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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missing the 11 days & Melbourne Even More !!!!!

Last 11 Days ....

Recently, I had my Spring Break. Tak de la big deal sgt. Only 1 week. I am so happy. Well after Europe Trip, got another break. Kepala ni mmg fikir holiday je. Study, Study juga. Kerja, Kerja juga. But sometimes kena pampered diri sendiri.

On 4 September, someone came down to Aussie to visit me. For the first week, tak buat ape2 sgt, just lepak2 kt Sydney because I am working despite tgh cuti. Lgpn mmg tak de idea lagi nk pergi mane. Both of us dh pusing hampir satu Aussie dan juga NZ North and South Islands. Mmg smpi dh tak larat berjalan. Tempat2 'main' dh byk smpi. Small towns tak de la nk list, sbb byk sgt. Usually if jalan2 mmg akan road trip , so driving mmg best. Ad peluang singgah small town / dead town / ghost town. Hehehe. Dulu pun mase papa mama dtg 2 kali, first time tu road trip to Canby + Sydney. Second time tu road trip pegi Adelaide. Sgt seronok dan best jalan2 ni.

Memandangkan tengah puasa tak dapat la nk jalan2 smpi ke Uluru tu sebab jauh bangat and cost dia giler mahal. Baik Shaira balik msia. haha.
Dr Queensland - Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast and Brisbane etc etc, New South Wales - North, Paramatta, Byron bay, Sydney etc etc, Tasmania - Hobart, Launceston etc etc, South Australia - Adelaide and the surroundings, Western Australia - Perth, New Zealand - Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch, Mt Hutt, Methven, Dunedin, Queenstown etc ..

So with this visit, terpaksa la spent 1 weeks kat Sydney cause Shaira keje. Selamat la half day so ptg and malam tu dpt visit around Sydney.. Later on Shaira amik leave Friday and Monday. Kitaorg Road Trip to Canby - Melby.

Kitaorg rent car, mcm biasa our favourite supplier - Europcar. Even nk rent car pn, need to be smart and do comparison. Byk suppliers kat sane, u can get tonnes of quotes. The main key, jgn apply directly kat supplier like Europcar, Thrifty and so forth. :)

Kat Canberra, few places kitaorg visit. Just to imbau kenangan lama. Catch up with buddies. From Thursday - Saturday duk kat Canberra. Pergi War Memorial, ADFA, Mt Ainslie Lookout, Civic and etc etc

Then Saturday morning gerak gi Melbourne. Tak sangka betul, Shaira drive 550km ++ to Melby, The journey about 650km. Mmg bes betul lah driving kat sini sbb smbl driving Shaira Mengira how many kangaroos or joeys yg mati kena hit dgn vehicles :( . Adalah dlm dozen kot.

Victoria, You will love every pieces of Victoria. To be specific Melbourne!

Owh how much i miss that place. Kitaorg mmg sgt2 rindukan Melbourne kerana di situlah segala2 nya bermula. The place i grew up with a lot of pengalaman.

A lot of the places that berubah. RMIT - tak de la byk sgt, but still dorang nk buat renovation and make up certain places. Best giler dpt pergi lab . Siap login and print lagi. Tgk2 ad lagi remaining $50.. UNSW tak. Kedekut giler printing. Dh ler School of Business printing mahal. huhu

Telstra Stadium - tmpt plg grand for RMIT sbb graduation kitaorg. Every year mmg kat situ. Usually December, mid, Hari rabu. now the place dah change name to Etihad stadium.

Docklands - tmpt ni mmg cool giler. rupenye Free Circle Tram and Shuttle Bus dah extend smpi ke Docklands. Bes sgt sbb dh ler DFO dkt ngn Spencer street, few minutes away, ad Harbour Town Shopping Centre. The first harbour town Shaira pergi mase kat Gold Coast. Mmg giler heaven shopping!!!

Crown - ni pun wow jugak. kat area atas tu dh byk berubah. teringat pulak first time keje kat Aussie mase Nov 2004 kat KFC crown. now dorang dh extend. byk pulak Bars yg they plan to build. semua food court Mcd, Kfc kat atas dh move to the other side. But i wonder, mane tmpt2 Jays Jays and other clothing outlets pegi.

Food - ni tak yah ckp la.. Bubble Tea terbaik! lagi bes dari Easy way. Breadtop - aduh rindu sungguh roti2 kat sini.

Es Teller - Yummy food! tp makanan dh mahal giler. i miss nasi uduk. dulu $6.50 je kot now dh $9!!!!!

Finally - Unilodge on Swanston.. from Feb 2004 - Mar 2008 shaira duk situ. Now dgr kate unilodge byk berubah. Ad sumber2 mengatakan dorang nk deploy flat screen kat semua unilodge around aussie. rate mahal tu mmg dh. Shaira penah stay sane kat Unilodge on Swanston 1.5 bedrooms , ala2 2 bedrooms tp satu bilik tak de permanent pintu. Per month $ 1308. skrg plg murah $1600+ !! Unilodge on Swanston dh tak de short stay dh. Kalau tau ad hotel . selalu if parents or kawan2 dtg mmg duk unilodge je. dh ler murah. Location pun bgs giler!!

Saturday - Monday kat Melbourne, mmg tak cukup. wish its longer..
But the 11 days were amazing !! Jalan2. Ad org tolong wat assignments and etc..
Nways, bye bye to my Iphone 3G. System barter jap dgn Nokia E75 so my Iphone 3G akan menetap di Malaysia utk sementara waktu sehingga diambil kembali :(

ps : pics are available on FB

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