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Friday, December 2, 2011

♥ BRAZIL ♥ Leaving the Bay to Town Centre, Rio De J & the Mafias...

4 Nov >> Paraty, Brazil- Dinner in a colonial house of the age 163 years with a local family and Paraty Latino festival !!

Balik diving, lps shopping flat out jap. smbl2 date ngn bb. mlm tu dinner with a local family in a colonial house of the age 163 years ooo.. Skrg ni around 6-7 families je yg stay in the area, tmpt2 lain semua dah jadi commercial. See my other albums 3 November of Paraty's overall view. Dinner jd vegetarian lor sbb for sure daging tak halal kn. But I am happy.

After gold rush, Paraty was left ignored by people. All they care masa tu was to build a direct way between Port Rio and Port Paraty. But somehow they realised Paraty ni tmpt stop in between. So dorang developed blk tmpt ni for tourism . A house for example penah cost around 100-600 USD. tp lps development in 1970s, jd 2 million Reals.

After the dinner, lepak2 with the team to hang around for a bit - Paraty Latino festival. Kebetulan lak 4-6 November. So ape lagi. Tried Salsa and Samba in the public. Smbl record a guy dancing. last2 dpt flying kiss. malu der!!.

Paraty ~ the 2nd important port after Rio. Asal2 nye Paraty ni tmpt warehouses. Sebb tu colonial town ni semua first level nye building, penuh dgn pintu2. Cube tgk pictures. First level ni dibina around 17s century. More details of the info, nnt kat pics Shairah tulis description.

5 Nov >> Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Oh yeah, hari ni sampai to Rio from Paraty. Journey blh tahan gak la but as usual tdo2 ayam to recharge my energy. Smpi Rio around tghr, cpt2 lunch then trus gi City Tour. It was awesome! Well, Rio = few thoughts from me,

1) Crowded!! Walaupun weekend, phew, imagine ah weekdays cmne
2) Police stand, everywhere before masuk neighbourhood. tp bgs sbb police stand tu occupied :)
3) The place where u can see men and women wearing speedos and bikinis all around town. Tp majority tak la cantik sgt pn.

Our city tour was divided into 5 parts:

1) Corvocado Statue - ala statue yg besa tu. voted no 2 as the new 7 wonder. tgk cite colombiana kmfm nmpk statue tu

2) History Downtown - Santa Tereza. very different sbb tmpt ni asal2 nye as first neighbourhood by the royal families yg dtg to rio

3) Catedral de Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro - a very unique cathedral. Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro looks like a Pyramid of Egypt or Aztecs

4) Steps !! - Escadaria Selarón - sgt unique OK. they called it urban interference. tmpt ni was forgotten 20 years!! until la Selaron made a very excellent contribution to transform this place. Check out more info here >> http://www.ceramicanorio.com/paineis/selaronmosaicolapa/selaronmosaicolapa.html

Lg bes bile i bought the postcards, Selaron was there! So i managed to get a picture with him and he signed all the postcards.

5) Final Stop - Sugar loaf mountain. Sgt menarik! View from the top of Rio. Phew beaches, neighbourhoods, mountains! Smpt dpt tgk sunset. Information >> http://www.braziltravelvacation.com/sugar-loaf-mountain.html

Mlm tu check in then dinner as usual! Oh yeah. food sini great!! despite i dont take meat sbb tak halal, tp phew desserts2 dia. Ya Allah! Menduga! hehe

6 Nov >> Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Day 2. Plg Best Favela Tour, Alert & Alarm by the Mafias

Oh yeh, hari ni tak brekky kat hotel. Had too much food la.. So what I did today, amik cab to HRC. hihi suke btol. Well jauh gile lor.. Took me 30 mins nk pergi sane with the cost of 35 reals. tp kecewa nk mampus! HRC tutup for relocation. apa daaa… Brazil ni on Sunday mmg majority shops tutup, big shopping complex pn gitu ! Nk amik pic dpn HRC pn x blh sbb area2 mcm tu mmg ada security guard. dorang strict. ye la tutup for relocation to centre pn mane la tau ada hasil2 peninggalan with signboard. sedih gile ok !! dh aa bkn senang.. nmpk gaya mcm2 experience kat brazil ni.. mcm suh dtg balik je. hee insya allah 2014 with bb lak for world cup. hopefully mase tu dh ad our own lil one.

Blk dr tmpt Citta America centre, around the town je. blh sesat2 kot. frust nye kedai byk tutup ! nk beli ipanema sandal pn tak dpt, nk beli stamps pn x dpt. grrrr.. dlm tghr pergi hotel sbb tghr tu ada Favela Tour.

Favela tour to rochinha favela - the largest and biggest favela in Latin America. Haaa meh nk cite sikit. Favela ni dlm bahasa malay nye ala2 rumah setinggan gitu. perasan tak nnt kat pics2 shairah kat area2 berbukit ada rumah2 mcm batu bata bertindan2. Tu la Favela! org2 kat favela ni tak bayar tax etc. sbb tu dorang bina kat bukit. Plg mahal is favela yg plg atas.. plg murah kat bawah. condition teruk skit bawah sbb tmpt buang sampah, saliran , electrical cords. tgk la gamba keadaan favela tu cmne. Favela ni dikuasai oleh geng2 drug dealers. caye x caye, polis mmg jarang and tak berapa campur tgn unless btol2 penting. mafia ni la yg akan jatuhkn hukuman kat sape2 yg bersalah. tp all are kept dlm favela je.

Ok, utk naik atas, memang kena naik motor. Tour guide dh ckp awal2, otw naik NO VIDEOS and CAMERAS. sbb favela ni dipantau oleh org suruhan geng2 drug dealers. dorang monitor traffic in and out. phew segan der. nmpk org ngn gun slumber je! machine guns tahan lagi. bazooka wehh.. kecut2 perut. tp doa byk2.. all good!! Guide adv kitaorg certain places blh amik pic certain not. smbl2 jalan tu pn memang dia cerita kesan2 tembakan kat dinding etc. Shairah ada rekod video, nnt share. mmg best ahh !

Tgh2 jalan tu ada mamat ni tap. aiyaa rupenye dia nk lalu. dia suh pesan kt org dpn jgn amik foto. guess what, dia bawak gun ok!! mase tu ok je bese je sbb mmg tau dorang tk kacau public lor.. before masuk area pn memang nmpk dh bdk2 pegang gun pe sme. all good.. hihi tp ni la mmg pengalaman plg worth it OK. sendiri x kn wat. tringat tgk cite mafia pe sme. esp cite Colombiana. pergh terbaik !Highly recommended… tp jgn main2, dorang idup blh tahan gk. ad internet, dgr music english, pakai high heels, sexy mexy. bygkn tmpt tinggi n kotor2 mcm tu slumber je.. plg bes ad kedai games, flat screens with XBOX and PSP. tak caye tgk la pic. hihi

Lps favela tour, just lepak Ipanema beach and hippie market. cuci2 mata. hahah.. Ye la a day before dh pegi copacobana beach kn. ipanema ni tgk section 9, sedap skit mata memandang. hahaha.. lps lepak2, minum coconut blk hotel and totally rest. dpt date ngn bb. happy ! mkn pn sendiri2 je. packing2. dlm 1030pm dh kong! kena tdo awal sbb esok tu pagi kul 445am taxi dtg nk anta gi airport.

More Photos>> Album Facebook Saya :). Videos pun ada kat On Facebook

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