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Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ PERU ♥ The Focus is On... Macchu Pichu ! The Lost Inca World :) ...

9 Nov >> Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru

Rise and shine. another early day for me. subuh awal and brekky starts around 5am. feeling much better. smlm rase a lil bit under the weather. maybe sbb basah mase rafting kot.. slept at 7pm and woke up midnite. had hot shower and sambung tdo. smpt solat sunat gak. my body was aching sgt. x sure nape.. but I managed to sleep until 430am when the alarm started to bunyi for me to wake up for subuuh. Heeee.. Lps subuh shower etc, had my brekky. a very2 big brekky. 1 glass of pineapple juice, 1 glass of papaya juice (bes sgt), 1 bowl of nut cereal, 2 bowls of fruit salads and 2 breads. Perghh , as a prep for me nk pegi hiking ni. lol.

Train Station Paroy from Prisma hotel is 20 mins away. Transfer kul 640h. Driver amik kat hotel and dropped me off at poroy. 0743h Train from poroy to MP town 3 hours or so. Dpt first class so seating very comfy and makan minum diserved! Dlm 1055h smpi tren station.

Few points about the train (tgk one of the pics yg ada mcm alas atas meja train)

Smpi je ad org jmput guide pegi bus area. Lalu market. Pegh harga 1.5-2x mahal dr cuzco. Tnggu bus yg ramai. 1110h. About 25mins up to MP. phew jalan pusing2. Jalan bkn tar ok. Berhabuk wooo... Smpi tu dduk jap tnggu willington.. Before masuk g banos. 1 soles ok. Dlm x de toilet kot haha. Terus masuk and dia brief. Kagum!! Around 3 jam gak hiking ecey. Menarikk!

MP area itself is 9 hectares. Overall area is 32,520 hectares. MP was named by the local and no one knows the origin. Machu Picchu means old mountain.

Wyna Picchu means Young mountain, 2 small hills near Wyna Picchu are called unay Picchu (baby mountain). MP is divided into 2 sectors- agricultural and urban areas. There are 1200 terraces and the 3 main functions are - retain walls, farming and to construct flat areas.

Terraces mainly facing North east area are farming. This is because tje terraces facing the sun and the area is a lot greener. This Sanctuary area was believed to have around 400ppl. 60-70 are said to come from the royal/noble families and the rest are skilled-workers.

Sun trmple is situated in the hub of urban area. Urban area is divided into 2- upper and lower. Near the sun temple,underneath the temple was Pachamama (Mother Earth). You can noticed the Mouth of Pachamama.

The area has 16 fountains. 70% of the structures in MP are original, 20% restructuring (mainly pathways, still using the original path) and 10% are new (mainly the roofs)

Near the secret plaza, there was a quarry due to landslide. However it was said that MP was Unfinished (finished structure means they will have proper roofs and walls). MP was quite lucky to have surrounded by mountains and hence most blocks of rocks were from the same area)

At the plaza, there was also a place of offerings. Usually Inca offered black animals- such as black alpaca, black llama. This is because soil is black and to get blessings, it is necessary to use black animals. This area is called- The Secret Plaza

Further up is, Intiwatana- hitching post of the sun. Also known as Sun offerng dialog. This is a Special rock at the highest point of urban sector. Alta close to Inca.

Offerings nyawa, yes. Tp bg drunk with cocoa leaf. Criteria. Only bile bad bad incidents. To glazier and bekukan in natal position. Mountains protected. Close to god sun, Apus .

From main plaza, moving forward to the main entrance to go to young mountain. Kt sini ada satu rock sebijik mcm mountain across MP. dikatakan 2 rumah tepi mountain tu utk tmpt prep for offerings. Offerings not only to god tp mountain gak.

Plaza only for noble. Priests, temples. Festivals pn same. Tp workers tgk from terraces around.From that area, workers, workshops common area etc

Other info:

Rumah mainly no windows. Rumah hanya utk tido sahaja. Makan masak kat common area

Main Entrada (entrance) or salida (exit) usually from the top. Movement mmg dr atas ke bawah.

Storage areas can be found at the edge of terraces. This is for them to store the fresh items. Terraces and storages are depending on the items (ie lower terrace - cocoa tea, higher terrace - potato)

So far that's it. For more info can google or read from books lah. I might forgot other points masa guide bercerita sbb was too excited and khusyuk amik pics. At the same time, i was taking notes too!

24 june every year, celebration or cuZco. Org naik bukit utk ganti flags and heaps celebrations around town. 21 june and 21 feb are peak season for MP sbb org dtg nk tgk sun nye line at the special rock, main plaza allign with the sun dialog. Levels of houses mainly in 3 levels sbb inca percaya the 3. Upper world god, present world and after world.

No banos no cafe no kedai mmg nothing. Dlm purely buildigs and few signs entry out continue long or medium interval SHj!

Urubamba river river if follow je sampai la ke Amazon

Otw blk naik tren tgk org jual2 kesian sgt. Must be from the inca generation kot..

More Photos>> Album Facebook Saya :). Videos pun ada kat On Facebook. Video Shairah melaporkan dari Macchu Pichu wajib ditonton. Hehe.. Click je Sini...

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