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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Memory : F1 Grand Prix 2007

The Formula One season for 2009 begins with live coverage from Albert Park, Melbourne. It includes F1 Final Practice and Qualifying as well as the V8 Supercars, Australian GT and Formula Fords.

Recalling this event, 2 years ago, I was so happy to get the chance to attend the event for few days especially on the final day - Final Round.

As we were at the front entrance , we definitely heard the sound of ALL the F1 cars practising. It was freaking awesome. We decided to arrive a bit earlier to get the chance to hang and mingle around. A lot of activities were there at Albert Park during that day. After Qualifying, we waited at the designated space for final round. While waiting, there were few events happening at Albert Park circuit - the circuit was divided into few sectors and each sector had their own activities including games, party and etc.

Just before the final round started, we could see a huge Qantas Jumbo Boeing and Air Force jets flying on air really low across the circuit. Hence, that was the significant before the Final round resumed.

*the list of qualifying drivers*

On your mark, get set, GO !!
Honestly I cant recall how many rounds they went but honestly, the sounds - really annoying and loud !. i should have brough with me my ear plug just in case i need it - thats only when i realised i need one pair !!
Thats me after the Final round !. I did wait till last !. it was really awesome

Friday, March 27, 2009

Politic feverr !~ *Wat about me ?*

it seems dat
Msia's having her politic fevers n0w. After d announcement, d heat wave well travelled across d country. Yet i am here, just an observer. but i do get some updates from friends, acquaitances, and fellow juniors.. some of dm (d juniors) even bombarded me with questions and d conversations go like this...( through YM )

1)Junior : Akak, hows life. tak mengundi ke ?
Answer : aik ngundi ape lak..
Junior : Ala, Umno Umno tu..
Answer : ala dik oi, akak pn kat sini, bab2 politik kurang sket. bkn tak de assertiveness tp ntah laa.. hanya mampu mendoakan yg terbaik utk negara terchenta.... cewahh
: Ye ke kak, bkn dulu akak aktif juga ke mase kat melbourne dgn Umno umno ni..
Answer : hurmm. actually YES, but sumthing came up and apparently that is not my priority. sumthing happened sbb ada orang jealous, ada cubaan nk menjatuhkan etc.... what can i say.. during that year 2006, i am more happy with MSA (msia stud assc kat Uni), AIESEC, SLP, Golden Key, MASCA, NBA, SLP, SSCC, RAIS, RMIT Union, Comm Games and etc.. * amik ko.. byk list. if tak paham, search kat google hahahah.. i am happy with what i am now... ada la tercalar, terguris sikit masa tu. hi3...
Junior : ooooo gitu ke kak.. ada org sakitkan hati akak la ni. sebab tu tawar hati ekk.. hehe.. lek aa kak. akak kan tabah..dorang jeles lbh tu mesti time tu akak pun aktif dan fames jugak kat uni kan... byk awards akak dpt kat Uni kan. so akak byk involve aktiviti luar la ni.. bodos la dorang ni buat kakak saya mcm ni. haha
Answer: huhuhu.. yes dear ! that's correct ! padan pn.. hi3

*Raya nite 2006, d last time EVER i went to msian hall for raya*

2)Junior : Akak, tak nk join politik ke? dulu time kat skola akak kan aktif giler . tak reti duk diam pulak tu. ada je menda2 yang akak akan involve.. kagum. macam mana la akak organise masa.
: amboi. ayat tak agak2. akak tak giler k !...politik ? hishh nk jugak tp masa nya belum lagi...muka mcm akak ni layak ke politik ? i dont think so la dear
: Bukan pe teringat masa dkt mersing, dua tahun akak kat sane, dua tahun la akak pegang top positions. even majoriti committee lain turun, akak tetap maintain. caya la kak. pengaruh kuat ni. smpi dpt award Anugerah Kepimpinan Perempuan dkt maktab dulu..
Answer : hahaha tu dulu la dik oi.. skrg akak dh expired sket.. jd macam lembab. tgk la macam mana... blk msia march thn lps, akak baru nk daftar utk mengundi thn tahun hahahah. camane nk join2 politik ni.. kui3..
Junior : ala, lek a kak. slow slow. akak punya network kan byk..
Answer : ntah la dik oi. skrg ni kalo ley akak nk menyendiri. Mind own business je.. haha..

