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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The meaningful Eid Fitr 2009

Alhamdulillah, finally celebrated Eid Fitr for 2009.Tak sangka ni kali ke 5 Shaira sambut raya di perantauan. first time mase 2004.

2008, i got the chance utk sambut raya kat Malaysia. It was the most meaningful Eid Fitr cause 2008 menyaksikan gabungan satu family yg sudah 7 thn tidak bersatu.. Maklum lah, lepas my sist pergi US 2002, shaira meneruskan tradisi keluarga ke Australia on 2003. Later on 2007, my bro pulak pergi Indo. so mmg tak de la satu family dpt kumpul beramai2.

2008 juga paling bermakna sebab Shaira kerja kat Malaysia, was working with Maxis as their Management associates, joined their Graduate Program. walaupun from 2004-2007 Shaira keje kat Aus, mmg tak berkesempatan nk kasik duit raya kat sepupu sepapat maklum lah jauh ^____^. So sbb kerja kat Maxis, shaira dptlah peluang bg duit raya.. hehe seronok. Time ni bes la sbb in my family, 2008 raya, Papa mama Kak Li and Me bg duit raya kat sepupu sepapat.

Tahun ni i would say, not too bad la kot. tp a little bit sad sbb malam raya i was at uni til 8 pm. had my group discussion earlier. later on went to Emy's house, main masak2 and help her and nor a little bit for their open house on Eid. malam tu mase otw nk gi umah emy, shaira bawak skali rice cooker, ntah la rase penat sgt kot, hampir terkeduk kat atas bas..

Eid - i woke up a bit late cause penat giler a day before. then pegi to UNSW utk smyg raya. Lps tu, back to Emy's house and get ready utk open house dia. yum yum.. in the arvo, Shaira gi Msian hall at 1ish. then called my parents and bro. Ouh thn ni beraya dgn handbag & wallet Bonia yg baru, dan juga Guess watch yang menawan. Baju kebaya ni tak de la purposely utk raya, kain sari pn dapat last year when someone gave to me. So buat je jadi baju kebaya

However at 2pm, i had to push off to Bondi Junction for another group discussion. It went till almost 4pm. Shaira gi Bondi junction dgn baju kebaya lagi kot. haha. at least a reason for me to leave a bit earlier. lepak to msian hall, makan2 and at 5ish headed to Maroubra, Pn Nora's house. ni mencabar gak, from msian hall, we need to take 2 buses to get there. first bus was okay. but yang 2nd tu, gila lah tunggu for almost 45 mins. kebetulan at Fox Studio, ad je baru abis Sport event. mmg few buses, esp route 395 396 397 full gile! lucky us, rezeki, at 545pm, we managed to get a bus..

Pn nora's house - makanan mmg byk tp shaira tak makan snang sbb too full! but i love air sirap and kuih muih. sgt bes! was at pn nora's house for few hours!!.. at 7ish started to push off to emy's house (semua barang shaira for an overnight kat sane) . arrived emy's house at 8ish, borak2 dgn nor and tibe2 lapar. so shaira makan la.. few minutes after that,2 of their neighbours came. Shaira teman nor borak2 ngn dorang. i decided to go back home . mlm tu, tp because of a news (yg initially shaira took for granted) then i decided NOT to go back home.. hehehe

Mlm tu shaira tdo at 9pm kot and straight till 6 ish. wat a short weekend ! around 7 in the morning (yesterday), shaira balik rumah and siap2 utk keje! back to normal life.. okay lah, tgh lunch time, mau rehat dulu..

Btw to all selamat hari raya !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yang dinamakan Rezeki ^___^

Bak kata pepatah, tuah ayam nmpk di kaki,tuah manusia siapa yang tahu kan. he3..This is what i am currently feeling. It's more than 6 months since I arrived Sydney To be honest, mmg smpi skrg pn langsung tak enjoy hidup kat Sydney ni. ntah la. sbb 4 thn dh kat Melbourne kot. Tp what to do, what to say, kadang2 kena beralah and sacrifice untuk orang lain, tp diri sendiri  lak yang tak enjoy. Bosan betul lah. So now, no way lah nk beralah2 or give and take lagi. sebab asyik give je,tak de pulak take.

