can start looking for property own my own here. Tak sure lah nk buat investment or owner occupied. Tapi nk cari unit around CBD susah sikit. Spoke to few brokers, living area nye size and density of the places might be a risk and concern sikit. Tp tak pe, no rush. Tgk rezeki kat mane :). Yang penting, surely and purely my own $$. Alhamdulillah.
Caption : The Approval Letter. Enough to buy an apartment

BB busy sgt, skrg tengah Exercise kat Kuantan. 20 December dia habis and nnt 24 Dec fly to AUS. Yey!!
Caption : My Current Screen Saver - Compilation of Pictures from BB's EOY trip 2010

So far ngan BB best!!! Kitaorg kenal dlm 3 months camtu and baru official declare. BB tak pushy, dia tunggu betul2 bile Shairah ready. Since last year sebab jauh (LDR la katakan), kitaorg dating takes turn.

Sep 2010 - Shairah stopover kat Msia before and after Middle East nye trip - (Shairah pergi dekat dia)

Dec 2010 - BB datang AUS for 15 days holiday. Trip ABT (Amar's Birthday Trip). Merayap lah kami Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, Armin Van Burren etc - (BB dtg dekat to me)

May 2011 - Kami meet up kat Indo - Bali & Makassar - (Shairah pergi dekat dia)

July 2011 - Kami meet up kat New Zealand - (BB dtg dekat to me)

Oct & Nov 2011 - Shairah stopover kat Msia before and after South America nye trip - (Shairah pergi dekat dia)

Dec 2011 - Bb Insya Allah dtg AUS with Mak ! - (BB dtg dekat to me)

Apr & May 2012 - Kami Insya Allah akan meet up kat Airport then to China, HK & Macau. Shairah akan stopover kat Msia before balik Sydney for an important event :). Awww Nervous u. Lol

Between May - Nov 2012 - So far tak de plan ape2. Shairah balik late Oct kot for our Wedding in Nov!! Insya Allah. AMIN~~!!


  1. akak,kahwin jangan lupa jemput kitewwww~

  2. Hi Shairah, busy, busy schedule but sure sounds exciting!

    First up, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding and Best wishes! Great checklist.

    My, you sure are a globetrotter! Just stopping by for a quick visit and thank you for visiting and will be back for more of your adrenaline-filled adventures. Cheerio!


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