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♥ Daughter of Tn Hj IR Ishak Hj Omar & Hjh Fatimah Hj Ab Rasid ♥ 2nd child syndrom alert ♥ Pre-mature Sept baby, 1985 ♥ Strong LIBRA character ♥ Happily married to Capt Amar Ab Aziz 10.11.12 ♥ Proud Ummi to Nur Raudhah Amar ♥ Citizen of MYR ♥ PR of AUS ♥ Loves exploring extraordinary things to gain extraordinary experience di bumi Allah ni ♥ So much in love with eXtreme activities - adrenaline junkie - an Advanced OW Diver, a qualified solo freefaller, bungy, rafting, and the list goes on :) ♥ Independent ♥ Obsessed with travelling due to parents' genetics ♥ Visited 42 countries so far ♥ USA 26 states ✓ Mexico ✓ Europe -15 countries ✓ Australia ✓ New Zealand - Nth & Sth Islands ✓ Asia ✓Asia Pacific ✓ Malaysia - Semenanjung most of the places; islands ✓Sabah ✓ Brunei ✓ Labuan ✓ Middle East, Jordan✓ Arab Saudi (Ramadhan 1995) Jeddah, Madinah, Mecca ✓ Alhamdulillah 2nd Call Ramadhan 2013 + UAE - Dubai & Abu Dhabi✓Umrah 3rd call Jan 2015 Africa✓ Egypt✓ Bali & Makassar✓ South America- 8 countries✓ China (covered 4 cities), HK, Macau✓ Fiji ✓ ♥ Personality: Strong ENTJ! ♥ You may judge me with anything, do I look like I care? Nah ♥ Live Life to the Fullest ♥

Thursday, March 26, 2009

..::.. It's all about >>ME<< ..::..

Shoot !~
Honestly ...
i dont know know what to write . Should i start from d scratch like introducing myself.. >>Hi, Hello<< . or should i just get to my current updates ?
nah. whatever , i will start to introduce myself first ..

Places where I grew up ....

28 Sept 1985 - early 1990 : Seremban

1990 - mid 1993 : Subang Jaya

mid 1993 - mid 1997 : Kuala Terengganu

mid 1997 - early 2001 : Kota Bharu
2001 - 2002 : Mersing
2003 : Intec Shah Alam / Putrajaya
Feb 2004 - mid Mar 2008 : Melbourne
mid Mar 2008 - early Mar 2009 : KL / Putrajaya
...... onwards : Sydney

** yeah, i admitted dat 0ur family moved around and yet
its 0kay cause i made a lot of frenships all over ** its kinda hard to determine d exact place where i grew up but nevertheless i appreciated all d moments of 'traveling' around mSia ..

More about me (0_o) . *taken from Facebook*

The Basics

Hair Color: Purely black BUT a bit color.spot it ! my lil cousin did !

Eye Color: hmph... dont know

Height: about 1.6 m

Profession: Maxis Communications Sdn Bhd Management Associates - Executive

Relationship Status: aha~hard to define..

Religious Views: Muslim

My Favorites

Favorite Color: Baby Blue (next Pink, Red)

Favorite Car: BMW Sporty Series. 2 seaters/ Fairlady

Favorite Movie: ALL.but very interested in Horror, Thriller

Favorite Hobby: My Baby, Bowling, Travelling, Swimming, Games, Singing, Music, Playing Keyboard, Organ, Melodian, Working, Parties, Concerts etc

Favorite Song/Singer: RNB (have been to Beyonce, Christina, Justin concerts), Dance (Armin Van Burren White Party, Velocity), Trance, Nasyid etc. Used to be a solo

Favorite Book/Author: Anything will do, all books from the first book I read

Favorite School Subject: Maths, Physics, Engineering & Techy Related

Favorite Vacation Destination: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi, Saudi Arabia etc

Favorite Food: Mee Hoon Sup, Tembikai Laici, Bandung, Soya

Favorite Restaurant: Open to anything

Favorite Animal: my cute and lovely CATS

Favorite Store: hmphh too many

Favorite Celebrity : hmphh too many

Favorite Childhood Friend: hmphh too many

Favorite Childhood Memory: hmphh too many

Favorite Baby Name: perhaps with Nur S.... ha3....