Lps balik from Europe ari tu, mmg ad sense of urgency gak la utk cari keje. Hari2 mmg duk apply kerja and contact my recruitment agencies. So, satu hari on 20 Aug, i received a call from Agent E to register my interest utk keje temporary for assignments. 

By the way Shaira mmg dlm masa terdekat tak de intention nk kerja Professional. Maklum lah studying lagi. blh pening kepala mana satu nk focus. On 20 Aug, Thursday, Shaira pergi register, then ada la buat testing utk System , computer and other testings. Alhamdulillah, Testings ni semua senang je sbb Shaira dh selalu buat. Muahahah... Tup3, results mmg improve from before. Then, Agency E pun bgtau la dorang ade job opening yang lain and dorang sgt2 berminat untuk hantar resume Shaira. Position ni kat Credit Union. 

My consultant cakap by COB 20 Aug dorang akan bgtau result samada dpt next stage ke tak. Alhamdulillah, Credit Union tu nk arrange interview on 21 Aug the next day. 21 Aug, Shaira pergi Credit Union utk interview. There were 2 of them, Allyson and Kate. Borak2 mcm biasa,finally Shaira tanya la (cewah ni tanya je sbb orang kate if dlm interview u need to have at least 1 question to ask). Tak tau nak tanye ape, I just asked a random question.

"How many candidates are you looking for this position?". Dorang pun respond, "We received 5 resumes and we only called you". 

So dorang pn happy for me to proceed to start work either on 24 Aug (Mon) or 25 Aug (Tue). Now, I need to perform at my best. Ye la can you imagine, someone in a Banking & Financial institution hiring a candidate yang langsung tak de basic in Loans / Mortgages and etc. Ni semua sebab trust and confident yang dorang rase. So i better perform well. This assignment patutnya satu bulan je =)

So Shaira pun start kerja on 25 Aug sbb ad some paperwork dorang nk settlekan. Shaira kerja kat Credit Union ni dkt Loan department.. Yes, mmg tak de background langsung pasal loan2 ni. but i did have some exposure in banking and finance before mase keje Data Entry kat Fiserv + GE Money. So ad la idea on whats going on. Lgpn role Shaira Ez Pz, just process loan applications. je, tak lebih dari tu.. He3.. Role ni 9-5pm, Monday - Friday. then 6-9 pm ,Shaira gi uni (kecuali Friday).

Tp yang best, along the way, Shaira belaja banyak menda, Funding, Approving, Employment and Rental Check, wat documentations and contract, Prepare paperwork and so forth. Tapi tak sangka on the 15 Sep,dorang bgtau dorang nk convert Shaira jadi Permanent =) . Smlm 18 Sep Shaira pegi interview, again with Alyson and Kate, just to find out more about the role and etc. Alhamdulillah, starting 22 Sep, Shaira kerja Full Time.

For me, its not a hassle, sbb tak pening and kerja ni tak de la professional and tak bawak blk rumah. Plus sbb Shaira studying, so just nice la dpt kerja to keep myself busy. Untung juga, sbb permanent ni package dia not bad.. dlm $ 4?,000 per annum + 9 % super, plus 4 minggu annual leave, Ada bonus ape ntah lagi akhir thn. Lg2 skrg ni, byk public holiday, so Public Holiday dorang bayar extra lagi. Hehe. 

 Alhamdulillah, at least Shaira ada something la until Shaira abis Master then dpn. Insya Allah. Skrg ni pun tgh consider nk jadi exchange or transfer student kat Melb.Sbb boring ngn Sydney. Tp tu ler, tup3, rezeki kerja ni pulak. Tu lah kan, apply kerja utk job and company lain, dpt assignment utk job and company lain. last2 ended up good deal kt unexpected place!! Tgk la mcm mana nnt ^___^. Hopefully I will stay long enough & Insya Allah will do the best for my Master studies!.. Its a nice Birthday and Raya presents for myself !


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missing the 11 days & Melbourne Even More !!!!!

Last 11 Days ....

Recently, I had my Spring Break. Tak de la big deal sgt. Only 1 week. I am so happy. Well after Europe Trip, got another break. Kepala ni mmg fikir holiday je. Study, Study juga. Kerja, Kerja juga. But sometimes kena pampered diri sendiri.

