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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow ~ Sudah 1/3 of 2010 lahh

Opsss. August sudeh. Meaning ~ 1 more month to go for Winter. Grrrrr.. I am quite keen and eager to check my weight.. lalalala ~ the last Shaira timbang berat was a DAY before winter. But, since Jun July, OMG appetite makan mcm ape ntah. So abis je winter August, 1 September, Shaira nk check balik the NET WEIGHT (samada turun or naik) Lalalala.. Before nk bercerita tentang August, nk recap jap ape yang berlaku sepanjang July ~ ZASSSS!!

1st week of July ~ After 24 June, Shaira start Winter Break smpi la 18 July. Jeng3. During this period, I did go to Melbourne few days to catch up with my mates. Dlm tempoh 3 hari 2 malam, dpt la jumpe dalam 15 friends (work, uni). Here are few gambar yang sempat diambil. Rindu kot memories kat Melbourne dulu..  8 Feb 2004 - 15 Mar 2008.

Apart of that, ada gak yang datang Sydney for holiday . Maklumlah masing2 Winter Break kan. So ape lagi, jumpe je la dorang, bawak makan, karaoke. Nk lepak lama2 agak susah sebab Shaira weekdays kerja sampai kul 4 ptg. So selalu meet up for Dinner & Supper je.

Top  * with Hafez, from Queensland* Bottom * with Qayyum, jr yg Shaira rapat from MRSM Mersing lagi*

2nd week of July ~ The best thing kot in my Master studies. Last semester, I did four core subjects and nak kata susah, boleh lah. Susah la jugak. Cuma work loads banyak. Plus Shaira pun kerja full time. 38 Hours per week. Every week ada je mende due. But Alhamdulillah dapat result my WAM this semester 78%. Total WAM 82% ~ Distinction. Walawey, Shaira target credit je coz the fact that I am working Full Time too! Don’t expect me to score tinggi2 la kan. Boring la if study je. I need some variety, so tu yang kerja la jalan2 la etc.

3rd week of July Nothing much happened. Just relax2 je and I did my Eyesight & Computer Test for Lesen Kereta kat sini. Cewah.. My aim is to get full Australia Driving License by end of August. Jangan terconfuse, lesen Malaysia / translation memang boleh pakai, but I am more keen to get the proper ID lor. Sebab dah ada full license Msia more than 3 years *walaupun Shaira tak de la terer sgt drive*, lps dh Pass full mark computer test tu, all I need to do is – Driving Test. I’ve decided to take few lessons purposely untuk praktis ape yang akan di mark oleh assessor. So, Mid August, Shaira akan start la kelas on the weekends – 2 jam :D ~ Ingat, recall balik from January nye entry, Azam Tahun Baru. Ha3

Last week of July ~ jeng3x. Bila tgk things to do list, aiyaa Winter Break ni sepatutnya tak de gi cuti mana2.. But I cant help it. Hu3.. :D. Caye tak caye, I did go to Gold Coast *again utk kali ke 3 thn ni*. Dasat2. I even got myself VIP & Annual Passes lagi – which means that I get unlimited access to ALL PARKS in Gold Coast until MID YEAR 2011! Woott Woott :D

Yang paling best, Shaira memang addicted over and over lah dgn Extreme Rides ! Grrr.. More photos on activities check out my FB . FB pun satu hal gak, dah penuh 1st account. So terpaksa create 2nd account. Mmg malas nk manage 2nd account tu, biar je la every now and then.

Dilema Winter ~ Makan, Tidur mcm Koala / Panda / Bear / Pooh and sewaktu dengannya. Serious tak tipu k. I have the strength to sleep for 13.5 hours, 12 hours or 9 hours. Hahaha. Gile betul ! on 31 August ~ time for me to weight. Let see how this winter changes my weight.

Oh the last day of July ~ really3x a stepping stone for me to re-consider myself doing PHD. Now I am busy seeking information on my options. MARA is willing to sponsor for the fees and etc. It’s a ticket for me cause now pun dh buat Master. After came back from meeting with KP MARA tu, Shaira godek2 la info kat UNSW Website. I found that local students not liable for fees – FOC. Alhamdulillah. I realize that I got the option to proceed my PHD without asking for sponsorship cause its Free for me. Plus, I am working here I can earn my living once I completed my Master studies. Insya Allah. Let see, I’ve started asking examples on thesis proposal as a heads up BUT I need to be aware, I am better off to more focus on my final sem for Master. Summer school 1 subject je lagi.. Stay tunes for more updates!

Well, tak de plan ape pn. Just continue with Uni. Need to save sikit maaa. Cant wait for September !! Spring and Holiday ~ Jeng3x. Stay tune where my location is :) . Driving Test end of August !

ps : I am still sick and a lil bit under the weather. Not sure why lah.. But I knew something that really really, biarlah... Tak de maknanya nk fikir benda2 sedih and -ve kan ! Hingga lah saat shaira publish post ni, dh sminggu demam & pening2.

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