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Saturday, December 3, 2011

♥ PERU ♥ Tour around Lima & Nazca Lines

10 Nov >> Lima (Day Tour), Peru
BB busy for the past few days! Bz prepare for his Exercise that will start 21 Nov. 1 year from now. Insya Allah. Early day again, brekky then transfer pergi Airport Cuzco. Flight ETD at 0910h, tp depart awal at 0845h. Cuzco airport was so busy sbb sblm check in dorang akan inspect your baggage. As usual flight smooth and smpi2 je terus check in hotel. I managed to date with Bb for 3 hours before start my City Tour around Lima.. I flew with TACA from Cuzco to Lima. Best ! No one sitting next to me so I got all the place by myself. So far dh fly dgn TACA 3x. Seriously mmg best!! Perfect, Excellent Customer Service.

Hari ni Day 12 kat South America. My perception changed 100%. Sblm datang I was a lil bit concerned on

1) Safety
2) English lingo
3) Kotor & tak teratur
4) Food
5) Transport!

But after Day 12...

1) Safety Ok je. If u know where to go, what to do and when. So far I dont have any issue walking around the places mlm2..

2) English? Not bad OK. Peruvians English sgt OK! Argentina and Brazil, certain2 ok. Tp their tour guides memang tip top English nye.

3) Most places yg dilawat OK, Tp standard ah certain mesti tak berapa menyenangkn. Mana2 pergi pn kn. Mcm Msia ada gak tmpt setinggan. Overall not bad. Dorang still ada system in place . Even Favela, management ada cuma tahap tu if scoring 1-10. Maybe 5 kot. About Favela blh tgk Album ni >> [6 Nov 2011] >> My 2011 Big Trip! :) - Favela Tour & Ipanema

*Favela ni majority nye dimanage oleh drug dealers or Mafia..

4) Eh, Enjoy ok !!! cuma meat je tak makan sbb confirm tak halal. So desserts, kek, seafood, mmg terbaik!! Glad that I took Hep A, so far tak de rasa keracunan ke ape.. Makan mmg lawas je

5) Depends. Options to travel byk sgt!! but lucky me all transport dah included dlm my tour.

Lps landed, check in, terbaikalh ada WIFI! Laju lak tu. So i managed to upload heaps albums, videos etc. Dating pn bes!!

As I have to walk to join the tour, awal tu check la google map berapa jauh. Ala 2km away je. around 30 mins walk. But with my pace, 20 mins walk !!! Smpi tmpt pick up, Larcormar, Cantik gile view!!! Dekat ngn beach ok.!

Lima ~ 10mil population and divided into 43 neighbourhoods. During this tour, ada 5 tmpt main highlights

1) Arequipa ~ the place where you can fine different designs of houses sbb zaman dlu kala, if you are an Italian background, design mesti ada Italian nye values
2) Wakapuana ~ tmpt ni mcm ala2 Machu Picchu. tp skit je la. Ritual Place. Way before Inca. First civilization 3000 BC. As this place is much closer to the land, structures using clay. Tp MP top of the hill guna stones
3) Downtown ~ Colonial influences
4) St Martin Plaza
5) San Fransisco Cathedral & Catatombs ~ I took heaps of illegal photos! Haha

10 Nov >> Lima (Night Tour), Peru
Ok, from Day tour, terus continue Night tour. Hihi. Pusing to most places mcm Day tour, cuma kali ni few hours stop at Lima Fountains Park! The largest ok.. (The Guinness World Book of record). Journey was around 3 hours, balik Larcormar tu rasa lapar! So singgah KFC beli Grande Papas. Blk jalan kaki. Dating and terus mandi bersiap. Sbb in 2 hours time, kena prepare utk next trip to Nazca Lines!

Notes from the>> Night & Lima Fountains Tour Information

11 Nov >> Nazca Lines, Nazca, Ica, Peru!!
Early day again !!! only with 2 hours rest, I packed all my stuffs needed for my Nazca Trip!!! Around 245am, pick up by George to the bus station. We were talking like cat & dog sbb masing2 mcm blur. Haha. It was funny tho! Only 10 minutes ride, smpi bus stop. Everyone in Peru is soo nice. My well being mmg dijaga from A to Z lah. Pick up, transfer, drop off, memang ada je org tunggu If book sendiri murah kot tp tu la first time tak sure nk expect cam ne. I’ll definitely come back to Peru, longer stay in the future.

Okay, after I have done all the calculation involved, if sendiri vs tour, beza dlm USD35 je. For me quite OK la kot sebab tak yah risau nk amik taxi pagi2 pe semua. If berdua maybe worth it wat sendiri sebab senang. if travel solo ok la tu kot . Tp first timer kn.

Dlm bus, I was so confused macam mana ada org blh tdo stret even cerah2. I woke up lps brekky and layan 2 movies (everything about steve and killers). Hehe best! Once arrived Nazca, kitaorg transfer to aeropuerto ! Eh smpt berwifi ok. Hahaha.. satu lg about South America I am pretty impressed. Wifi is everywhere and quite good!

Around 1250pm, naik Cessna Light . Awesome OK! Spotted 13 main drawings from 14. Contoh2 drawings, Hummingbiard, Hands, Tree, Astronaut, Whale and Macam2 lagi. Tgk album FB and video Shairah. History about Nazca Lines blh google je. In total ada 80 drawings with 13,000 crossover lines! Pergh mata kena bukak luas2 daaa.. Terbaik. Plg best bile pilot assistant brief design ape nk tgk and he’ll take my camera amikkn pics!

Lps 30 minutes journey, before balik, went to Seafood restaurant! best nye steamed fish ! big portion sgt. I gained weight! Ye haa. baru laa btol bercuti2… Dlm 3 pm, bus blk Lima and mlm baru smpi. As usual tido and tgk movies! Smpit2 hotel, mandi solat and Dating as usual and tgk videos Nazca. puas ati !!


More Photos>> Album Facebook Saya :). Videos pun ada kat On Facebook. Video Shairah melaporkan dari atas Nessca wajib ditonton. Hehe.. Click je Sini...

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