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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 'Full On' of Two Weeks Episodes 18 - 31 May 09

Since i posted my last blog, too many things happened to me , blessed by most of them ^___^

On 19 May (Tuesday), I've attended another interview ( i cant recall the number of rounds, too many interviews since I arrived here). Its a Business Admin Trainee position where they required the successfull candidate to start ASAP and joined their management team. At that point of time, there were 10 candidates for this particular position. After few days of the interview, I was so suprise to find out I was the successful candidate for the company.

However, I was so dissapointed to decline their offer due to the fact I am leaving to Msia and Europe for the whole month of July! Otherwise, I will be working permanent with them, attractive salary package while at the same time, I can focus with my Uni as all my classes next semester are going to be from 6-9pm. Nape la aku pegi interview tu if tak nak start the job ? well, maybe because i love to attend interviews cause i can actually brush up my communication skills and i can survive with many interview ^______^

20 May (Wednesday), I received a call from another recruitment agency for a job that I've applied. However, this time around i need to sit for an online assessment. It was pretty simple and very easy assessments.

The next day, 21 May (Thursday) 835 am, they called me for a face-to-face interview that noon. I jumped from my bed and so happy cause I will be starting my new assignment on a special project very soon. After a short 15 minutes discussion, yeay, my consultant told me that I will be start working that night from 10pm - 4am. I was so amazed when she showed the pay rate structure and it is extremely beyond my expectations!!.

22May (Friday), I received a firm instruction by Alcatel Lucent Sydney. I managed to get through to the 2nd phase of assessments for their Graduate 2010 intake . I am trying this for fun and to get experiences !. There are going to be 3 activities and one of them is presentation (without powerpoint slides). The session is going to be on Wednesday.

That night, when I was in the taxi on my way to work (ouh ya, i am working about 2km away from my house BUT because of my weird working hours, i normally travel by cab), I've been bitten by an insect. Here are the pictures. Pretty amazing huh !

23May(Saturday) & 24May(Sunday) : working as usual BUT my injure became worst.

25May(Monday) , I woke up as early as I can and at 9am, i left my house to go to Anzac Parade to seek for GP. I found few places and apparently either they were still close, fully booked or not available. However I was so glad to meet one of the GPs that would be able to squeeze me in without appointments. I was telling the DR i need to heal my pain and make sure it is not so obvious during my assessment on Wednesday. Well, he gave the bandage to secure my injury so it won't be in contact with the air.

26May(Tuesday), as usual, Tuesday is the busiest day of the semester. But today, i didnt go to Uni because of my injury. The DR gave me an MC . Yet, i have an assessment with Alcatel Lucent tomorrow. I have to prepare for everything. I am comfortable with all the assessment except the part, presentations without powerpoint slides. It's gonna be very difficult tho. So after seeking help from various party, I came out with a presentation of my own.

27May (Wednesday), People, Alhamdulillah. Everything goes really well. I was happy to meet new friends during the assessment. By next week i should be getting the result. If it's my rezeki and meant for me, i will get it

I did not put too much hope to get this Graduate thingy but if yes, it is going to be great! . I need something firm to secure my job and to settle down. With my PR validity until 2013, I have put much thoughts on it. I am thinking of settling down here for few years , 5 yrs, 10 yrs, ?? I dont know.. Citizenship ?! Yeah. i can apply after 20 Nov 2010.. Should I or should i not ?!! I don't know.

Afterall, having everything at my own possession is great but finding a person that's willing to share the happiness is rather difficult.

Who on earth would willing to settle down with me at Aussie ? That's a question to answer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

HP / Compaq Users.. !! urgent . read this info ! product recall !!

Tho its from Australia, might as well related to other users aroud d world!!

This may interest you the recall of Batteries HP notebooks
You can access recalls via the Web below on all items


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day ! MAMA, I Love You.

Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there.
Especially to my MAMA.

Today, at about 3 am , I texted my MAMA and few others 'individual' that are quite close to me just to wish them Happy Mothers Day *___*

Every year, I will always recall few songs related to MAMA.

The song that I love the most = MAMA from Spice Girls = It is an evergreen song plus I used to perform this song during my lessons at Yamaha Music School.

Next, a Nasyid song called = DUHAI BONDA from Now See Heart = I used to perform this song during my high school as the lead singer during our show.

There are few other songs out there that really touched my heart but I would keep only the top two songs (underwise, it is never ended).