On 4 September, someone came down to Aussie to visit me. For the first week, tak buat ape2 sgt, just lepak2 kt Sydney because I am working despite tgh cuti. Lgpn mmg tak de idea lagi nk pergi mane. Both of us dh pusing hampir satu Aussie dan juga NZ North and South Islands. Mmg smpi dh tak larat berjalan. Tempat2 'main' dh byk smpi. Small towns tak de la nk list, sbb byk sgt. Usually if jalan2 mmg akan road trip , so driving mmg best. Ad peluang singgah small town / dead town / ghost town. Hehehe. Dulu pun mase papa mama dtg 2 kali, first time tu road trip to Canby + Sydney. Second time tu road trip pegi Adelaide. Sgt seronok dan best jalan2 ni.

Memandangkan tengah puasa tak dapat la nk jalan2 smpi ke Uluru tu sebab jauh bangat and cost dia giler mahal. Baik Shaira balik msia. haha.
Dr Queensland - Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast and Brisbane etc etc, New South Wales - North, Paramatta, Byron bay, Sydney etc etc, Tasmania - Hobart, Launceston etc etc, South Australia - Adelaide and the surroundings, Western Australia - Perth, New Zealand - Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch, Mt Hutt, Methven, Dunedin, Queenstown etc ..

So with this visit, terpaksa la spent 1 weeks kat Sydney cause Shaira keje. Selamat la half day so ptg and malam tu dpt visit around Sydney.. Later on Shaira amik leave Friday and Monday. Kitaorg Road Trip to Canby - Melby.

Kitaorg rent car, mcm biasa our favourite supplier - Europcar. Even nk rent car pn, need to be smart and do comparison. Byk suppliers kat sane, u can get tonnes of quotes. The main key, jgn apply directly kat supplier like Europcar, Thrifty and so forth. :)

Kat Canberra, few places kitaorg visit. Just to imbau kenangan lama. Catch up with buddies. From Thursday - Saturday duk kat Canberra. Pergi War Memorial, ADFA, Mt Ainslie Lookout, Civic and etc etc

Then Saturday morning gerak gi Melbourne. Tak sangka betul, Shaira drive 550km ++ to Melby, The journey about 650km. Mmg bes betul lah driving kat sini sbb smbl driving Shaira Mengira how many kangaroos or joeys yg mati kena hit dgn vehicles :( . Adalah dlm dozen kot.

Victoria, You will love every pieces of Victoria. To be specific Melbourne!

Owh how much i miss that place. Kitaorg mmg sgt2 rindukan Melbourne kerana di situlah segala2 nya bermula. The place i grew up with a lot of pengalaman.

A lot of the places that berubah. RMIT - tak de la byk sgt, but still dorang nk buat renovation and make up certain places. Best giler dpt pergi lab . Siap login and print lagi. Tgk2 ad lagi remaining $50.. UNSW tak. Kedekut giler printing. Dh ler School of Business printing mahal. huhu

Telstra Stadium - tmpt plg grand for RMIT sbb graduation kitaorg. Every year mmg kat situ. Usually December, mid, Hari rabu. now the place dah change name to Etihad stadium.

Docklands - tmpt ni mmg cool giler. rupenye Free Circle Tram and Shuttle Bus dah extend smpi ke Docklands. Bes sgt sbb dh ler DFO dkt ngn Spencer street, few minutes away, ad Harbour Town Shopping Centre. The first harbour town Shaira pergi mase kat Gold Coast. Mmg giler heaven shopping!!!

Crown - ni pun wow jugak. kat area atas tu dh byk berubah. teringat pulak first time keje kat Aussie mase Nov 2004 kat KFC crown. now dorang dh extend. byk pulak Bars yg they plan to build. semua food court Mcd, Kfc kat atas dh move to the other side. But i wonder, mane tmpt2 Jays Jays and other clothing outlets pegi.

Food - ni tak yah ckp la.. Bubble Tea terbaik! lagi bes dari Easy way. Breadtop - aduh rindu sungguh roti2 kat sini.

Es Teller - Yummy food! tp makanan dh mahal giler. i miss nasi uduk. dulu $6.50 je kot now dh $9!!!!!

