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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Updates : ** Road Trip USA & Mexico **

Updates : ** Road Trip USA & Mexico **

USA has always been in my bucket list selepas nk buat Haji. Since 2005 i have a dream nk pergi US. In 2005, a week before I turned 20, my visa got rejected and i was not able to join my sister & friends for their winter break trip! Masa tu Kak Lee kat pUrdue Indiana, west lafayette.

Winter in the US, summer Down Under. I worked hard to save for the US trip. Masa tu org cakap US fussy on visa kena proof cukup $100/ day utk lojing and all. Being an international student masa tu, sanggup tak balik cuti summer sebab nak kerja keras kononnya menabung utk US trip. Sehari up to 19 hours bekerja.. Waitress kt Malaysia Restaurant, FOH crew for KFC & Market Research Interview . 3 jobs ye back to back.

Visa tak approve! Maybe dorang tgk I have the potential nk migrate kt US ler tu. Despite surat Uni dh ckp tgh cuti summer, surat sponsorship MARA pn ada mengesahkan I am obligated with my studies and all. Hahaha epic! $120 USD burn, terasa siot masa tu. Ye la bru 18 tahun, kerja keras nk travel, on the spot kena reject. Nangis gila kt consulate melbourne masa tu . Awww. Dari situ simpan azam nk ke US. Asyik postpone aje...

Dari 2005, then plan abis degree 2007. Tak sempat sbb 2008 keje kt Maxis for a year. 2009 dtg balik sbb PR approved late 2008. 2009 further Master and grad after Summer class 2011. 2011 tak terpk nk ke US so divert Mega plan melawat South America!

Plan g US nk travel solo, tak jadi, 2012 sbb focus nk kawen. Dh kawen, mengandung, tukar plan pegi Umrah kali ke 2 pada 2013. Umrah kali pertama 1995 dulu.

Dpt anak 1st 2013. Konon 2014 nk pergi. Pregnant lagi. So pegi lagi Umrah kali ke 3 awal tahun baru ni. 2015 dpt anak 2nd. Jangan kecam, tak nak pegi Haji ke. Insya Allah 2017/ 2018. Tunggu anak besar skit lgi. Ummi nye terlalu attached dgn anak2 nya ni ☺️

Haha so 2016 nekad la kononnya.

Semoga US ni negara ke 41 saya sampai in my life. Canada 42, Mexico 43, Insya allah travel with hub and 2 daughters! Azam ni semangat!!

30 Days Road Trip USA + Mexico

12 Apr - 25 May 2016. Arrive Syd 27 May.

Skydive Perris Events...

P3 BigWay Camp 5 - 8 May 2016

P3 100 Way Camp 12 - 15 May 2016

Prinsip saya : ada duit travel, if not work hard & smart. Jgn sesekali guna credit card utk booking ape2. Credit card hanya spare bila perlu utk emergency. Travel insurance wajib! Travel at your own time, space, leisure, small and private, own iti, flexible and lagi enjoy 😁

To Be Continued later with details.

PS : Baby no 3 on the way. Made in LA. Hahaha 

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