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Saturday, January 25, 2014

♥ Throwback since 12 November 2013 ♥

Phew, dah 2 bulan lebih since I wrote this blog. Busy bangat. On the 14.01.14, Baby Raudhah turned 3 months. Such a blessed baby to us. She was born on Hari Wuquf, turned 1 month during Hari Asyura. 2 months during 11 Safar and she was 3 months during Maulidur Rasul. On that day too, I sold my beloved first car, Baby Audi A3. Ngeng, Sedih gak wey, tapi what to do! Have to. Untuk keselesaan bersama since dah ada baby and we need more space.

10.11.13 - we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at home. Time tu still berpantang, so tak dapat keluar rumah. Hahaha .. Small celebration aje.. Tak pe, nnt kita celeb belated ok.

24.12.13 - Mak Dik's birthday. We went to Canberra gitu!

26.12.13 - Hubby's birthday. Tp belated celebration (early January) since we were all busy ! I bought a Flight Boeing 737 Experience Surprise for Hubby since I got no idea ape lagi nk bagi and buat. Hahaha.. ok la lot 45 minutes simulation experience.

I was so occupied with visitors, family & friends! Mak Dik, Afiq, Qila, Papa and friends came over. During those days, kitaorang ber'Road Trip' to Featherdale, Canberra, Wollongong, Kiama. Mak Dik & Afiq flew on the 26 Dec tapi Qila still continue to stay. Papa, Mama, Uncle K & Auntie Nooral went back on the 4 Jan. New Year memang tak keluar langsung pun kitaorg. Just relaxing at home.

We also went to Watson Bay, La Perouse, Darling Harbour and few places around Sydney City. 

Since I have passed the 44 days strict confinement, phew lega. After Day 60 baru berani makan food like telur, tomato. Tapi tu pun still trying to avoid, tomato, timun, watermelon, benda 2 menjalar and sejuk. Oh well, orang kata tak per, bersusah2 sekarang untuk masa hadapan.. Seksa tu memang, tp demi badan yang sihat dan kuat. hihi..  Good on me for being such a good person sebab memang tak skip pantang. Tak keluar rumah and I was nearly mcm org gila sebab nak sangat keluar rumah. Hehehe..

Yang paling best sekarang is I am enjoying my maternity leave. Thanks to the AUS Government I don't need to worry about being paid since dorang bagi Paid Parental Leave. Looking at Baby Raudhah's changes, Masya Allah. Macam-macam betul. Gelagat Baby Raudhah. We did her Aussie passport too! Alhamdulillah, some of the perks of becoming Aussie Resident. 

Why not, after all, it's my own effort kn... rather than dah besar, nyusahkan mak bapak. tak kerja, tak kan nk mak bapak jugak tanggung cucu.. not like certain people, dah la tak kerja, duk ngan parents, siap pasang org gaji. Nmpk sgt diri tu pemalas! Cam no la nk slim if harap org lain buat kerja. Lg bes, orang gaji dibayar parents kot sebab ye la, tak bekerja, dpt $$ celah mana? bulu ketiak, bulu kening kot. opsss, maybe :p.. 

For the past few days, agak busy! About 1 minggu car hunting :) . Alhamdulillah, we nailed a bargain. Final moment of my AUDI recorded by my Hubby coz Shairah tak sanggup nak tengok kereta tu away from my sight. Huhu. Tapi tak ape lah. Hehe. We changed from AUDI to a different make (from one of the Chrysler's group). Memang betul2 thorough hunt coz kitaorg amik CASH and not finance. Malas nk menanggung hutang. Better that way, dari ada lah org yg tak boleh bayar loan kereta sampai Bank sibuk je nk mencari. Alah bank pn tak payah bodoh and pening kepala, tarik je la kereta tu kn senang. Ni sampai Bank call sana sini nk cari . Haish, nyusahkan orang. Once penghutang, memang sampai bila penghutang. Jgn la perangai turun kat anak beranak ko dan menyusahkan org dah. UKUR BAJU DI BADAN SENDIRI OK!

Baby Raudhah progrèss Alhamdulillah sangat menyeronokkan. Sekarang ni Raudhah dah boleh adjust her sleeping time. Best! Malam memang selalu dia tidur 6-7 hours. But siang normal lah every 3 hours. Dia bangun je, salin Nappy, main2 sikit and upah susu bagi tidur. Alhamdulillah. Such a nice baby. Thanks to my boss for sharing the tips and here's Baby Raudhah, behaving really really well. Memang dah diprogram dari dalam perut :). Just before a month, day start tidur meniarap. During Day 38, tidur mengiring. Day 45, nak merangkak. 2 months 9 days, first mencebik!!! Baby Raudhah now 3 months plus, hobby dia kadang2 ketap bibir & Kemam! kadang2 nk menggigit je. Haha. Baby Raudhah paling suka mandi and bila kena angin confirm lena!

Yesterday, 18 Jan, when we sealed the deal for my new car, Hubby was featured in Kosmo :). Insya Allah, US tour 2015. Amin.

While I am posting this blog, sekarang ni kami di Rutherford near Maitland for the long weekend Aussie Day. Hubby is here for the Accuracy & RW Coaching Camp. While me, Baby Raudhah and Qyla lepak2 
kat Mercure Hotel je. It was a fine day when we reached Maitland Skydive Centre before the rain started to pour! Happy Day for us Alhamdulillah, we finally took my second car (replacement to Audi A3) that evening before straightaway road trip :) . 

I think enough writing, let's check out the photos ... (not in order of events)

*14.12.13 - Baby Raudhah sgt tenang*
*23.12.13 - In The Carseat for her 1st long haul Road Trip*
*23.12.13 - Pandai mencebik just after 2 months*
*28.11.12 - 1st attempt merangkak at the Baby Gym*
*28.11.12 - Our first outing lepas 44 days confinement*

*At the Picton Drop Zone*
*Drop Zone mode*

*La Perouse!*

*Recent new hobby!*
*Aussie Passport Application*

*21.12.13 - Excited jumpa Tok Pa & she slept at 1am*

*3 of us at La Perouse*

*Walid loves her so much smpi set up wireless monitor*

*Aussie Aussie Aussie. Oi Oi Oi*
*14.1.14 - Final moment before I sold my first car, Audi A3*

*Raudhah Birth Cert*
*28.12.13 - Raudhah Check Up*
*Cocoon Mode!*

*Mengiring at Day 38*

*13.11.13 - Not even a month, dah tdo meniarap!*

*Baby Raudhah 1st letter*
 *10.12.13 - Nak gak meniarap dalam ni*

 *Conquer! She loves sharing blanket with Ummi now*
 *24.1.14 - Mercure Maitland for Aussie Day Long Weekend*
 *Morning walk with Ummi and Walid*

*Wot Wot, my 2nd car, from Chrysler's Group*
 *Heeeeee. worth the cash*
*Just before the final delivery inspection. 
Alhamdulillah, rezeki for not having any loan on this*

*Soon! will change the plate number*
*Aww. Hubby in KOSMO!*
Link : Click Here

Banyak lak rasanya nak share about Baby Raudhah. We got heaps of videos on her ... Boleh lah usha here (link). Gambar tok sah nk ckp lah kan. Hehehe..  p/s : Mama, Papa and friends are coming to Down Under in May again. Insya Allah... And Hubby, I and Raudhah will be busy for  the rest of the year for Hubby's preparation 2015 Aussie Large Formation . United States, here we come Insya Allah... 

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