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Thursday, March 31, 2011

♥ 20 March - 31 March 2011 ♥

Attended USHER's OMG Concert recently. Yay.. Seryesly, he is awesome !!! Top rank my favourite concert (tolak Armin and Tiesto) !!! For more pictures, blh la click album Shairah di FB.. 
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=736290055&aid=344061 .. Album ni x private so blh tgk...

Lalala.. Nk tgk videos? Check out my channel @ Youtube.. 
http://www.youtube.com/user/nurshairah ... 
Right hand side tu scroll bawah skit, nnt blh la tgk dlm 31 videos..

Mcm biasa, movies hopping.. Then dinner @ Pepper Lunch, huih last time pergi sane 2009 kot.. bes bes.. lepak with my dearie sists - Ezyan & Fafa to catch up
*Uhuk. sedap.. rase daku makin gumuk!*

Slain dari tu, kat my 2nd workplace, ad wat Harmony Day & Raffle Day. Hoh, Shairah bwk kuih lopez and I bought 3 raffles, Bes! Rezki mlm tu, dpt $50 Myer's Gift card. Dan yg penting RDO...
*Tgk tu, Kesaia tgh susun. Hijau - that's my kuih*

Next Monday nye, Pizza Day! Bagus la ANZ ni, mmg jaga gile employees dorang :) 

These days, rasenye EQ shairah sgt teruk... Asyik nk cepat anger je... Cpt rase nk boiling.
Not only 1 person, few pun ckp mcm tu. Inhale Exhale Shairah. Ntah la. Nnt free skit Shairah nak create another entry.. 

Papa Mama smpi kejap lagi yey ! Esok, 1 April my graduation :). Daku excited nk masak, tp tau2 TJ Halal Meat kat Anzac Parade dh x de :(. Hancur harapan nk beli Lamb and Chicken. Plg dekat pn naik bus 20 minit dari umah..

*Alhamdulillah, Done and Dusted 8 March 2009- 24 February 2011*
1 yr : to earn Master of Commerce
1.5 yrs : to earn Master of Commerce (with 1 specialisation)
2 yrs : to earn Master of Commerce (extension with 1 specialisation + elective OR 2 specialisations)

Although dulu2 plan, something was meant to happen on my Graduation, tapi x pe lah. Almost. So close but yet tak de rezeki... Sentiasa terima qada' dan qadar Nya..

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