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Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥ Syukran Jazilan Ya Allah ♥

Alhamdulillah, banyak menda best this week.. 

Started my second part time job at evening (kerja yang easy money easy job compared to full time job in the morning)

Cuti approved for May to go to Bali and Makassar, wot wot about 10 days. So there's another tick in my to do list...

Paling penting : Received my final result in my Master studies (alhamdulillah with Distinction, walaupun Master degree testamur won't mentioned anything but I am still proud of myself). 2 years of battle finally is over. 

PhD? Yeah, ada gak terfikir, but not so soon. Nk travel dulu this year, think about career and then decide. Sbb PhD kena byk reading

I can finally focus on my career development. If Shairah boleh kerja and study full time sejak August 2009 sampai la final subject summer January, then I know I have the capabilities to cope with everything basically.

Keeping myself busy and occupied = way to avoid distraction cause boleh focus on my final outcomes.

Oh for the past few weekends, Shairah jadi nakal sikit. Pegi movie, patu siap hopping lagi. But its worth it k. Thanks to Iphone App. Sangat handy in creating my plan where to hop and what movie to watch. Hahaha... 

We are reaching the end of February, I'll write another entry on what's on for me in March ;-)... Still creating and charting my future path.. Insya Allah. Amin..

*My Marble Cake with Choc Topping*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

♥ Taller, Stronger, Better Than Before ♥

Wot wot. Last week such a good one!!! Tgk movie siap hop another cinema. Cuak gile ok.. Dh 5 thn TAK wat keje cmtu.. But as usual weekend ni another few attempts to be made :-) 

Then weekend g scuba diving... To be honest i felt that scuba diving is my thing. Really2 my thing. Yup in love with oceans, seas and sewaktu dengannya since ms kecik kot bile sll kna cmpk kt pool KRTU Subang those days

Smlm gi Msian Hall, sambutan Maulud Nabi. Best gak la jumpa few newbies. It was a short celebration tho, Kul 845pm smpi 1045pm. Lagipun weekdays kn.. Start dengan Ceramah 20 minutes, patu ucapan MSD rep yang baru, Dr J, then selawat, Isyak and makan2...

Sminggu je lg insya allah another history making in my life..

Somehow i reviewed few things bout me.. They said i am no longer whom i used to be. They said Sorry .. don't know shairah yg skang.. Tau shairah yg dlu jek.. yg dlu used to be so luvly n nice..so they didnt know me.. So whom to be blame?

Nur Shairah dlu lemah. Sbb tu org byk salah guna kebaikan tu utk bg dia sakit hati..

Nur Shairah yg dlu dia sll tutup mata for wat had happened to her

Nur Shairah yg dlu byk bersabar smpi satu tahap dh no go. Even dh nk meletup pn dia still jaga hati org

Nur Shairah  ngaku no one is perfect. X de manusia x wat salah.. Semua org wat salah.. Tp up to certain limit . X kn la asyik nk hold on to kesilapan org lain. There she goes, no more sweetness of her, no more lovely of her.. That's what they said

Skrg ni mmg nk alert and cautious with my environment. Enuff la dpt tau ad org anta sumthg la nk buat sumthg la. Stupid !! Thats d main reason i dnt feel comfy to go back home permanently. As said by Julies Caesar......... "The greatest enemy will hide in d last place u would ever look"

I will try to be less care about others rite now. I've concerned about others deeply enuff tp i need to take care of myself too. Come what may. The time will come. Hidup ni ssh if asyik nk satisfy org je.. Me myself and I need to be MORE self motivated to survive (Even I know I am always trying to be on the +ve side). The higher the stake, the biggest the hit ~ so I knw my stake is growing sooo I need to be aware...

For those around me yg ad terkilan, terguris, terkecik ati or watsoever. Forgive me. Deeply truly much apologise. I am in my recovery mode.. I am no longer so called "a baby doll" or "the sweet little one" anymore.. I am better than before.

I'll chart and paint the life I wanna be.
Life is too short so u need to make full use of it..

"I have been chosen to run with the wind
I can go higher I know I will soar
I'm taller, I'm stronger, I'm better than before

I broke through the rain
Stuck through the storm
Now I know I remain
I can do the impossible
I can reach the unreachable
It's my time
I will rise and live"

(Taller, Stronger, Better - Guy Sebastian)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February ~ Apa ada dgn Feb :)

SYDNEY sgt panas hari ni.. 40 degrees ++. Now its 060058h Feb 11, weather still 30 ++.. Pagi2 buta kot.. Can't sleep. Toss & turn mcm cacing kepanasan..  

Well, nothing much interesting this FebruaryFew things for me.... First week gone, just went to Moonlight Cinema to watch Donnie Darko and Black Swan last Friday...

Confirmation of my 2nd job - Oh ya, I am so hoping to start my 2nd job... Evening shifts on weekdays :).  Again membzkn diri kerja from 0800-1600. Then ptg lak... 

I will be starting to meet my coach for my Forex thingy. Hoh, cant wait to start really serious by Mid March.. (4 sessions in total)

Diving at Manly on the 13 Feb... yeah to finally start utilising my Diving License...

23 Feb... Official result for my Master studies - Yey, after 2 years, finally.... 2 specialisations in Master of Commerce aint easy considering the fact I was from an Engineering background.

Alhamdulillah nailed myself tho I was studying full time & also working full time ... Love to keep myself busy and occupied... Once all done and dusted, will confirmed my Graduation's date... No longer a STUDENT. But who knows, I do have the intention to do PhD but not very soon!

Note : Dont ask me when I am going back for GOOD. Huhu. x terasa nk blk lg k. HOLIDAY? maybe YES ! ;)

Hope I am getting stronger each day and it will always stay... Insya Allah. AMIN
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