*Raya day 2006, d last time EVER i went to msian hall for raya*

3)Junior : Rugi kak, akak byk potensi tau. kitaorg kat sini selalu je dengar pasal akak. dah lama abis skolah pn orang sebut-sebut.fames la katakan
Answer : ala dik oi. rugi ape nya. tak de pn . biasa2 je.... hu3.. ouh sebut2.. ngumpat la tu kot. mcm blh caye je.. susah gak sbb org ikuti ape yg kita buat dari time skola smpii la sekarang.. mcm paparazzi pulak..
Junior : Hahaha. tak de la kak. kitaorg suka dgr stori akak. biasa la kadang-kadang orang jeles mcm2 dorang ckp la kak. tp akak tgk la. ramai je junior maktab add akak kat facebook tu. akak memang fames la
: adoyai.. tak abis2. dh aa tuka topik. btw thanks for d info. nnt akak consider ekk.. kui3..

of this , reminds me of two things

*Thinking mode* (way back 2004)

1) I had a
private conversation (Face to Face) with my Aunt, Mak Normah. I think it happened few weeks after my grandma passed away. when we had our kenduri at my Aunt's house (M Dik). D conversation goes like this : ( its not d exact word but conveying d same meaning )
Mak Normah : nnt kat Sydney what are you taking ?
: 0Uh. masters of commerce. specialising International business
Mak Normah
: tak amik engineering dh ye.. why dont u take another field like law ke politic field ke ape
: (guttered!) . erkk law ? hish.. tibe2 je law... jauh menyimpang tu. nnt mama bising lagik . amik business pn dh kena tanye, nape tak countinue telco engineering. hahahah. Shaira nk amik law pun, it doesnt tally with me kot i think..
Mak Normah
: ye la. because what, u love to talk. u love to argue. mmg padan sgt la dgn your personality.. isn't right..
: erk.. ada gak pk cm tu. tapi never thought of doing it smpi dpt masters.. (chuckle a lil bit) .. tp nnt mase wat masters mmg ad plan nk amik satu dua subject related to law kot mcm Biz Law in Global Economy ke cane. see how...

Afterwards i
changed d topic......

2) M Dik ke sape ntah did ask me about joining
Puteri UMNO . ya la at my age kan just nice to get involved with this kind of thingy. but later on, Uncle Haron ( M Dik's hubby ) pun menyampuk, tak pe later2 if dia nk masuk senang jer.. wah wah. simply je.. i bet its gonna be fun. BUT this is not d time yet !

Enjoy !! Life my live to d fullest babeh !~

Sydney vs Me

how i wish i'm @ Melbourne. wit my comfort zones around, i know what i wanna do, i know what place to go, i know which frens to choose, i know which work mates that i can tag along and d list go on....

Yet, WAKE UP shaira. WAKE UP shaira... u are in Sydney rite now.. i know i have to start all ovaaa again.. arghh.. adaptable, flexible. yeah its all in me BUT its just dat i hate to do it again and again.. lolzz

Hell yeah. i know ~.. i am coping and adapting wit Sydney. *STILL* .

for this writing, i wanted to talk MORE on my Job Hunting sessions & my UNI - The University of New South Wales...

Nnow lets talk about my Job Hunting...

