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Friday, December 17, 2010

Entry for Nov & Half of December ♥ Heeee... Masak Memasak, Driving & Scuba Licenses? ♥

Heeee. Hello Blog ! Walaweyy.. Lame gile x update.. Some pics from October…
Dinner with TPM @ Shangri La Hotel

Bulan ni gak Shaira dapat full license for driving in NSW.

Kurban tahun ni, 1 bahagian as usual..

 Streosonic. Lalalal. Bes! Again Tiesto...For d 2nd time in 2010. 
Anyways.. November... Bulan yg gila2 Shaira start cooking. For those yang sempat tgk FB shaira (before I deactivated my FB), blh tahan gak try masak memasak. But I am more keen to bake than cook. Mcm mana tu. Berikut adalah antara masakan yg dibuat ;). Resepi? Mintak sendiri lor. Hehehe.. Nnt will keep on sharing ey. Heeeeee

 Nasi Beriyani

Kek Chocolate & Souffle

Banana Bread

Krim Karamel

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Kek Batik

Kuih Lopez, heeee Love Shape

Choc Muffin

Seri Muka

As usual, currently still cont cooking ;-)

So far in December, well. Got my results. Alhamdulillah. Still maintain Distinction... The fact that I am studying and working full time, I am proud of myself..  Started my Scuba Diving Lessons last week and yesterday I am a qualified and certified Open Water Diver. 

Yey !!.. Xmas Party with workmates from Gateway Credit Union - Sydney Harbour Tall Ship ~ 

Experience in diving, despite dh 3x intro dive (Great Barrier Reef, Diving with Shark @ KLCC & Dahab, Egypt). cuak2 kot. Bkn pe, dlu introductory semuanya instructor/ divemaster yg buat. All I need to do is pakai d gearing and swim. That’s it. But this time, semua kena buat sendiri. Adoyai. Berat kot weight belt tu. Cylinder lagi. Buat all good! Sgt2 byk belajar menda baru. This course 3 full days. Lesen? Hee x amik lg. nnt lor ~

 1st day ~ theory & 5 hours session in the pool. Hoh.. 5 jam k! 5 hours tu we had to swim 200 metres, then 10 minutes survival float. Later on belaja all the skills, mask clearing, removal of regulator, alternate source supply and etc.. Yang bes nyer I bought my own fin, mask and snorkel. Ok la kot kan. Investment for long term..

2nd day ~ 2 dives @ Watson Bay. The visibility was so poor. Mmg sgt nervous.. Glad that I don’t have any equalization issues..

Final 3rd day ~ a week after that we went to Clovelly Beach, Gordon Bay. Final 2 dives!! Sgt cantik ! I didn’t feel nervous AT ALL.. Something about equalisation. funny lah.. Baru sedar for my left ear, I need to pinch my nose, yet for my right ear, kena telan air liur.. Hahaha.. I was so keen and excited. Smpi 4th dive tu, sedalam 12 meter, sesat.. x nmpk group mates kat mane. Few minutes after that, the instructor shaked our hands coz we made it!!

Jeng3x.. Final note, I got something nice ;-). tq heaps
Next entry will be something to do with my EOY Vacy (",) and My Azam 2011, insya allah sambungan dari azam tahun ni. Just reviewed and syukur, kinda managed to fulfil what i wish to do.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Entry for Sep & Oct ♥ Huih. Lame Daku Menyepi ♥ 2 months kot

Lame sangat menyepi dari blog ni.2 Bulan kot. Tak sempat nak update blog for the month of September & October.. Tak pe.. Nk summarize things that happened in Sep & Oct.. Zassss.. I will be active again for my November posting. Yey !!!!   

  • Trip to Jordan, Middle East & Egypt, Africa. More photos on my FB :)
 *Welcome to Amman*
 *Jordan River. Managed to be at the borders of Israel & Palestine*
*Dead Sea*
     *Wherelse ~ Petra*
     *Wadi Rum Desert* Awesome. Sleeping under the sky with shooting stars!! 
    Sunrise & sunset
     *Aqaba. chilling out about a day before off to Egypt*
     *Onboard a ferry to Egypt*
     *Dahab ~ 1st day activity : Scuba Diving*
     *2nd Day ~ Snorkelling @ Blue Hole.. sgt cantik*
    *After Snorkel. Camel Ride*
     *Mt Sinai.. after a 3 hours climb!*
     *Nile River close to Hard Rock Cafe*
    • It was really a great experience. I can't describe on the things that I went.

  • Trip to Malaysia for Raya
    • During these 10 days at Msia, I was so busy back and forth...
    • Celebrated Eid primarily at Pontian, JB, Mua Joho & Melaka ;-) .. photos ? on FB laaa.. too many kot.. 
    • Final night at Msia, ad wat Open House and advance birthday celebration

  • Birthday Celebration
    • Awesome Quarter of Century :)
  • New Office for Gateway Credit Union

  • Busy with my driving lessons - yeah I am going to get my NSW Driving License
  • Opening Ceremony for our new office
  • Final Year Project Report & Presentation
  • Study week !!!
Note : Started to love cooking now.. :)
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