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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yang dinamakan Rezeki ^___^

Bak kata pepatah, tuah ayam nmpk di kaki,tuah manusia siapa yang tahu kan. he3..This is what i am currently feeling. It's more than 6 months since I arrived Sydney To be honest, mmg smpi skrg pn langsung tak enjoy hidup kat Sydney ni. ntah la. sbb 4 thn dh kat Melbourne kot. Tp what to do, what to say, kadang2 kena beralah and sacrifice untuk orang lain, tp diri sendiri  lak yang tak enjoy. Bosan betul lah. So now, no way lah nk beralah2 or give and take lagi. sebab asyik give je,tak de pulak take.

Lps balik from Europe ari tu, mmg ad sense of urgency gak la utk cari keje. Hari2 mmg duk apply kerja and contact my recruitment agencies. So, satu hari on 20 Aug, i received a call from Agent E to register my interest utk keje temporary for assignments. 

By the way Shaira mmg dlm masa terdekat tak de intention nk kerja Professional. Maklum lah studying lagi. blh pening kepala mana satu nk focus. On 20 Aug, Thursday, Shaira pergi register, then ada la buat testing utk System , computer and other testings. Alhamdulillah, Testings ni semua senang je sbb Shaira dh selalu buat. Muahahah... Tup3, results mmg improve from before. Then, Agency E pun bgtau la dorang ade job opening yang lain and dorang sgt2 berminat untuk hantar resume Shaira. Position ni kat Credit Union. 

My consultant cakap by COB 20 Aug dorang akan bgtau result samada dpt next stage ke tak. Alhamdulillah, Credit Union tu nk arrange interview on 21 Aug the next day. 21 Aug, Shaira pergi Credit Union utk interview. There were 2 of them, Allyson and Kate. Borak2 mcm biasa,finally Shaira tanya la (cewah ni tanya je sbb orang kate if dlm interview u need to have at least 1 question to ask). Tak tau nak tanye ape, I just asked a random question.

"How many candidates are you looking for this position?". Dorang pun respond, "We received 5 resumes and we only called you". 

So dorang pn happy for me to proceed to start work either on 24 Aug (Mon) or 25 Aug (Tue). Now, I need to perform at my best. Ye la can you imagine, someone in a Banking & Financial institution hiring a candidate yang langsung tak de basic in Loans / Mortgages and etc. Ni semua sebab trust and confident yang dorang rase. So i better perform well. This assignment patutnya satu bulan je =)

So Shaira pun start kerja on 25 Aug sbb ad some paperwork dorang nk settlekan. Shaira kerja kat Credit Union ni dkt Loan department.. Yes, mmg tak de background langsung pasal loan2 ni. but i did have some exposure in banking and finance before mase keje Data Entry kat Fiserv + GE Money. So ad la idea on whats going on. Lgpn role Shaira Ez Pz, just process loan applications. je, tak lebih dari tu.. He3.. Role ni 9-5pm, Monday - Friday. then 6-9 pm ,Shaira gi uni (kecuali Friday).

Tp yang best, along the way, Shaira belaja banyak menda, Funding, Approving, Employment and Rental Check, wat documentations and contract, Prepare paperwork and so forth. Tapi tak sangka on the 15 Sep,dorang bgtau dorang nk convert Shaira jadi Permanent =) . Smlm 18 Sep Shaira pegi interview, again with Alyson and Kate, just to find out more about the role and etc. Alhamdulillah, starting 22 Sep, Shaira kerja Full Time.

For me, its not a hassle, sbb tak pening and kerja ni tak de la professional and tak bawak blk rumah. Plus sbb Shaira studying, so just nice la dpt kerja to keep myself busy. Untung juga, sbb permanent ni package dia not bad.. dlm $ 4?,000 per annum + 9 % super, plus 4 minggu annual leave, Ada bonus ape ntah lagi akhir thn. Lg2 skrg ni, byk public holiday, so Public Holiday dorang bayar extra lagi. Hehe. 

 Alhamdulillah, at least Shaira ada something la until Shaira abis Master then dpn. Insya Allah. Skrg ni pun tgh consider nk jadi exchange or transfer student kat Melb.Sbb boring ngn Sydney. Tp tu ler, tup3, rezeki kerja ni pulak. Tu lah kan, apply kerja utk job and company lain, dpt assignment utk job and company lain. last2 ended up good deal kt unexpected place!! Tgk la mcm mana nnt ^___^. Hopefully I will stay long enough & Insya Allah will do the best for my Master studies!.. Its a nice Birthday and Raya presents for myself !


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