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Monday, June 28, 2010

Technology Advancement with Microsoft Office 2010

Last 2 weeks, I was so happy as Microsoft gave me a free copy of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 ~ I got a lot of questions from all my mates, How on earth did you get FOC Office 2010? I simply directed them to http://www.facebook.com/OfficeMayorMeetup. I am posting this entry and review to be eligible for the upgrade to Office Professional 2010

*Not Only Office Home & Business 2010, also T shirt and Thumdrive*

Overall, I have two features that I like about Home& Business 2010 ~

1) Integration of the product with browser
2) Online storage provided by Microsoft

1) Integration of the product with browser

It is very cool to know that Office 2010 can be integrated with the browsers. There are many functions such as saving and editing documents on the browser itself. As a student, I can easily share the documents with my friends especially when we have group assignments. Each of us will have to work on Presentations and Essays. After we have compiled everything, the document is usually called Draft (can be in Powerpoint or Word Doc).  Traditionally,  we have to nominate one person to be the 'custody' and take ownership of the draft. We have to highlight any changes that we made. However, with this new function, we can stay cool to be online while doing the editing together. This really cuts off our time in finalising the assignments. Instead of waiting for one person to send the changes, ALL of us can go online and edit as we go!!!

2) Online storage provided by Microsoft

I like the fact that Microsoft provides online storage for it's users. Once I login to my Windows Live account, I can store most of my documents online without the worries of using my storage on my laptop. I can now download more movies and songs knowing that I have extra storage for me as I will start saving and storing my documents online to some extent.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wow : Dah Half Year of 2010 ~

Wah ~ mcm biasa nak update blog yang dh macam sawang ni. Ntah la not that keen macam giler2 update FB~ tak pe la. Blog ni macam tempat Shaira bebel2. Takkan nk bebel2 kat FB lak kan.. ~ June ! Siapa sangka, siapa menduga. Rupenya dah half way 2010. Time flies sangat2 sekarang ni. Tup3x, sibuk dgn Exams, results utk Graduate Positions nye intake 2011 pun hampir nak finalise. Macam2 lah. Pejam celik pejam celik, Semester depan final semester untuk Shaira nyer Master studies. Cepat betul masa berlalu. Dah dekat 2 tahun kat bumi Sydney ni (tak tolak cuti and merayap sane sini)~ Cewah ~ Anak dagang di rantau orang. 

To be honest, final year kali ni sangat berbeza dengan final year mase Shaira degree kat Melbourne dulu 2007. Entah la, rasa this year cabaran dia terlebih2 sikit. Bukan sikit, banyak kot. Its like I wanted to do something but ada something that keep me holding back. Banyak sangat benda yang menduga dan menguji kesabaran. Kadang2 rasa tak boleh cope but that’s life. Tak boleh cope sampai nak buat menda bukan2. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, Shaira still waras. Pengalaman semua tu kan. Banyak pulak changes in daily or weekly routines which I thought will never be ~ Kadang2 bila recall balik, betapa indah nya zaman kat Melbourne dulu. Tapi tak pe. Buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. 

June ni jugak la teringat tahun lepas Shaira balik Msia few days before off to Europe Trip (pusing2 Great Britain including Scotland, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Germany, The Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourgh), France, Spain) ~ Best giler. Puas hati sebab plan tu dirancang sendiri. Tengok2 sekarang ni dah dekat 12 bulan tak balik Msia. Rasa macam semalam jer baru berlaku. Tapi hakikatnya tidak. 

Kalau April Shaira busy dengan Mid Semester Exams and Presso, May Shaira busy dengan final stages punya assessments untuk Graduate Positions intake 2011 for few companies kat sini and also submissions at Uni. Plus working Full Time tak semudah yang dijangkakan but I am happy to keep myself so busy and occupied. At least Shaira tau I am not wasting my time anymore. Ada juga few friends yang macam concern with my health, keep on asking me why I keep myself busy, it seems that I am tearing down myself. But I reserved my comments on this. Something are better left unsaid. Yang penting, apa2 pun jadi, I WILL &NEED to focus on my studies.