Finally - Unilodge on Swanston.. from Feb 2004 - Mar 2008 shaira duk situ. Now dgr kate unilodge byk berubah. Ad sumber2 mengatakan dorang nk deploy flat screen kat semua unilodge around aussie. rate mahal tu mmg dh. Shaira penah stay sane kat Unilodge on Swanston 1.5 bedrooms , ala2 2 bedrooms tp satu bilik tak de permanent pintu. Per month $ 1308. skrg plg murah $1600+ !! Unilodge on Swanston dh tak de short stay dh. Kalau tau ad hotel . selalu if parents or kawan2 dtg mmg duk unilodge je. dh ler murah. Location pun bgs giler!!

Saturday - Monday kat Melbourne, mmg tak cukup. wish its longer..
But the 11 days were amazing !! Jalan2. Ad org tolong wat assignments and etc..
Nways, bye bye to my Iphone 3G. System barter jap dgn Nokia E75 so my Iphone 3G akan menetap di Malaysia utk sementara waktu sehingga diambil kembali :(

ps : pics are available on FB

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Latest Precious Gifts.. (Not from Family)

From now on, hanya nk tulis entry yang menarik2 dan best2 sahaja. Enuff dgn kebudak-budakan. Bosan and boring. Well, manusia ni mcm2 ragam and mcm2 gaya. So lantak pi dorang la. As long as takde yang kantoi lagi, tak de yang wat hal lagi sudah. Next time, if ada je menda lagi worst jadi, let it be.

Okay. Enuff of that thing. Before this, I am a huge fan of Teddy bears.! Yes, if orang tanye what do i want, confirm, impromptu Shaira respond TEDDY BEAR!! Exclude request for electronic gadgets cause mcm semua dh cukup and ada.. Alhamdulillah.

Segala macam jenis teddy bear, made in Msia, made in UK, made in US, made in AUS, semua2 ada. Size ranging from sekecik2 jari hingga up to 1.5 metre ^___^ .. Since i was a baby mmg suka teddy bear ni. Malangnya, semua teddy2 bear tu sedang lena kat katil di Putrajaya. Tak larat nk bawak semua blk dtg Aussie.Teddy bear mase papa mama kat UK pn ad!

(Kena godek2 blk gambar kerana each and every teddy bear tu ada kenangan nya.. cewahh)

Setiap dorang ada nama, plg tua berusia 24 thn kot. Plg muda nye umur ada lah 6 bln . Hanya 2 yg ada kat sini because it was a present that someone gave masa kat airport and satu lagi tu lembut mcm beanie. Sgt la selesa untuk buat tidur.

Moving forward tiba2 dh rase enough with teddy bear. Muahaha..
Recently, I got 3 gifts for 3 different occassions. Jeng3x. Sempena Eid Fitr, My becoming birthday and satu lagi rahsia ^___^ . A guess watch, Bonia handbag and wallet.

Tada.. ni dia.. Hopefully with my new gifts, it can reflect my professionalism ah. Malas nk jadi tak mature ni.. Dah berusia and kena think wisely now!

Final entry of geram mode. Lps ni dah taknak. Bosan je..

Next entry pulak mengenai seorang perempuan. Muda from Shaira juge. Ni bukan M atau Z seperti yang dinyatakan sebelumnya

Ni another person.. (tgk. blog ni dh jadi tmpt luahan hati pula). maybe ni adalah entry GERAM yang terakhir kot. biasalah, kadang2 if kita ada borak2 dgn member2, mesti ada unsur gurau2. Ada seorang insan ni tak blh langsung bergurau bab cintan cintun. 

Patu boleh pulak tafsiran dia lain. Then dia menyampaikan cerita lain dekat orang lain. So jadi la benda lain. Biasa la. If communication tu melibatkan dua-tiga orang senang nk control. Tapi bila dah spread lebih dari 4 org, KOMFEM mmg tak blh nk zip.

