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Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ ARGENTINA ♥ The Adventure Starts Here...

31 Oct Around Buenos Aires. A day before dah tour skit. 1st stop semalam Hard Rock Cafe. Went to the places mentioned below. Along the trip, Shairah wat notes sendiri gak based on ape yg tour guide tu cerita. Today, Sabrina yg bawak kitaorg. Tmpt2 yg dilawat adalah area North & South Buenos.

Northern Area
- Recoleta >> 1st habitant by the monks yg migrate to Buenos from Spain, colonial area and focused more on churches, fruit farms. Originally ada gak penduduk dr Southern Area, tp sebab in 19s century, Yellow Fever epidermic (1/3 of population yg mati sbb virus ni) . So from Southern area dorang pi la Northern area for cleaner and healthier life.

Oh kitaorg juga spotted few are yg penuh ngn dog walker. Jgn main2, dog walker pn gaji sebulan USD 3000-4000 ok. concept dia same je mcm nursery care. Dog owner yg kerja and busy akan letak dogs dorang kat satu tmpt (usually dkt park), then yg kerja akan bawak jalan2. Yg bes nye, dogs are separated based on sizes. Hihi. Across area Recoleta, ada one flower monument. The new landmark of Buenos Aires. Yg Obelisk tu dh common sgt sama mcm negara2 lain.

Lps Recoleta, kitaorg singgah Palermo. One of the expensive neighbourhoods gak la. Middle average salary is USD1000 per month, if upper class lagi dpt la USD4000 per month. Area neighbourhood ni 1 sq metre ~ USD 4000. Mahal!!! So tmpt ni kbykn embassies!! Kitaorg jugak smpt tgk a museum yg dlu nye tmpt test drive utk kereta (kat atas roof)! Skrg tak ah. Across tmpt tu ada the largest green area (Japanese Garden designed by Japanese, owned by French. Concept and style dia European, such as London, Paris and Madrid – ive been to those places. so mmg Buenos Aires ni dh well established. sgt lain if banding ngn Italy. Close to the place, was the monument yg dihadiahkan dari Spanish 100 years after the 1st revolution in 1910. tp yg bestnye, 2010, tak de lak sape2 bg monument lagi kat Buenos Aires but rather the citizens ntah2 risau, mane la tau dorang nk amik balik. Hahah

Pusing2 area tu, kitaorg singgah tmpt Evita Peron . Nk tau more pasal dia, blh tanye En Google. Tp a lil bit history of her. Dia ni actress. in 1944 involvment byk kat radio. She met Peron during a charity festival lor. By the age 27, she was the first lady yg sgt muda. The “Peron” era ada yg baik ada yg buruk, Biasa la tu. tp overall ramai org suka dia. Afterwards, kitaorg pegi Recoleta Cemetery (a place yg ada lbh kurang 5000 burial places. termasuk family Evita). Semua ada kat pics.

After Cemetery, kitaorg pergi Southern Area, phew lain gile!!!! the 9th july Avenue, the widest avenue in the world with 11 roads every side. Ada unique trees belong to the local floral. Public transport tak reliable sgt sebab 5 subway systems tak connect the whole town pn. Sbb tu traffic sini crowded. Population Buenos around 3 mil. Tp Monday-Friday agak bertambah sbb around 3-4 mil working forces dtg Buenos. Kitaorg then singgah Republic Square and Plaza De Mayor. Tmpt ni yg ramai selalu buat demostration. Dpt lah tgk Government Palace. Color dia pink sbb old fort situ dulu gune Cow Fat to paint the building utk avoid rain (tp skrg ni tak lah). Cow Fat dulu ada darah so mmg blh protect condition building tu. 

Area nilah tmpt kelahiran 1st revolution in May . At the square, blh tgk white marking and white scarf. During an incident (time dictatorship), On a Thursday afternoon in April of 1977, fourteen mothers gathered outside the presidential palace in downtown Buenos Aires to challenge their government. Fearless with nothing more to lose, they had but one question: Where is my child? Wearing white bandanas to symbolize the diapers of their missing babies, here they have marched in silence ever since. They are the famed Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

More cerita pasal incident ni > The Mothers' Griefs

Kitaorg jugak dpt tgk HQ for Army, just across the Government Palace nye area and very close to the Private Helicopter nye tmpt mendarat for the President. She (the President) duduk around 10km away from the Palace. Palace ni office je, bkn tmpt dia stay. Nnt kat pictures blh tgk 3 balconies yg dikatakan penah Evita Peron gave out her speech to the citizens (mcm cerita Don’t Cry for me Argentina tu). tp lagu tu tak sure la btol ke tak. sbb dia artist kn. ad org ckp, lirik lagu tu based on her speech.

