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Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ PERU ♥ Bye2 Brazil. Singgah Chile jap je patu next stop Pear-Roo... Tour & Rafting :)

7 Nov >> Cuzco, Peru
Ola. An early day today! Dlm kul 3am dh sedar2 dh. As usual skype with BB sbb hotel ada wifi / 445am dah gerak gi airpot sbb flite to PERU 650h. Ber3 naik taxi so share.. Bayar sorang dlm REALS 20. Ok la tu. Check in semua all good! Puas ati la ngn TACA nye services. bes n comfy. makan pn menarik. Mula2 lps check in nk drop beg, tp silap tunggu tmpt! gile ahh. slmt borak ngn sorang mamat ni. Tgk laa silap tmpt. terus g custom clear etc. gi kat gate..

Lps checkin at kiosk, drop bag. even I am transiting at Lima kejap sblm cuzco, still kena amik bag.

BYE BRAZIL! I will come back 2014 insya allah with hubby & lil one maybe for World Cup heeeeee… I am so glad tak payah bayar departure tax la non resident tax la ape lah… As of today, phew dh cross 6 timezones!

SYD +1000h
MYS +0800h
Cape Town +0200h
Buenos Aires -0300h
Rio D Janeiro -0200h
Peru -0500h
Phew ~ blh tahan kn !!! Currencies pn byk dlm wallet. currencies AUS NZD JOD EGY ZAR pn masih dlm wallet. tambah lagi ARS, BRL and PEN. Hihih

First tgk PERU.. Wahh building rumah kecik2 je mcm brick. kaler pn dh mcm kaler tanah.. yg best, airport dia bes ok ! tak sangka lor.. semua cpt services dorang. very smooth.. my luggage 17 kg je! padahal allowance 32 kg plus. hihi mmg travel lite. lps drop bg kat lima and amik boarding pass, terus ke gate for departure to CUZCO! airport lima BUSY GILE!! dari tmpt check in, nk scan, custom bag etc mmg crowded ahh… flight was awesome. best2 makan.. steward and stewardess pn lawa2.. so far dlm byk2 tmpt kat latin america, org2 PERU lg lawa lor… flight to cuzco sejam lbh..

Hari ni lps touch down nmpk gloomy skit.. Tp tgk Cuzco dr atas, wahh luas & also sgt color choc. reminds me of Egypt lah town dia.. Hahah.. After transfer by the tour company to hotel, (Hotel cantik and bes! as usual room all by myself). Ms transfer tu smpt tny driver, ape food plg bes sini, dia jwb GUINEA PIG. Hahah. Drink lak beer ape ntah : Cusquena. Adeh.. x dpt la kn. nk desserts, dia tak sure . anyways lps smpi hotel, register and check in, I managed to meet our tour guide. Lucky gile sbb dpt join city tour ptg tu (pheww,, smpi2 je tak smpi 10 minit trus pergi tour). I am so impress to find out that org2 PERU majority English sgt2 fluent!! Very impress. so mmg x susah nk communicate ngn dorang .

Ok la. dpt overview of the city. Tour ni around Holy Places kat Cuzco. Stops kat Santo Domingo, Tambomachay, Q’Enqo, Pukapukara & Saqsayhuman. Tmpt2 ni semua either temple or fort kat Cuzco. Kalau ikutkn mmg byk Inca trails, temples etc, tp visit few selected je. Nak tau more about these places, blh google kot. Sbb details sgt. But few information pasal Genesis Incas (from ape tour guide cerita)

1) Couple from Lake Titicaca yg dtg settle down kat Cuzco
2) 4 brothers and wives came from temple of rising sun. dorang pilgrim sbb nk cari promise land. patu jumpe cuzco.. among these bros ada fight. Masa start journey yg no 1 – power to transform valley to mountain and vice versa . 3 beradik lain jeles, buat trick kurung abg dia dlm cave. once dorang seal and run the cave, mcm2 jadi. Apparently cave ni doorway to evil power. Abg sulung tu trapped dlm cave.. 3 beradik ni sorang jd burung condor, sorang transform jd batu and sorang mati. so yg eldest ni la kirenye yg first genesis inca

*Ni cerita je betul tak, not sure. try to search urself

Org inca caye gak God ni ada female and male. Male- sun, lighting.. Female moon, water.

During my tour, I met new friends. And dorang tny la if I got altitude sickness. So far Alhamdulillah tak sbb ad yg passed out. huhu , I was so shocked gak dgr. sbb yg pengsan tu mat salleh, laki lak tu. Alhamdulillah I am doing well.. Heee. maybe mase wat tandem skydive dlu kot I experienced no problem mase naik 14,000 feet. Alhamdulillah. Apparently one of the ways to fix problem ni is to eat a lot of sweets for glucose. Ntah2 sbb mase kat Argentina and Brazil ive been eating too much already, badan dh well prepared. haha

After all the tour, blk hotel and rest!! Esok long day juge.

8 Nov >> Rafting Trip, Cuzco, Peru
This is the 4th rafting experience for me :).. Best sbb Rapid Class makin tinggi.. Oh yeh.. Class 3+ to 4

An early day for me today. Sbb subuh sini awal gile.. lain ngn city2 lain… Woke up at 2am cmtu sbb duk tersedar SMS masuk.. EEE geram tol laa ngn provider msia. Celcom asyik prob je msg x deliver. kak lee pn cm prob cmtu. so bb lak duk ckp dia send sms pe semua. tp x dpt! try maxis! maxis gile gak.. for the past 8 hours smpi skrg, asyik re-send sms yg same je. if satu sms yg same tak pe. ni 6 different sms and each sms tu smpi 8x! gile kn.. blk msia confirm dgn bb kena gi check blk celcom nye line especially. sent la konon tp kite yg kat sini x dpt . no celcom yg roaming sup under bb credit limit rm100 je tp dia kate unbilled amount rm1000+ . bodoh kn ! thanks to Vodafone AUS. sminggu sakan sms bil dlm $140 je.. x de problem ke ape. ntah pape

Awesome! Rafting at Urubamba River, Cuzco (Rapid Class 3+ to 4) mmg best! Surrounded with mountains. I love the 'surfing' part & the 8m 'cliff dive' into the river! Puas ati!! Cume air sini mmg sejuk gile. sbb tu la kitaorg full gear kot. hihi.. reminds me of diving at paraty, brazil last week. oh gosh.. sejuk der.. water temp was 12 degrees at that time. But i survived with the splash of water :)

Shopping pn menarik, 300 soles i got to buy heaps of souviners for my beloved, family, relative & close friends :). Resting mode, esok Machu Picchu!!! :)

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