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Monday, June 28, 2010

Technology Advancement with Microsoft Office 2010

Last 2 weeks, I was so happy as Microsoft gave me a free copy of Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 ~ I got a lot of questions from all my mates, How on earth did you get FOC Office 2010? I simply directed them to http://www.facebook.com/OfficeMayorMeetup. I am posting this entry and review to be eligible for the upgrade to Office Professional 2010

*Not Only Office Home & Business 2010, also T shirt and Thumdrive*

Overall, I have two features that I like about Home& Business 2010 ~

1) Integration of the product with browser
2) Online storage provided by Microsoft

1) Integration of the product with browser

It is very cool to know that Office 2010 can be integrated with the browsers. There are many functions such as saving and editing documents on the browser itself. As a student, I can easily share the documents with my friends especially when we have group assignments. Each of us will have to work on Presentations and Essays. After we have compiled everything, the document is usually called Draft (can be in Powerpoint or Word Doc).  Traditionally,  we have to nominate one person to be the 'custody' and take ownership of the draft. We have to highlight any changes that we made. However, with this new function, we can stay cool to be online while doing the editing together. This really cuts off our time in finalising the assignments. Instead of waiting for one person to send the changes, ALL of us can go online and edit as we go!!!

2) Online storage provided by Microsoft

I like the fact that Microsoft provides online storage for it's users. Once I login to my Windows Live account, I can store most of my documents online without the worries of using my storage on my laptop. I can now download more movies and songs knowing that I have extra storage for me as I will start saving and storing my documents online to some extent.

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