Job hunting is aiinntttt easy @ Sydney compared to Melbourne. This is very true ! loads of my mates reckon dat finding job @ sydney is veryyy hard. BUT the pay rate is good

Vice versa with melbourne. freaking easy to find job but the pay rate is above average WHICH is still good ! but not to worry i secured myself few interviews BUT why do i still COMPLAINT ?
Well, Shaira being Shaira, always complaining about this and that. this is not good laaa. that is not good la.. am i too fussy or what ??? *thinking*

so the situation now , i am in d midst of doing my 3rd stage of my final interview for a role dat is willing to pay me about $28 per hour ! yerp dis is freaking awesome.

But wat i hate so much is the process , its too long. its been on for a WEEK. yerp a week !

I know i can get d job but i have to wait UNTIL d time's come.. pity me !!

Very contradict to Melbourne, i only need a WEEK to submit my CV or Resume to all d jobs i applied and *TADAAA*.. by next week, i was bombarded wit heaps of phone calls !. Veryyy different wit Sydney.

Well , maybe because :

1) Economic crisis : the jobs opening went down a lil bit
2) myself : am i not good as i used to be ( erkk i think dis is not d case.. haha )
3) Sydney itself : arghh . i dont know....

Lets pray for my final interview NEXT WEEK to be a good one..

ouh guess what , while drafting this blog, received 2 calls from recruitment agency.
Yeay next week i got an interview with Hallis Recruitment on Monday morning @ 9 am and Hudson recruitment on Tuesday @ 2 pm ( shoot ! i need to quickly get a bus from UNSW to d CT centre) ... ouh mine.. i can work EVERYDAY during biz hours EXCEPT Tuesday ! how i wish i got all evening classes.. hehe

I hate for not doing anything apart of studying . Life is soo boring..

What you reckon ? traveling around ? D'ouh, ive been around Sydney couple of times ! What else should i go ? Yerp climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an EXCELLENT idea. That's in my wish list over the next 3-4 months perhaps after my Europe Trip.. ^___^

Yeah. Europe trip babeh, i need and desperately need to WORK man !. $ $ $. i am trying NOT to use my previous savings . the reason is just simple BECAUSE i am too lazy to get it out from my Fixed Term Deposit.. too lazy. i just wanted to grow the $ more and more...

Bet some ppl will say, what d heck is going on here. whats d point of ME saving $ more and more without using it... well i have this kind of different views..

1) for traveling : i will try to use my 'current' $ dat i earn from work.. i will try not to use my scholarship $ @ all.. wats left in d bank @ d moment is all my savings from my WORK late 2004 - mar 08 including my tax returns.. i KNOW its not DAT much after some opss not some but a lot of expenses DEDUCTION during my degree year.. ( trips to all ovaaa Aussie - NSW, South Australia, VIC, QSLD -Gold Coast, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef etc etc etc, TAS & NZ both North and South Island) .. i nevaa use a penny of my scholarship for all d trips... well knowing dat I LURRVEEE to travel, i need to find extra options to earn my own $$..

Scholarship was meant for my studies and day-to-day living.... ( am i a good gurl ? )

2) apart of traveling : ahaaa.. i always dreamt of having a NICE SHINing SPORTY car that suites a girl like me... why sporty car ? i dont know. its not that i want a 2-seater car, or not only for my own use. but i dont know . i just lurrrvee sporty car.. someday i hope i will get my own .. Imagine at my age, i dont have my own car. what a shame aiye.... i will keep on saving to get my dreams come true ( hopefully, i can live longer. Insya Allah ) .. plus it wont make sense if i got a Sporty car as my 1st car!

3) anything else : of course la duh.. everyone wants to save for their so-called grand preparing rite.. but it's okay. i still have a loooooooongggggg way and looooooooonggggggggg journey to go. so i can still enjoy. hahaha.. about age ? nah, when d rite time and rite guy comes to u, it will happen....

UNSW - my dream uni for Postgrad ??

No0ooppe.. not @ all..... as i am doing something different for my postgrad studies (Master of Commerce specialising in International Business) compared to my Telco Engineering degree, Uni of Sydney was my first choice !!