Weekends still ada time nak catch up with friends for movies ke dinners ke bowling ke karaoke ke ape2 la. Max Brenner la paling melampau ~ Weekends jugak la nk full swing gile2 study.  

Alhamdulillah, so far setakat ni despite the fact Shaira coping kerja dan study full time, I managed it very well. Semua submissions score High Distinction/Distinction (80% or above). Syukur la tu kan. Yang penting Exams  June ni Shaira kena score gile2 utk maintain kan HD/D. *Cewah, saje nk sharing. Sebelum2 ni pun ada gak sharing2 submission for last months*

Cross Cultural Management - Country Report.. 86%

Organisational Behaviour - Self Reflection Report.. 13.5/15

Moving forward, after exam, Shaira akan cuti sebulan Winter Break ~ Ouh  mane la nk pergi kali ni. *sigh*. Kalau diikutkan lah, sejak datang Ozzy, memang winter break confirm jalan2 and merayap sane sini. Recall kejap :

2004 ~ Blk Msia 6 weeks *ehem2* (suka duka ~ tinggal kenangan sudeh) 
2005 ~ Lepak2 Canberra and blk Msia 2 weeks (erm, was hoping to clarify something, tp ended up nothing) 
2006 ~ MASCA NCG kat Canberra then cuti2 Gold Coast !! 
2007 ~ New Zealand *North and South Islands 14 days trip*
2008 ~ Kat Msia time ni
2009 ~ Blk Msia 10 days patu off to Euro Trip 
2010 ~ Erk, think think. Maybe g Queensland lagi kot. I am not sure 

Bila sebut Winter, mesti orang fikir pasal Ski ~ Me & Ski / Snowboard / Tobaggon dan sewaktu dengannya. Tak la kot. Been there 5 times and rasanya cukup la tu. Hahaha..  

Paling tak sabar, September ni. *wot wot*. Trip to Middle East and balik Msia raya. Ye ye. Insya Allah panjang umur, kita jumpa yek. I missed the apple of my eyes *kazen2 tersyg* ~ Ada ciri2 jadi auntie yang baik ni bile ada anak buah nanti. cewahh. Giler2 kot syg kat dorang apart my family. (Nak jugak balik Msia. Cukup lah dh 5x raya kat Ozzy). Cewah, bukan ape, lepas trip to Middle East, nak balik Ozzy memang transit Msia. So why not panjangkan transit tu. Instead 3 jam, jadikan lebih kurang 5 hari

Btw, I’ve made a promise to myself : To pamper myself untuk pergi holidays. Tak kesah la pergi mana2, samada short or long haul trips. Stuff what people say to me. Indeed, I am on a full scholarship student but tolong la. I am also earning my own incomes since first year 2004 lagi k ~ I am not only studying but also working too ! So I have my own pocket money untuk have fun, so what ~ I can’t be bothered dengan orang nak cakap ape, sebab tau la jealous kan. Stop lah nak amik2 gambar, hantar kat cikgu2 MRSM. Ape ke mendenyer tu.

Yang penting, Live My Life to the Fullest. Dunia ni hanyalah sementara. Grab as much as you can, while you can. Life is like a box of chocolate kan :) . Ouh teringat pulak, kena tengok my To Do List, mane tau ada ape2 yg kena update :)

Oh, June, end of financial year utk Ozzy. Jeng3x. Ni tak sabar nak buat Tax Return ni, In 2 weeks lepas lodged online, terus dapat k. Easy pizy ~ 

Yang penting sekarang, Shaira !! Focus on your Exams k. Satu paper gone ~ lagi 2 papers 22 & 24 June..  
22 June ~ Global Business Strategy & Management 
24 June ~ Asia Pacific Business & Management

 *I need to keep my feet on the ground. Stay firm and be strong*
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