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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

* Introducing Nur Raudhah AMAR * Our new family member

Tatkala Kelambu Kaabah diganti dan dijahit pada hari Wukuf, 14 October 2013, ketika itulah saya selamat melahirkan puteri sulung kami, Nur Raudhah AMAR di Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick AUSTRALIA. Alhamdulillah. Hey sayang, Ummi and Raudhah sama-sama Libra lah! Ketika itu baru je 38 minggu 3 hari. Walhal weekend tu sakan! Pegi Baby Expo, then pegi walk kat Centennial Park with Walid.

Perasaan menyambut my first newborn ni merupakan pengalaman yang tak boleh dilupakan. The excitement is so damn different and I knew it means a lot to us. Paling penting is the changes ahead in our life. Nothing much to say but Ummi is so looking forward with Raudhah. As of I am writing this blog, she is about 23 days. Tapi rasa macam dah besar anak Ummi ni. Looking at her progress, Masya Allah, keluar-keluar perut bukak mata celik dan dah senyum. Menangis sekejap je. As soon as Walid Azan & Iqamah kn Raudhah, terus senyap. Her first group of visitors (selain dari kami) was Nanny J, Auntie Tia, Auntie Aishah & Uncle Tip. She was about 3 hours but Raudhah responded very well! Tak menangis dengan orang luar and she was smiling all the way.

I am so glad, Alhamdulillah dengan berkat ilmu-ilmu dan penjagaan semasa mengandung, Raudhah senang dijaga. So far susah sangat nak dengar Raudhah menangis kecuali nak change the nappy, nak menyusu or cuddle :) . Tapi seminggu sekali manja malam-malam tu biasa. Tapi Walid dia je la yang dodoi kan dia. Tugas Ummi just menyusu jer. 

Throughout 23 days, macam-macam gelagat Raudhah. Mandi senyap, syok kena air, senyum tak yah cakap, memang Raudhah ni pemurah dengan senyuman. Dah pandai batuk, dah pandai dengkur, dah pandai stretch, dah pandai meneran,tidur if tak bedung, macam-macam gaya!

After Day 3, both of us discharged from the Hospital and we're lucky cause Raudhah tak ada Jaundice. Kuning sikit tu biasa, but after few testings, her results were way below the curve. So kami dengan leganya rasa sebab Raudhah tak kena tahan. Thursday, 17 October 2013 we discharged and that's when I started mengurut, tungku and all.

Day 4, 18 October 2013 - Aqiqah & Potong Jambul session at Malaysia Hall. Alhamdulillah, Ummi & Walid selesaikan hal Raudhah within 7 days as per sunnah Nabi. Kebetulan Malaysia Hall ada organise Jamuan Qurban, so we decided to do Aqiqah and terus Potong Jambul for her. She behaved really well! Sepanjang kat Hall tu tidur je.

As for myself, I am so lucky as we brought a confinement lady from Malaysia, Kak Suri. Terbaik !!! Hari-hari urut, bertangas, bertungku, mandi herba, berbengku, berpilis and berparam. She cooked for me too and took care of the baby. She arrived 14 October 2013 night and went back to Malaysia on the 29 October 2013. Thanks Kak Suri for helping us a lot. Definitely balik Malaysia Shairah confirm datang mengurut lagi. Although Kak Suri dah balik, I am still berpantang as usual, cuma mengurut, bertangas tu tak de la hari-hari.

Oh btw, can't wait for Raudhah's Baby Star to be on the Wall of Royal Hospital for Women. Hehe. Saje je buat donation and nanti boleh remark Raudhah's name on the wall.

Since Raudhah was born, we completed the necessary paperwork to be submitted to the Australia Government. Can't wait to receive her Birth Certificate yang fancy! and next is to do her passport. Hmmm still dalam dilema, eceh since Baby Raudhah can be declared as Aussie citizen sebab Ummi dia dah ada Residency Status for almost 5 years :) . Rezeki Raudhah juga Walid was granted his Residency Status last 2 months :) . We are planning to go back to Malaysia to visit our relatives dalam March macam tu. Maybe dalam 2-3 minggu kot. Insya Allah.

*Her first picture after delivery*
*Before azan/iqamah*
*Celiknya saya!*
*Next, Tahnik & Air Zamzam session with Walid*
*Tenangnya saya!*
 *Hearing Test. Alhamdulillah both ears OK*
*At the hospital with Ummi*
 *Walid at Home. Facetime mode*
 *Bathing session with Walid*
*Confuse tengok Go Pro !*
 *Macam-macam gaya*
 *Hmmm. Thinking mode*
 *Smart & Intelligent! Photogenic*
*Caught her in video too!*
 *Semangat 1 Malaysia*
 *Alhamdulillah, Discharge both Ummi & Honey at Day 3*
 *Anak Ummi yang sopan*
 *Raudhah's Health Book Record*
 *First sleeping session with Walid*
 *Enjoying the bath*
 *Resting mode*
 *Her expression everytime lepas menyusu*
 *Chill abis!*
 *After Walid cukurkan Raudhah*
 *Kacau Walid jom!*
 *Bapak Borek, Anak Rintik*
 *Hello All*
*One of Ummi's favourite pictures!*

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