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Friday, May 31, 2013

♥ Pregnancy Experience! 31.05.13 - 18 weeks 6 days.. ♥


Alhamdulillah, I am currently 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant!! Kinda excited because this is our first baby.   Although I am here in Sydney and Hubby is in Malaysia, rasa syukur sgt sebab my lil bub ni tak banyak meragam sgt. So far, only 2 days yang betul2 Shairah vomit mcm gile. But lain tu tak. Setakat naussea tu standard la kn... TQ Honey E for being so supportive. Hehe

Lgpn Hubby and I mmg tak plan pun utk 1st baby ni. Ada rezeki layan je. Alhamdulillah. Since my period cycle biasanya selalu regular, on the day I expected to get my period, (usually in the morning), I was a bit nervous sebab dah tengahari no sign on nak period. So, I decided to take the UPT. Oh well, mula2 progress tu mcm slow for the line(s) to appear. Jadinya masa nk shower, I put aside the thingy and lepas shower tu mcm WOWWW. Happy gile! Alhamdulillah again. Not only that I did UPT 3x. haha just to double confirm. Eceh.

Of course la I wanted Hubby to be the first to know but masa tu at Aishah's place so she was the first to know but we didn't spill the news yet. With 3 hours time different ahead than Malaysia, it was Saturday and Hubby was on mission at Lahad Datu (he was the first military team to go to LD due to the Sulu's incident on 12 Feb - recce). That time, the feelings tak tau nk ckp mcm mana, mixed feelings. Happy sebab preggy, nervous and risau sebab Hubby on mission. But I knw, Allah is always with me. Lepas inform Hubby, I told my parents, my in laws and later on Facebook (you will not miss that aren't you). Lol.

To cut things short, my appetite memang boost like crazy. Alhamdulillah, I took an advise from my colleague. 2 months ++ before my wedding 10.11.12, I've started taking folic acid as a preparation for myself. Once confirmed I was pregnant, I've started taking Blackmore Gold Pregnancy and Breast Feedings Supp as recommended by my GP. Alhamdulillah, so far I've done 3 blood tests and all the results came out really well. All the nutritions, minerals semua normal. I was kinda worried too since I am here by myself, taking care of myself, still working two jobs and all. Again, thanks to Allah for the strength. I need to be independent lah. Takkan dah besar2 panjang ni, dh abis belajar, patu tak reti  nak kerja. Patu ngandung and nak harapkn mak bapak and suami lagi. Memang so not me.

Teringat pulak kisah seorang hamba Allah ni pernah ckp dgn bongkak dan takbur nya, dah abis degree nanti (dia ni dalam 27 tahun), tahun ni akan habis degree. Konon dpt straight offer Master and PHD in her course. Foundation dulu buat course lain, degree wat course lain... Katanye la.. tp rsnya ntah la.. Takde pulak nampak graduation ceremony. Oh maybe majlis convo/grad lmbt lagi kot, akhir tahun. Hehe.. Fikir positive. tak baik pk bkn2. Hehe.. ngeh2.. Kerja pun tak lagi. Haish, tak pe la, duduk senang lenang, ada org tanggung.. Opss mak bapak tanggung lagi kot, tak pun suami dia yang 'kaya raya' tu tanggung. Anyways, what goes around comes around. Jgn duk ngata orang sgt ye perempuan... Tak de lah hebat mana pun hidup dia tu

Although away from families, dorang semua still bg emotional supports. Especially Hubby. Hehe (Tak pe, you are coming soon on a PR Spouse Visa status. So masa tu la Shairah jadi demanding. Don't worry, the time will come. Hahaha.. Standby lah ye Encik Suami...

Pasal makan memang suke gile and craving Malaysian food je! let's not talk about food OK! Hahaha... I am glad ada PR sini yg tolong masakkan and all . Usually weekend if Free akan lepak with Tia. She's a very good cook!

Tak sabar nk balik cuti! 27 Jun. Wot wot. then 1 week at Malaysia. 2 weeks Umrah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Sambut Ramadhan. Rindu nk berpuasa kat Mekah Madinah. Dulu with family, now insya allah with Hubby and baby !! then 1 week at Malaysia lagi. 28 July back to Sydney insya allah with HUBBY !!!

*Pictures. Not in order*
Hubby's countdown for our holiday :)

 Honey E is my lil baby, Baby auDi is my car :)

 Bondi Beach trip again ! Once upon a time tmpt Hubby and I dating

   Sudoko for the brain
  Honey E at 6 weeks

  We are proud of you Hubby + Ddy!
  Honey E at 12 weeks ++

 Trip back home + Umrah and Ziarah

 Heee alhamdulillah

 For the brain too!


 One of my favourite for  (ngidam) all time :)

 Info from the hospital

  ME !!

My next scan is next week (Morphology)!! Woho I will update later ya and a lil bit of story about the system here in Sydney :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Wedding Photo Session + Cuti2 Msia 2013

Hehe. Finally baru ada masa nk sharing pasal Post Wedding Session. Half day around Putrajaya, but the weather was kinda bad. End of the year kan selalu monsoon hehe. We arrived from our Honeymoon Series I on Friday, 16th November. 17th November tu gak Post Wedding Session. Phew, penat tak terkata. Ye lor, main air diving ni agak exhausted skit. Mane tak, during Honeymoon 11 boat dives. Tak termasuk shore dives lagi. Hehe. Nevertheless, all went well :D


*Ni only some of the pics. later to be shared on FB*
Ok since dh story pasal Honeymoon Series II Down Under past few posts, again with our outdoor nya, next story in this entry pasal cuti2 Malaysia. Hehehe... Balik about 4 weeks untuk settlekan apa2 yang patut (ni yet to be posted la, cause masih tak abis lagi. Insya Allah Mid Year kot hehe), spent about 4 weeks kat Melaka, in Hubby's mess. Wahhh tak bekerja, jadi Full Time Housewife. During time ni jugak, memang dilayan seperti Princess. Ckp je nk makan apa, nk buat apa, mesti encik hubby tunaikan walaupun dia busy kerja hehe. Plg bes dpt belajar menembak. Glock, M4, Sniper and Modified Version of Airsoft. Tak pe lah, nk tulis byk2 pn dah expired nye cerita. Stay tune, next entry about my pregnancy. ngeh2.

Flying back for cuti2, 27 Jun - 28 July. Off to Umrah Insya Allah 2 weeks and also Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Babymoon Trip!.Balik nnt Insya Allah hubby follow skali... 
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