Very close to the area, kitaorg pegi ke tmpt asal usul Tango! Tango ni sbnrny combination of dances from few places at Europe. Immigrants yg dtg cuba blend in with each other. Sbnrnye tango ni just movement sesama lelaki. Tp late 1890s dikatakan 1st lady tango – a prostitute, with short short skirt wearing high heels. Nk ckp psl history panjang, so blh tanye En Google. Tango ni then dibawa ke Europe bile migrants ni balik and sgt famous kat Paris. Tp acceptance kat Buenos Aires teruk! Ye lah prostitute kot, low class kn. However, lepas org Argentina mcm sgt impress the importance of Tango, in 1911, tango was first accepted during a wealthy family event.

Another spot for Southern Area >> Boca! area ni poor and tak berapa safe after 5pm. Tp yg sgt famous is the football team and asal usul Maradona. A very strong and close knit community . In one of the pictures, u can see Coca Cola sign NOT IN RED and WHITE colour (apparently musuh ketat Boca Jr is a team with RED and WHITE). Agaknye berapa la football management nye stadium bayar Coca Cola for permission kn !! Boca sgt cantik ! buildings very color ful and vibrant sgt. tp area ni tak berapa safe. Kbykn org2 kat sini kerja day smpi nite to feed the family. this is one of the reasons anak2 terabai and involved dgn geng2. Tp community sini byk gak bekerjasama nk jaga neighbourhood dorang by organizing free classes, open up few factories for the youngsters to work (with consent from parents).

Puerto Madero – The most expensive neighbourhood. asal2nye tmpt ni patut jadi Port for the British people. Tp sbb tmpt ni shallow sgt. Almost 10 years di abandon. However in 2001 onwards, development byk. At that time only Hilton Hotel je yg ada kat dock tu. The place yg density paling sikit. Tak ramai residents sbb mahal giler rent/ market value tmpt ni. As of now pn byk slots for residential. This area 2km full of restaurants and cafes. Lbh krg mcm The Rocks

Done with the tour, balik hotel and just jalan2 around the Hotel je. Mlm lepak and chillax sbb esok long day!

1 Nov >> Iguassu Falls (Argentina to Brazil, to see Falls from Brazil side)

Brekky awal gile sebab nk kerja early flite to Iguasu Falls. First we fly north to the Iguassu Falls area and cross the border from Argentina to Brazil at Puerto Iguazu. Our visit to Brazil begins with the magnificent Foz do Iguaçu, or Iguassu falls, bordering Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. In order to see the falls properly you need to view them from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side. The Brazilian side offers the grand overview, and the Argentinean side, a closer look. The best time of the year to see them is from August to November, as from May to July you may not be able to approach the swollen waters on the catwalks.

Experience an exhilarating optional boat tour at the falls or a trip to the bird sanctuary on the Brazilian side of the falls. The torrential Iguassu River crosses the State of Paraná in Southern Brazil from East to West. A few kilometres before its junction with the Paraná River forms one of the most splendorous natural beauties of the world: Iguassu Falls. Over 2.7 kilometres long and an average flow of 1.750 m3/s, this wonder is located in a very special place. The contrast between the green of the vegetation and the dark colour of the basalt rocks with whirring waters plunging from a 72 metre high cliff is magical. At Iguassu there are 275 falls in all, spread over a 3-km area, some over 80m (262.4 ft) in height, making these cataracts wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara! It should come as no surprise that UNESCO declared the region a World Heritage Site in 1986.

Originally “discovered” in 1541 by the Spaniard Juan Alvar Nuñez, he named the falls Saltos de Santa María. The name we use today means “great waters” in the Tupi-Guarani tongue. The falls are protected by two National Parks—one in Brazil and another in Argentina. Tours utilise trails and catwalks adapted to the landscape of the area, and walking is easy for all ages; guided tours of the complex are available several times a day. In order to see the falls properly, you need to view them from both the Brazilian and the Argentinean side: the Brazilian side offers the grand overview, and the Argentine side a closer look. The best time of the year to visit is from August to November, as during rainy season from May to July, flooding will likely prevent closer viewing from the catwalks.

Film buffs will remember that Iguassu was the site of several scenes from the film “The Mission.” Not far from the falls, the ruins of the Jesuit missions of the era can still be visited on a day trip. Also of interest in the area is Itaipú, the largest hydroelectric complexin the world. Experience an exhilarating optional boat tour or helicopter trip for a bird's eye view, or simply marvel at nature’s breadth and the roar of the falls.

Overall, flight OK walaupun delay skit . Food pn bes gak. LAN ni proper gak la flightnye. Take off terus tido. makan snack and touched down. Sgt impress ngn Iguasu nye tempat. Green!! For transfer and immigration purposes, kitaorg naik van plat argentina. Lps cross border, tukar transport plat Brazil. Hahaha..Tgk fall side Brazil. Phew lencun !!! Tp hari ni falls dia mix colour choc, merah pe semua sbb past few days ujan.

After few hours briss walk and amik pics, pegi Hotel Rafain. Bes!!! besar, bersih, selesa. Ni pn on wi fi hihi. tp wi fi tak se bes kat Buenos aires. Dinner with the group and blk tdo!

More Photos>> Album Facebook Saya :). Videos pun ada kat On Facebook

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