Actually . i wanted to do MBA. Only my former uni RMIT do allow graduates with no working experience to enroll in MBA. Most of d unis will required at least 2-3 years working experience. Thats when i decided to do International Business.... Apparently, due to some circumstances, i diverted my way to Sydney rather than Melbourne, hence i made Uni of Sydney as my 1st priority..

IDP submitted my application quite late and i decided NOT TO USE any agent as my middle-man. i did everything by my own... from liaising with the Uni, School .. everything !!!..
*serves u right IDP.dont think of getting commissions for my admission*

* the gurl who loves to complain and prefers to do everything almost perfect * ha3

What i dont like about UNSW

1) Printing credits : No allowance for us !!.. for my biz school, i had to pay $0.135 per A4 page. damn expensive. i still remember RMIT to give us allowance of $25 for 1 semester ( undergrad ) and yet i can still do my printing when i visited RMIT last feb ( even i graduated Dec 2007 ). a lot of the subjects HERE required us to do printing..

2) HUGE campus !!! too many stairs.. but in a way i can exercise..

3) ................
4) ................


Thursday, March 26, 2009

..::.. It's all about >>ME<< ..::..

Shoot !~
Honestly ...
i dont know know what to write . Should i start from d scratch like introducing myself.. >>Hi, Hello<< . or should i just get to my current updates ?
nah. whatever , i will start to introduce myself first ..

Places where I grew up ....

28 Sept 1985 - early 1990 : Seremban

1990 - mid 1993 : Subang Jaya

mid 1993 - mid 1997 : Kuala Terengganu

mid 1997 - early 2001 : Kota Bharu
2001 - 2002 : Mersing
2003 : Intec Shah Alam / Putrajaya
Feb 2004 - mid Mar 2008 : Melbourne
mid Mar 2008 - early Mar 2009 : KL / Putrajaya
...... onwards : Sydney

** yeah, i admitted dat 0ur family moved around and yet
its 0kay cause i made a lot of frenships all over ** its kinda hard to determine d exact place where i grew up but nevertheless i appreciated all d moments of 'traveling' around mSia ..

More about me (0_o) . *taken from Facebook*

The Basics

Hair Color: Purely black BUT a bit color.spot it ! my lil cousin did !

Eye Color: hmph... dont know

Height: about 1.6 m

Profession: Maxis Communications Sdn Bhd Management Associates - Executive

Relationship Status: aha~hard to define..

Religious Views: Muslim

My Favorites

Favorite Color: Baby Blue (next Pink, Red)

Favorite Car: BMW Sporty Series. 2 seaters/ Fairlady

Favorite Movie: ALL.but very interested in Horror, Thriller

Favorite Hobby: My Baby, Bowling, Travelling, Swimming, Games, Singing, Music, Playing Keyboard, Organ, Melodian, Working, Parties, Concerts etc

Favorite Song/Singer: RNB (have been to Beyonce, Christina, Justin concerts), Dance (Armin Van Burren White Party, Velocity), Trance, Nasyid etc. Used to be a solo

Favorite Book/Author: Anything will do, all books from the first book I read

Favorite School Subject: Maths, Physics, Engineering & Techy Related

Favorite Vacation Destination: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, Saudi Arabia etc

Favorite Food: Mee Hoon Sup, Tembikai Laici, Bandung, Soya

Favorite Restaurant: Open to anything

Favorite Animal: my cute and lovely CATS

Favorite Store: hmphh too many

Favorite Celebrity : hmphh too many

Favorite Childhood Friend: hmphh too many

Favorite Childhood Memory: hmphh too many

Favorite Baby Name: perhaps with Nur S.... ha3....

