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Thursday, March 3, 2011

♥ Hello Autumn !! End of Summer ♥

Heeee its already March. Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn :-). Time really flies and now dh new season.. Alhamdulillah February so far d bes month for me. As planned that's what i got. Tq Allah. Now let see. What's for me March?

Jom tgk my monthly calendar (Heeee, yerp. That's my planner for the rest of Year 2011 k)~ Skemanya daku... 

Nothing significant kot cuma Esok (4 March) - Rihanna and 25 March Usher. Yehaaaa... Another treat to myself. G concerts ni ngn dearest junior Fafa :-)
*Gold Reserved*
*Gold Reserved juge*

This weekend ialah Mardi Gras Parade (Hari Gay2 & Lesbian2 Sedunia). Huhu.. Tahun lps Shairah pergi, tp sgt la pack dan padat. nk tau ape dia Mardi Gras, tanye pak cik google yerk... 

Usually weekend for the past few weeks, layan cinemas ngn dearest junior, Ezyan. Kitaorg gila2 movies hopping.. Haha. Terbaik lah!
Oh btw, dh masuk minggu ke dua shairah kerja 2 jobs. Fuhh sngguh menggunakan energy. Weekdays memang busy sgt. Kerja pagi then sambung petang sampai malam. So Weekends la berfoya2.. Bak kata PA to my CEO, a very useful resources. That's me :).. 

Skrg ni Shairah busy gak apply grad position 2012. Syg tahun lps tolak 3 offers sbb decide x nk go serious lagi. Eceh. Nk abiskn desire travel dlu.. Tapi tgk la ada rezeki layan kn aja :)

Hari ni agak excited sebab akhirnya dah book flight ticket to Bali and Makassar for this May. Yey!! Cuti2 10 hari ya.. Plan to do around 6-7 dives, Bungee, Rafting and mcm2 la. Stay tune ~ 

Entry kali ni nk jwb pertanyaan few peepz. Kenapa full swing kerja smpi 2 jobs? (Haish, kat sini pun org office tanya)

Yup. Shairah skrg kerja full time 8-4pm then malam 4 jam (depends. Start dlm 6ish/7ish abis dlm 10ish). Reasons being :

 First n foremost nk survive kt sini ;). Opss mmg dr umur 18 kot start cari duit sndiri. X kn nk sshkn papa mama lg k. 

 Shairah mmg suka occupiedkn diri. Dr summer 2004 time degree keje full swing (time tu international student, waktu uni 20jam je keje. Tp waktu cuti, mmg unlimited.19jam pn pernah)

 I have a very high desire in doing the things i wanna do. Esp travel. Hehee. Ni la paling motivatekan Shairah, Jalan2!

 I love doing multiple things, get to know new ppl and cuba involve in different industries. Varieties! At least dpt byk exposures.. 

 Eh, jangan ingat Shairah x de life. Once cuti, memang sakan.. Heheh. Weekend mmg waktu bersuka ria kot.. lol.. 

♥ Rasanya tu je kot? Apart of savings for my future plans, itu semestinya :)...That's all I can think of.. 

Jari jemari stop for now. Ada lagi bes Shairah update macam biasa. Agak penat lepas balik kerja lor. Nak mamam jap then rest. Ni la dia dinner mlm ni. Simple sudeh.. Marinated Lamb with BBQ, Honey & Spices.. Yum3.. 
 032347H MAC 11....

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