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Thursday, March 31, 2011

♥ 20 March - 31 March 2011 ♥

Attended USHER's OMG Concert recently. Yay.. Seryesly, he is awesome !!! Top rank my favourite concert (tolak Armin and Tiesto) !!! For more pictures, blh la click album Shairah di FB.. 
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=736290055&aid=344061 .. Album ni x private so blh tgk...

Lalala.. Nk tgk videos? Check out my channel @ Youtube.. 
http://www.youtube.com/user/nurshairah ... 
Right hand side tu scroll bawah skit, nnt blh la tgk dlm 31 videos..

Mcm biasa, movies hopping.. Then dinner @ Pepper Lunch, huih last time pergi sane 2009 kot.. bes bes.. lepak with my dearie sists - Ezyan & Fafa to catch up
*Uhuk. sedap.. rase daku makin gumuk!*

Slain dari tu, kat my 2nd workplace, ad wat Harmony Day & Raffle Day. Hoh, Shairah bwk kuih lopez and I bought 3 raffles, Bes! Rezki mlm tu, dpt $50 Myer's Gift card. Dan yg penting RDO...
*Tgk tu, Kesaia tgh susun. Hijau - that's my kuih*

Next Monday nye, Pizza Day! Bagus la ANZ ni, mmg jaga gile employees dorang :) 

These days, rasenye EQ shairah sgt teruk... Asyik nk cepat anger je... Cpt rase nk boiling.
Not only 1 person, few pun ckp mcm tu. Inhale Exhale Shairah. Ntah la. Nnt free skit Shairah nak create another entry.. 

Papa Mama smpi kejap lagi yey ! Esok, 1 April my graduation :). Daku excited nk masak, tp tau2 TJ Halal Meat kat Anzac Parade dh x de :(. Hancur harapan nk beli Lamb and Chicken. Plg dekat pn naik bus 20 minit dari umah..

*Alhamdulillah, Done and Dusted 8 March 2009- 24 February 2011*
1 yr : to earn Master of Commerce
1.5 yrs : to earn Master of Commerce (with 1 specialisation)
2 yrs : to earn Master of Commerce (extension with 1 specialisation + elective OR 2 specialisations)

Although dulu2 plan, something was meant to happen on my Graduation, tapi x pe lah. Almost. So close but yet tak de rezeki... Sentiasa terima qada' dan qadar Nya..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rihanna's Concert @ Sydney 4 March 2011

Attended Rihanna's Concert recently. Yay.. Not bad lah.. but Lady Gaga still awesome!!! Here are some of the pics.... For more pictures, blh la click album Shairah di FB.. 
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=736290055&aid=337741 .. Album ni x private so blh tgk...

Lalala.. Nk tgk more videos? Check out my channel @ Youtube.. 
http://www.youtube.com/user/nurshairah ... 
Right hand side tu scroll bawah skit, nnt blh la tgk dlm 22 videos.. 

Heeee. Skrg dah tak recall bape concerts dah pergi. Heeee. Beyonce dah. JT dah. Rihanna dah. Lady Gaga dah. Beyonce dah. Tiesto dah bape kali.. AVB pn juga begitu.. Streosonic  dah :) .. Usher this week.. Yey. Happy... 

Oh btw, i dont consider myself as a party girl coz i dont usually go partying nor even clubbing & even hang out with guys/boys (mane tak, dh kene cop kerek kot.. so kesah ape aku.. nk ckp ape ckp la. yg penting I know how to take care of myself .. (Try to discover dulu and u will know). None of my pictures shown i am 'partying'.. But i just love attending concerts or big events so stop judging/making assumptions on things.. As I love to share stuffs so what. x de kot pic foye2 sane sini... Let it be.. ~ Yang penting, semua belanja berkat usaha kerja sendiri.. weh.. dh 25 thn kot.. x kan nk pakai duit mak bapak lagi. malu der.. for me this type of person x kesah la laki ke pmpn adalah plg poyo sbb dah aa pakai duit mak bapak, patu berlagak abis. not my cuppa lah.. hahaha.. (blh create another entry for this)


1) Usher's Concert on 24th March...

2) Parents coming for Master graduation on 1st April.. Dorang smpi sini 31st March.. Yey.. happy nye...

3) Trip to Bali & Makassar from 6th-15th May...

4) July... Trip to?? jeng3x.. Insya Allah

5) Oct/Nov... Trip to South America and transit @ Malaysia... Insya Allah

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ 3 years ago at this date - 15 March ♥

♥ 3 years ago at this date 15 March 2008
Sila slowkan volume sbb ad lagu dlm playlist terkuat. haha*

Oh I still remember 3 years ago at this date...
The start of 'unwanted' and 'discovery' of life...

Shairah graduated from RMIT in my 
Undergraduate Bachelor Studies = 12 Dec 2007
Tapi Student Visa expired = 15 March 2008

So Shairah decided to go back home on the final day 
The Reservation

Sbb nak isi masa kerja Full Time
kat Department of Primary Industries (Victoria Government)
At this time I was so scared because I wasn't sure 
what's on for me back home
I knew that I got only a week before I due to start working 
at Maxis as their Management Associates
(I really really love  my time working at Maxis!)

Shairah decided to apply Permanent Residency 
Offshore instead of Onshore ....
Which means that I need to be 
outside Australia for my visa to be granted
Tak pe maybe dlm setahun ni Shairah 
boleh dapat professional skills at Maxis
But lucky me unexpectedly in less 
than 6 months Shairah dh dpt PR
Heee.. At least till 20 Nov 2013...
and lps tu renew lagi 5 yrs. 
Actually dah cukup 2 thn ni Shairah blh apply citizenship
Haha. No Way..!! Wont give up my passport k

So I decided to stay put as usual sbb 
Shairah tak sure what I need to do....

