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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

♥ February sudeh! ♥ Jom Sneak Peak Gambar Solemnisation (Nikah) 10.11.12 (",)

Phew, had a blast 45 days spent with Encik Hubby at AUS and MYS. Time kat AUS not bad, cause i managed to cuti. But kat Msia, mana tak nya mmg everyday fully maximise masa cause Hubby berkerja so I became Full Time Housewife kat Mess dia. Took care of Si Cikon & Si Sunkist (time ni 2-2 preggy lagi). Plg best dpt tgk Si Cikon lahirkn 4 kittens dpn mata and the next day Sunkist pulak 4 kittens.. Hehe. in less than 24 hours dh ada 8 kittens.. lol. 

Kat Msia spent a lot of time kat Melaka.. Indeed, jatuh hati with Melaka lah. In particular sebab Encik Hubby ada ! Haha.. (sounded so poyo here, but who cares). Melaka tenang and relax compared to KL. Tmpt pun byk blh explore, wayang tak crowded, kecuali Dataran Pahlawan yang agak sakit mata. Sekali sekala dpt tgk pantai, tu yg bes!

January was really a full on MONTH. But it's OK, for those lah yang follow and  faham what happened, Thanks. I will not make any comments and I reserved my thoughts and opinion. Hehehe... For sure, this will not stop as yet. The journey goes on, and still goes on until.... u know what i mean :).

So update for this entry? Saje nk share few official photos of our Nikah. Few pun dlm 44 pictures. the rest kena tgk kat album.. We'll talk about my trip back home later.! Oh Melaka :: Puas makan makan , wayang wayang sampai lebam sebab murah, lepak lepak. Hee chill! Yang paling penting mcm permaisuri cause mane je nk pergi or craving nk makan or nk buat something, mesti Encik Hubby bawak.. Thanks for your time , effort and thank you for sponsoring everything . Heee. Wont forget the moment, makan kat Alai, berdua, tapi amik ! order lauk smpi 7! and experience menembak (outdoor first time) , few times kat indoor range. Got the chance gune Glock, modified version of Airsoft, Sniper & M4. Oh M4 is my favourite of all ! Gaya dgn loreng Encik Hubby. Opsss  , ni entry lain yek.

♥ Heee nk sharing some official photos for our Solemnisation (Nikah). Skit2 je. Sbnrnya dah lama dpt pics ni, tapi saje je amik on sweet time nk upload and write dlm blog. Rasanya tak salah hati nak sentiasa berbunga2. Biarlah feelings and rasa kahwin tu sentiasa je macam baru. Jangan diri sendiri nk tulis blog ni pun orang pertikaikan. Saya dah berblog since March 2009, although it's random ke ape, biarlah. Sakit mata? Jealous? tuh, X button ada je, FOC boleh scroll mouse or touchpad, tutup browser terus deh. 

Nikah at Masjid Putra. The first masjid yang dibina di Putrajaya & Reception was held at Dewan Seri Endon. Why did we choose Masjid Putra rather than Masjid Besi? Well, my family dah duduk kat Putrajaya since 2000. Hence mcm rasa Masjid Putra ni sentimental value skit for me. Eceh.. 1st generation yg duk Putrajaya. But nah, dont question la weh. Nape tak buat kt sini, nape tak buat kat sana. Stop asking the never ending questions. Org yg tak duk Putrajaya pun ngade2 nk kawen kt Putrajaya? Konon la prestige location. Hahah. Nwayss.. Whatever .. ENJOY :) ..

Journey to 10.11.12 kt siniJeng3, nantikan Official Albums for Reception & Post Wedding lak :). Honeymoon Series I & II dh share dh.. Entries nya di sini

Here are some of the pictures! Enjoy

Official Video Nikah : http://vimeo.com/54876053

Album Nikah : ♥ 10.11.12 ♥ Official Photos for Our Solemnisation (Nikah) click link

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  1. Memang sedap makan ikan bakar di melaka... susah nak dapat di sydney... heeee.... so rajin rajin lah balik malaysia..


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