Favorite Person In Your Life: Family

Favorite Facebook Application : hmphh too many
This or That

Chocolate or Vanilla: BOTH

Big Mac or Whopper: Big Mac

Coke or Pepsi : Coke

Beer or Wine: Nil

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Apple Juice or O.J.: BOTH

Facebook or MySpace: FB

Summer or Winter: BOTH !! I miss Aussie :(

Windows or Mac: BOTH - i am flexible

Cats or Dogs: Cats ! Of course

Boxers or Briefs: Nil

Rain or Shine : BOTH

Chips or Popcorn: BOTH

Salty or Sweet: Sweet

Plane or Boat: BOTH

Morning or Night: BOTH

Movie or Play: BOTH

Walk or Drive: BOTH

Money or Love: BOTH ??? hihihi

Breakfast or Dinner: Brekky of course BUT EITHER Lunch OR Dinner

Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness

Paint or Wallpaper: BOTH

House or Apartment: BOTH

Do You?

Have Any Pets: YERP 2 Cats + stray cats that came to my house

Have Any Children: insya Allah One day

Smoke: Nil

Drink: Halal only... hihihi

Exercise: YERP

Spend Your Life On Facebook: YERP ! So addicted to FB !!

Play On A Sports Team: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Belong To Any Organizations: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Love Your Job: YERP ! Of course i do !

Like To Cook: YERP

Play An Instrument: Yerp, heaps ! check my profile ahh

Sing: YERP. SO MUCH !~

Dance: YERP. SO MUCH !~

Speak Multiple Languages: YERP

Ice Skate: YERP

Swim: YERP. SO MUCH!~ Scuba and Snorkel too....

Paint: YERP

Write: YERP - nice handwriting and creative ok.. true !!


Juggle: dealing with heart and emotions.. hu3...
Have You Ever

Stolen Anything: erk !~ Everyone does rite...

Been Drunk Before Noon: Nope of coz!

Had Sex In A Public Place: Nope of coz!

Got Caught Telling A Lie: erk !~ Everyone does rite... but maybe once kot.....

Got A Speeding Ticket: Nope of coz !

Been Arrested: Nope of coz !

Littered: Nope of coz ! i love clean and peaceful environment ok

Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Nope of coz !

Cheated On A Test: Nope of coz !

Cheated In A Relationship: Nope of coz ! TOO loyal which make me nuts ! Damn...

Failed A Class: Never ! Alhamdulillah.. so happy with my results since Tadika :)

Screened Your Phone Calls: Somtimes !!

Eaten Food Off The Floor: 5 seconds rule applied here :)

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Nope of coz !

Wished You Were Someone Else: Nope of coz ! I am happy for who i am.

Cried During A Movie: haaaa. a lot.. sensitive and emotional even i looked tough and talkative outside

Had A One Night Stand: Nope of coz ! Never.. only one night for what.. make it more la. ha3

Describe Yourself In One Word: INDEPENDENT !!!

Biggest Fear: DEATH !!!

Biggest Mistake: let's d secret safe with me

Your Proudest Accomplishment: Being now for how i am. i am THE ONE rite in the world. all of us are Unique. duh @!~

#1 Priority In Your Life: hmphh.. have to think....

Dream Job: Own a Biz maybe

Special Talents: a lot man ,, seriously a lot !!

Where Are You Right Now: Sydney !~

Where Would You Rather Be: Somewhere over the rainbow, Skies are blue

Famous Person You Want To Meet: hmph... have to think.. too many laaa

Place To Visit Before You Die: hmph... have to think.. too many laaa but slain dari Msia,Aussie,NZ,South East Asian countries,Saudi Arabia blh.pegi 2nd time for Haj plak :)

Song Played At Your Funeral: hmph... alunan Yassinn......

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