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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Post Wedding Photo Session + Cuti2 Msia 2013

Hehe. Finally baru ada masa nk sharing pasal Post Wedding Session. Half day around Putrajaya, but the weather was kinda bad. End of the year kan selalu monsoon hehe. We arrived from our Honeymoon Series I on Friday, 16th November. 17th November tu gak Post Wedding Session. Phew, penat tak terkata. Ye lor, main air diving ni agak exhausted skit. Mane tak, during Honeymoon 11 boat dives. Tak termasuk shore dives lagi. Hehe. Nevertheless, all went well :D


*Ni only some of the pics. later to be shared on FB*
Ok since dh story pasal Honeymoon Series II Down Under past few posts, again with our outdoor nya, next story in this entry pasal cuti2 Malaysia. Hehehe... Balik about 4 weeks untuk settlekan apa2 yang patut (ni yet to be posted la, cause masih tak abis lagi. Insya Allah Mid Year kot hehe), spent about 4 weeks kat Melaka, in Hubby's mess. Wahhh tak bekerja, jadi Full Time Housewife. During time ni jugak, memang dilayan seperti Princess. Ckp je nk makan apa, nk buat apa, mesti encik hubby tunaikan walaupun dia busy kerja hehe. Plg bes dpt belajar menembak. Glock, M4, Sniper and Modified Version of Airsoft. Tak pe lah, nk tulis byk2 pn dah expired nye cerita. Stay tune, next entry about my pregnancy. ngeh2.

Flying back for cuti2, 27 Jun - 28 July. Off to Umrah Insya Allah 2 weeks and also Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Babymoon Trip!.Balik nnt Insya Allah hubby follow skali... 

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