Tp ape2 je la. kalau dah risau and takut menda tu jadi, hati2 je la. Buat ape nk gelabah sana  sini. iskh, budak zaman skrg mmg tak mature. Tak fikir jauh. Dari Shaira jadi emo tak menentu, dan juga tak mature, baik Shaira fikir pasal my travel trips yg lepas dan akan datang.
Lagi seronok bercakap pasal cuti2 malaysia dan sane sini, smpikan dah tak tau nak pergi mana. Baik share story pusing2 Australia and New Zealand dan juga Europe. Skydive, Scubadive, Bungee, Snorkelling, Road Trip, Bagpack, Culture, New Friends!!! Lagi enjoy pasal life.

Ye la, certain orang (lagi2 yg baru sangat and fresh bercinta, setahun jagung atau cinta monyet), kisah cinta dipaparkan di blog hari2. Kalau cinta kepada Illahi lain cerita kan. Bukan apa. Takut nnt bila frust and kecundang, dah jadi hal. Lain la if kuat... Bila dah gaduh, manis sepah dibuang ? ntah la phrase tu lah. Baik kita paparkan cerita traveling sana sini. Sebab menda tu mmg nyata dan menjadi pengalaman hidup yang blh menjadikan seseorang tu melihat dunia dgn mata lain. bak kata orang, jauh berjalan luas permandangan.  Muahaha.. 

♥ chow chin chau

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aku tak perlu lah respect dari org mcm KAU! menda dh kantoi terang TANG TANG!!!

Entry kali ni dlm bahasa melayu lah pulak. tp mcm kelakar..Muahaha..Smlm adalah hari yang paling HOT utk Shaira..Kerana satu peristiwa. 

Well , when I first look at it, rasa mcm bersalah pun ad.. Bila think twice, nope, I did the right thing. Mane tak, ye la. Lets name the guy A.  A ni bdk nye muda dari Shaira

Mula2 kenal, dia gile juruh la org kate. tp ever since satu peristiwa sejak last year,betul2 buat Shaira terkilan dgn sikap dia. Membuatkan Shaira terpaksa berhati2. So semalam, sekali lagi dpt tahu dia buat hal kat Z. Z ni a girl yg muda dari Shaira gak. Rapat la jugak. Kes thn lps pun ad serba sedikit melibatkan Z. 

Tu yg Shaira rasa kesian giler. Sbb geram dgn sikap A, Shaira pun terpaksa dgn' paksa rela' mengkantoikan  A kepada Z. Bukan niat busy body ke ape, tp sebab tak tahan lagi dgn A yang tak abis2 nk mengenakan atau menyakitkan hati  Z. Z ni perempuan, I need to protect my own kaum sbb Shaira tau betapa sakitnya hati kan.

Bukti kukuh mmg azali dan ternyata. So bile  A kantoi semalam, start la dia meroyan.Kepoh gile sane ni baru nk fix the problems. Kesian. Tp  A ni mmg terkenal dgn sikap playboy di kawan2 kalangan dia. A smlm lps kantoi, memang gelabah gila. I dont give a damn la dia nak kata ape. Tp memang obvious dia bersalah. patu nk sembunyi2 lagi. terus terang is the key idea OK . Bukan susah, be honest je. Tibe2 nk kait story orang lain pulak. 

Yang best nye, A ni yang tahun lepas buat hal ngn Z sebab duk couple dgn  M (another girl). Dalam kes ni M tak bersalah sebab dia tak tau ape2. M ni skrg dh jadi member Shaira. M yang  dgr story ni pn dah abis gelak. A mmg cam tu. lepas kantoi dgn M,mau sembunyi2 lagi.  padaaa. Tak berani nak face reality. Back to real world la budak. Dh kantoi baru nk itu ini. apa daa. benda terang tang tang dpn mata...

Z, akak doakan semua yang terbaik okay. Bkn niat nk kenakan korang, tp akak pun faham, peristiwa tahun lepas yg pedih dan sakit, akak tak sanggup nk tgk sekali lagi A buat mcm tu.
But akak admire the way u are thinking. bagus gile!. biar  A pulak tunduk kat u st!.

Padan muka A, lelaki ni bila dh kena depan2 tak serik. sekali tak cukup. Berapa puluh kali pun Shaira tak tau. bila nak berubah pun tak tau. dh terhantuk baru terngadah ? Betul ke phrase tu. hehe. memandangkn sekarang kat office tgh keje, to be countinue next entry later !
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