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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

♥ 10.11.12 ♥ The Reception Ceremony

Since last entry dah share some photos of our Solemnisation, now nak sharing pulak some photos (mostly official) for our Reception Ceremony. This will include jugak photos for preparation. Hehe.. Macam nikah gak, sbnrnya dah lama dpt pics ni, tapi saje je amik on sweet time nk upload and write dlm blog. Rasanya tak salah hati nak sentiasa berbunga2. Biarlah feelings and rasa kahwin tu sentiasa je macam baru.

Phew. Wedding 10.11.12, but we secured the hall way back in September 2011! More than a year utk reserved this hall. Masa ni tak byk lagi org sedar date 10.11.12 - a nice date. lol... nevertheless, alhamdulillah, all goes well :) ... 

Nikah at Masjid Putra. The first masjid yang dibina di Putrajaya & Reception was held at Dewan Seri Endon. Why did we choose Masjid Putra rather than Masjid Besi? Well, my family dah duduk kat Putrajaya since 2000. Hence mcm rasa Masjid Putra ni sentimental value skit for me. Eceh.. 1st generation yg duk Putrajaya. But nah, dont question la weh. Nape tak buat kt sini, nape tak buat kat sana. Stop asking the never ending questions. Org yg tak duk Putrajaya pun ngade2 nk kawen kt Putrajaya? Konon la prestige location. Hahah. Nwayss.. Whatever .. ENJOY :) ..

Journey to 10.11.12 kt siniJeng3, Honeymoon Series I & II dh share dh.. Entries nya di sini.

Here are some of the pictures! Enjoy

Official Video Nikah -- : http://vimeo.com/54876053

Official Video Reception  -- : http://vimeo.com/55150510

Album Reception : ♥ 10.11.12 ♥ Official Photos for Official Photos for Our Reception (Sanding) click link

Album Solemnisation : ♥ 10.11.12 ♥ Official Photos for Official Photos for Our Solemnisation (Nikah) click link

Next entry will be ...... Our outdoor post wedding lak. Hehe.. :) . Later on baru nk share entry about cuti-cuti Malaysia and my Pregnancy Journey. Heeeee.. 
Ultrasound will be next week. Insya Allah

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