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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Entry for Sep & Oct ♥ Huih. Lame Daku Menyepi ♥ 2 months kot

Lame sangat menyepi dari blog ni.2 Bulan kot. Tak sempat nak update blog for the month of September & October.. Tak pe.. Nk summarize things that happened in Sep & Oct.. Zassss.. I will be active again for my November posting. Yey !!!!   

  • Trip to Jordan, Middle East & Egypt, Africa. More photos on my FB :)
 *Welcome to Amman*
 *Jordan River. Managed to be at the borders of Israel & Palestine*
*Dead Sea*
     *Wherelse ~ Petra*
     *Wadi Rum Desert* Awesome. Sleeping under the sky with shooting stars!! 
    Sunrise & sunset
     *Aqaba. chilling out about a day before off to Egypt*
     *Onboard a ferry to Egypt*
     *Dahab ~ 1st day activity : Scuba Diving*
     *2nd Day ~ Snorkelling @ Blue Hole.. sgt cantik*
    *After Snorkel. Camel Ride*
     *Mt Sinai.. after a 3 hours climb!*
     *Nile River close to Hard Rock Cafe*
    • It was really a great experience. I can't describe on the things that I went.

  • Trip to Malaysia for Raya
    • During these 10 days at Msia, I was so busy back and forth...
    • Celebrated Eid primarily at Pontian, JB, Mua Joho & Melaka ;-) .. photos ? on FB laaa.. too many kot.. 
    • Final night at Msia, ad wat Open House and advance birthday celebration

  • Birthday Celebration
    • Awesome Quarter of Century :)
  • New Office for Gateway Credit Union

  • Busy with my driving lessons - yeah I am going to get my NSW Driving License
  • Opening Ceremony for our new office
  • Final Year Project Report & Presentation
  • Study week !!!
Note : Started to love cooking now.. :)

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