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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Memory : F1 Grand Prix 2007

The Formula One season for 2009 begins with live coverage from Albert Park, Melbourne. It includes F1 Final Practice and Qualifying as well as the V8 Supercars, Australian GT and Formula Fords.

Recalling this event, 2 years ago, I was so happy to get the chance to attend the event for few days especially on the final day - Final Round.

As we were at the front entrance , we definitely heard the sound of ALL the F1 cars practising. It was freaking awesome. We decided to arrive a bit earlier to get the chance to hang and mingle around. A lot of activities were there at Albert Park during that day. After Qualifying, we waited at the designated space for final round. While waiting, there were few events happening at Albert Park circuit - the circuit was divided into few sectors and each sector had their own activities including games, party and etc.

Just before the final round started, we could see a huge Qantas Jumbo Boeing and Air Force jets flying on air really low across the circuit. Hence, that was the significant before the Final round resumed.

*the list of qualifying drivers*

On your mark, get set, GO !!
Honestly I cant recall how many rounds they went but honestly, the sounds - really annoying and loud !. i should have brough with me my ear plug just in case i need it - thats only when i realised i need one pair !!
Thats me after the Final round !. I did wait till last !. it was really awesome


  1. tabik spring. suka jalan minah ni. bagus lah. layak jadi wakil malaysia ni pergi mana2. involve banyak2 dgn aktiviti di negara orang kadang2 lagi best kan.

  2. yezza mate..... tq ! sgt la besh :)..

  3. hye dear...bestnye u jejln..huhu
    it make me 2 plan 2 go there la...hahaha

  4. no worries babe.. ! nk dtg sini gtau la yek . more than happy nk jadi tourist guide. heeeeeee


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