I still remember when I was on MAS flight, 
Business Class seating, on the way balik
I was crying like mad throughout the journey 
It was so weird coz I got this funny feelings 
whether I can survived back home or not
Until pramugara datang and asked if everything's alright?
The only time I wasn't crying = when I was sleeping on the flight
Don't ask me why because at that time I knew all my heart
 and soul were already attached to AUS, 
Melbourne to be exact
The fact that my other half was already back home 
about 2.5 months earlier before me
But still I wasn't sure why I was so sad to go back home

Bye Aus.. Sob3x.. 

Well the whole duration I was at Malaysia 
since 15 March 2008 - 7 March 2009 
I learnt really a lot about life 
Seriously it was the turning point for me untuk 
stay with my current life (masa tu)
or try to find another way
Macam2 dugaan like shit kot, 
but I tried to relax sbb back in my mind

"Ah, x pe. Aku akan chow pn nnt.
 So ape nk jadi kat Malaysia, jd lah"

Masa ni la banyak sgt 'eye openers' for me 
- things rasanya mcm didn't favor me at all
I became restless like hell, worried semua2 ahh. 
(in a -ve way tho)
Walhal kat Malaysia semua ada for me
Makin hari makin lama rasa macam 
Makin jauh from what I used to own....

Selalu fikir
"Nape mase kat Aussie tak teruk mcm ni"
"Kenapa masa kat sini makin worst?"
"Uih, cpt la 2009, cpt la 2009. Seriously nk blah. 
Tak tahan dh weh..."
But Shairah still enjoy masa2 kat Malaysia tu

1st entrance as a Resident to activate PR
Walla, the journey starts at this date!

♥ Here
I feel happy to be here....
I feel so belong here...
I feel something is right for me to be here...

♥ But There
Wanna feel belong there...
Something feel so wrong there...
Wanna feel the warm breeze...
Feel the rush of the oceans...
I knew there were early signs given...
Back then I still wanna try...

♥ Here I Am
This is me...
The choice was made...
But I wont forget all the ones that I loved...
Keep moving on...
I won't let things to interfere what's good for me

Thursday, March 10, 2011

♥ If Only .... ♥

The bolt reminds me I was there 

So give me strength 

If only I could turn back time
If only I had said what I still hide
If only I could turn back time

*Stay tune for another coming post re : Rihanna's Concert* 

~ Huhu, terasa makin kurus ~ (that's what they told me anyway)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

♥ Hello Autumn !! End of Summer ♥

Heeee its already March. Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn :-). Time really flies and now dh new season.. Alhamdulillah February so far d bes month for me. As planned that's what i got. Tq Allah. Now let see. What's for me March?

Jom tgk my monthly calendar (Heeee, yerp. That's my planner for the rest of Year 2011 k)~ Skemanya daku... 

Nothing significant kot cuma Esok (4 March) - Rihanna and 25 March Usher. Yehaaaa... Another treat to myself. G concerts ni ngn dearest junior Fafa :-)
*Gold Reserved*
*Gold Reserved juge*

This weekend ialah Mardi Gras Parade (Hari Gay2 & Lesbian2 Sedunia). Huhu.. Tahun lps Shairah pergi, tp sgt la pack dan padat. nk tau ape dia Mardi Gras, tanye pak cik google yerk... 

Usually weekend for the past few weeks, layan cinemas ngn dearest junior, Ezyan. Kitaorg gila2 movies hopping.. Haha. Terbaik lah!
Oh btw, dh masuk minggu ke dua shairah kerja 2 jobs. Fuhh sngguh menggunakan energy. Weekdays memang busy sgt. Kerja pagi then sambung petang sampai malam. So Weekends la berfoya2.. Bak kata PA to my CEO, a very useful resources. That's me :).. 

Skrg ni Shairah busy gak apply grad position 2012. Syg tahun lps tolak 3 offers sbb decide x nk go serious lagi. Eceh. Nk abiskn desire travel dlu.. Tapi tgk la ada rezeki layan kn aja :)

Hari ni agak excited sebab akhirnya dah book flight ticket to Bali and Makassar for this May. Yey!! Cuti2 10 hari ya.. Plan to do around 6-7 dives, Bungee, Rafting and mcm2 la. Stay tune ~ 

Entry kali ni nk jwb pertanyaan few peepz. Kenapa full swing kerja smpi 2 jobs? (Haish, kat sini pun org office tanya)

Yup. Shairah skrg kerja full time 8-4pm then malam 4 jam (depends. Start dlm 6ish/7ish abis dlm 10ish). Reasons being :

 First n foremost nk survive kt sini ;). Opss mmg dr umur 18 kot start cari duit sndiri. X kn nk sshkn papa mama lg k. 

 Shairah mmg suka occupiedkn diri. Dr summer 2004 time degree keje full swing (time tu international student, waktu uni 20jam je keje. Tp waktu cuti, mmg unlimited.19jam pn pernah)

 I have a very high desire in doing the things i wanna do. Esp travel. Hehee. Ni la paling motivatekan Shairah, Jalan2!

 I love doing multiple things, get to know new ppl and cuba involve in different industries. Varieties! At least dpt byk exposures.. 

 Eh, jangan ingat Shairah x de life. Once cuti, memang sakan.. Heheh. Weekend mmg waktu bersuka ria kot.. lol.. 

♥ Rasanya tu je kot? Apart of savings for my future plans, itu semestinya :)...That's all I can think of.. 

Jari jemari stop for now. Ada lagi bes Shairah update macam biasa. Agak penat lepas balik kerja lor. Nak mamam jap then rest. Ni la dia dinner mlm ni. Simple sudeh.. Marinated Lamb with BBQ, Honey & Spices.. Yum3.. 
 032347H MAC 11....
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