I was on the phone with MAMA just now for about 15 minutes or so. I never thought I would be so emotional. MAMA told me that how she misses Grandma so much. (Al Fatihah, she passed away 4 months ago on 9 Jan 2009). MAMA still remember, last few years when I was at Melbourne, I always send a suprise delivery to her on the special occassion (cake and flowers).

MAMA also mentioned that usually at these days, she will go to Mak Dik's house with the Cake and Flowers to have a lil gathering with Mak Dik and Grandma. However, not this year onwards.

After the conversation, I felt so emotional and both of us were on
T.E.A.R.S. MAMA mentioned that, she hardly get enough love from Grandma eversince she was a kid. Moving forward to cut long story short, Grandma seems to love us more as a way to 'recover' what she did to MAMA and some of our Aunts. I am so contented with how MAMA coped and reacted to the situations P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E.L.Y ignoring the fact of what she faced during her childhoods until the day Grandma passed away on MAMA's and PAPA's lap.

However, I was so pleasant when MAMA still remember the song from the Spice Girls and it really touches my heart. Yeah, MAMA came out with few phrases and these are the two I will keep it close and safely in my H.E.A.R.T.

= Though sometimes you feel mothers can't give you L.O.V.E but always remember, they are the O.N.E. who gives you L.I.F.E =

= Sometimes you feel that have done something enough for it BUT you N.E.V.E.R felt it until you lose it =

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I am missing another "Padini Authentics Promotion! "


I am so in need of shopping for shoes !.
I am gonna miss my 2-3 months shopping routines = shoes !
Ouh no, I only brought 1 pair of Vincci shoe here !
& I need more !


Dear Valued Customers,

Greetings from Padini Holdings Berhad!

Great Promotion from Padini Authentics, specially for all our valued customers:

Get your 2nd POLO TEE @ ½ Price.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stress Mode but Yet Not So Bad !!


Wow, this is the most intense week ever !
Yerp, its only Week 8 of Uni !.
4 weeks more to go before the Exam period
SO :: A lot of assignments and tasks due !!

( I cant wait to get my exam timetable so that i can pre plan my study schedule)

Due Dates in Progress

Week 10
1) Business Communication,Ethics and Practice :
Case Study - San Lu Fonterra, Milk Scandal (Draft Discussion)

2) Global Business and Multi National Enterprise :
Mobile Telecommunications Industry (Report)

3) Managing Value for Creation 1 :
Case Study - Sony Group (Report)

4) Global Business and Multi National Enterprise :
Case Study - Mercedes Goes to Alabama

Week 12
1) Managing Value for Creation 2 : ERP + SAP related
Case Study - Harley Davidson's

As of now, i've nailed down 2 tasks & now setting my mind for d next 3 tasks!

Honestly, it is very different from my degree's life
ALL the courses material are very new to me , apart of MVC2 where i learnt at MAXIS when I was one of the Management Associates.

The Case study and Topic are just amazing - makes u think Outside d box !

I. N.E.E.D. M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N

Yeah, its only due in few weeks time, but i want to finish ALL of em by this week !

i can relax over the weekend.
Sue from Melbourne is coming over to Sydney for a weekend
Can't wait, we've NEVER met each other at all after few years !!


Ouh btw, i'm gonna miss this : ( - One of my Fav . i want SHOES !!

Dear Valued Customers,

Greetings From Padini Holdings Berhad!

Good Day To You!

We are having PADINI GROUP FAIR @ Centre Atrium, Ground Floor,

Sogo from 6-19/5/2009, Discount up to 70%.

Hope to see you there!


Despite of the unpleasant news, I am so happy with the fact that I am eligible for the
"Household Stimulus Package Bonus"
under the Tax Bonus for Working Australians .

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki, $900.
An extra savings for my Europe Trip !!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Still Call Malaysia Home

Uni so far so good for me. !
Learning what is something outside my expertise really makes me thinking outside the box !
Sometimes its kinda hard when things are vague , but OVERALL :

A good experience for someone like me with Techy background
that loves to explore something different in my life

Recently, I went to a lecture (Can't remember which one)
The lecturer was talking about Marketing, Ads and so forth and she/he showed us this one Ad

It was a very cool ad tho d title a lil bit contradict wit my feelings,
but everytime i came across dis ad (esp in d lectures)

There's only 1 thing that i felt : Homesick !!
for me, I still call Malaysia a Home, even wit my PR status @ Aussie, so wat ?!


p.s : Seriously, it was a very good ad ! Thumbs up.
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