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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sydney vs Me

how i wish i'm @ Melbourne. wit my comfort zones around, i know what i wanna do, i know what place to go, i know which frens to choose, i know which work mates that i can tag along and d list go on....

Yet, WAKE UP shaira. WAKE UP shaira... u are in Sydney rite now.. i know i have to start all ovaaa again.. arghh.. adaptable, flexible. yeah its all in me BUT its just dat i hate to do it again and again.. lolzz

Hell yeah. i know ~.. i am coping and adapting wit Sydney. *STILL* .

for this writing, i wanted to talk MORE on my Job Hunting sessions & my UNI - The University of New South Wales...

Nnow lets talk about my Job Hunting...

Job hunting is aiinntttt easy @ Sydney compared to Melbourne. This is very true ! loads of my mates reckon dat finding job @ sydney is veryyy hard. BUT the pay rate is good

Vice versa with melbourne. freaking easy to find job but the pay rate is above average WHICH is still good ! but not to worry i secured myself few interviews BUT why do i still COMPLAINT ?
Well, Shaira being Shaira, always complaining about this and that. this is not good laaa. that is not good la.. am i too fussy or what ??? *thinking*

so the situation now , i am in d midst of doing my 3rd stage of my final interview for a role dat is willing to pay me about $28 per hour ! yerp dis is freaking awesome.

But wat i hate so much is the process , its too long. its been on for a WEEK. yerp a week !

I know i can get d job but i have to wait UNTIL d time's come.. pity me !!

Very contradict to Melbourne, i only need a WEEK to submit my CV or Resume to all d jobs i applied and *TADAAA*.. by next week, i was bombarded wit heaps of phone calls !. Veryyy different wit Sydney.

Well , maybe because :

1) Economic crisis : the jobs opening went down a lil bit
2) myself : am i not good as i used to be ( erkk i think dis is not d case.. haha )
3) Sydney itself : arghh . i dont know....

Lets pray for my final interview NEXT WEEK to be a good one..

ouh guess what , while drafting this blog, received 2 calls from recruitment agency.
Yeay next week i got an interview with Hallis Recruitment on Monday morning @ 9 am and Hudson recruitment on Tuesday @ 2 pm ( shoot ! i need to quickly get a bus from UNSW to d CT centre) ... ouh mine.. i can work EVERYDAY during biz hours EXCEPT Tuesday ! how i wish i got all evening classes.. hehe

I hate for not doing anything apart of studying . Life is soo boring..

What you reckon ? traveling around ? D'ouh, ive been around Sydney couple of times ! What else should i go ? Yerp climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an EXCELLENT idea. That's in my wish list over the next 3-4 months perhaps after my Europe Trip.. ^___^

Yeah. Europe trip babeh, i need and desperately need to WORK man !. $ $ $. i am trying NOT to use my previous savings . the reason is just simple BECAUSE i am too lazy to get it out from my Fixed Term Deposit.. too lazy. i just wanted to grow the $ more and more...

Bet some ppl will say, what d heck is going on here. whats d point of ME saving $ more and more without using it... well i have this kind of different views..

1) for traveling : i will try to use my 'current' $ dat i earn from work.. i will try not to use my scholarship $ @ all.. wats left in d bank @ d moment is all my savings from my WORK late 2004 - mar 08 including my tax returns.. i KNOW its not DAT much after some opss not some but a lot of expenses DEDUCTION during my degree year.. ( trips to all ovaaa Aussie - NSW, South Australia, VIC, QSLD -Gold Coast, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef etc etc etc, TAS & NZ both North and South Island) .. i nevaa use a penny of my scholarship for all d trips... well knowing dat I LURRVEEE to travel, i need to find extra options to earn my own $$..

Scholarship was meant for my studies and day-to-day living.... ( am i a good gurl ? )

2) apart of traveling : ahaaa.. i always dreamt of having a NICE SHINing SPORTY car that suites a girl like me... why sporty car ? i dont know. its not that i want a 2-seater car, or not only for my own use. but i dont know . i just lurrrvee sporty car.. someday i hope i will get my own .. Imagine at my age, i dont have my own car. what a shame aiye.... i will keep on saving to get my dreams come true ( hopefully, i can live longer. Insya Allah ) .. plus it wont make sense if i got a Sporty car as my 1st car!

3) anything else : of course la duh.. everyone wants to save for their so-called grand preparing rite.. but it's okay. i still have a loooooooongggggg way and looooooooonggggggggg journey to go. so i can still enjoy. hahaha.. about age ? nah, when d rite time and rite guy comes to u, it will happen....

UNSW - my dream uni for Postgrad ??

No0ooppe.. not @ all..... as i am doing something different for my postgrad studies (Master of Commerce specialising in International Business) compared to my Telco Engineering degree, Uni of Sydney was my first choice !!

Actually . i wanted to do MBA. Only my former uni RMIT do allow graduates with no working experience to enroll in MBA. Most of d unis will required at least 2-3 years working experience. Thats when i decided to do International Business.... Apparently, due to some circumstances, i diverted my way to Sydney rather than Melbourne, hence i made Uni of Sydney as my 1st priority..

IDP submitted my application quite late and i decided NOT TO USE any agent as my middle-man. i did everything by my own... from liaising with the Uni, School .. everything !!!..
*serves u right IDP.dont think of getting commissions for my admission*

* the gurl who loves to complain and prefers to do everything almost perfect * ha3

What i dont like about UNSW

1) Printing credits : No allowance for us !!.. for my biz school, i had to pay $0.135 per A4 page. damn expensive. i still remember RMIT to give us allowance of $25 for 1 semester ( undergrad ) and yet i can still do my printing when i visited RMIT last feb ( even i graduated Dec 2007 ). a lot of the subjects HERE required us to do printing..

2) HUGE campus !!! too many stairs.. but in a way i can exercise..

3) ................
4) ................



  1. tak suke UNSW tu..hey!! thts my uni tu..guess what, itz ur uni too now.heheheh!

  2. Opsss... jangan marah cik abg.. yerp i have to ADMIT. now its MY UNI too... ^___^

  3. err.. printing credit? mm.. utas also like dat.. so no big deal dear.. u get what u pay.. no free stuff..hahaa


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