Favorite Person In Your Life: Family

Favorite Facebook Application : hmphh too many
This or That

Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH

Big Mac or Whopper: Big Mac

Coke or Pepsi : Coke

Beer or Wine: Nil

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Apple Juice or O.J.: BOTH

Facebook or MySpace: FB

Summer or Winter: BOTH !! I miss Aussie :(

Windows or Mac: BOTH - i am flexible

Cats or Dogs: Cats ! Of course

Boxers or Briefs: Nil

Rain or Shine : BOTH

Chips or Popcorn: BOTH

Salty or Sweet: Sweet

Plane or Boat: BOTH

Morning or Night: BOTH

Movie or Play: BOTH

Walk or Drive: BOTH

Money or Love: BOTH ??? hihihi

Breakfast or Dinner: Brekky of course BUT EITHER Lunch OR Dinner

Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness

Paint or Wallpaper: BOTH

House or Apartment: BOTH

Do You?

Have Any Pets: YERP 2 Cats + stray cats that came to my house

Have Any Children: insya Allah One day

Smoke: Nil

Drink: Halal only... hihihi

Exercise: YERP

Spend Your Life On Facebook: YERP ! So addicted to FB !!

Play On A Sports Team: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Belong To Any Organizations: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Love Your Job: YERP ! Of course i do !

Like To Cook: YERP

Play An Instrument: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Sing: YERP. SO MUCH !~

Dance: YERP. SO MUCH !~

Speak Multiple Languages: YERP

Ice Skate: YERP

Swim: YERP. SO MUCH!~ Scuba and Snorkel too....

Paint: YERP

Write: YERP - nice handwriting and creative ok.. true !!


Juggle: dealing with heart and emotions.. hu3...
Have You Ever

Stolen Anything: erk !~ Everyone does rite...

Been Drunk Before Noon: Nope of coz!

Had Sex In A Public Place: Nope of coz!

Got Caught Telling A Lie: erk !~ Everyone does rite... but maybe once kot.....

Got A Speeding Ticket: Nope of coz !

Been Arrested: Nope of coz !

Littered: Nope of coz ! i love clean and peaceful environment ok

Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Nope of coz !

Cheated On A Test: Nope of coz !

Cheated In A Relationship: Nope of coz ! TOO loyal which make me nuts ! Damn...

Failed A Class: Never ! Alhamdulillah.. so happy with my results since Tadika :)

Screened Your Phone Calls: Somtimes !!

Eaten Food Off The Floor: 5 seconds rule applied here :)

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Nope of coz !

Wished You Were Someone Else: Nope of coz ! I am happy for who i am.

Cried During A Movie: haaaa. a lot.. sensitive and emotional even i looked tough and talkative outside

Had A One Night Stand: Nope of coz ! Never.. only one night for what.. make it more la. ha3

Describe Yourself In One Word: INDEPENDENT !!!

Biggest Fear: DEATH !!!

Biggest Mistake: let's d secret safe with me

Your Proudest Accomplishment: Being now for how i am. i am THE ONE rite in the world. all of us are Unique. duh @!~

#1 Priority In Your Life: hmphh.. have to think....

Dream Job: Own a Biz maybe

Special Talents: a lot man ,, seriously a lot !!

Where Are You Right Now: Sydney !~

Where Would You Rather Be: Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue

Famous Person You Want To Meet: hmph... have to think.. too many laaa

Place To Visit Before You Die: hmph... have to think.. too many laaa but slain dari Msia,Aussie,NZ,South East Asian countries,Saudi Arabia blh.pegi 2nd time for Haj plak :)

Song Played At Your Funeral: hmph... alunan Yassinn......

aha ~ @ last !

I always wanted to blog every now and then, but @ last I did it.

Why it took me ages ?
: i was neva a fan of blog but i lurrve to read blogs
: i have a lot of OTHER commitments on d net , FB, Fotopages, Sony Image to name a few
: i lurveee writing on a piece of paper / note instead blog

But deep down inside of me, i alwaysssss have d intention to do blog

AND suprise me, I do realise i got my own blogspot account
I dont even know I created my "Passive" blogspot a/c maybe when i created my Gmail a/c way back August 2005 !

I think thats for now and keep tune for latest updates ~!

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