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Friday, April 10, 2009

My sweet fond memories of 2003-2004 part 1

Hurm. i feel like writing and writing and pouring what i feel ! (jadi tmpt luahan rasa pula)

This entry is dedicated to someone that used to be my sweet fond memories 2003-2004.

Ppl said. its really hard for u to forget ur first love ! and definitely i think u r not my first love @ all - iskh hitung2 yg ke berapa kot kalo kire from skola rendah.. ha3..
but maybe i can considered YOU as my first love (ie not d kid's version) after SPM 2002.

first of all i would say good luck and all d bes for your final sem ! yerp. enjoy ur final moment @ russia and hope u will become a very good Dr. in the future (Amin)

The journey began @ IRC.

JANUARY 2003 : i still remember the first time we 'met' @ IRC (well IRC sgt la fames early 2002 dulu. but thanks to YOU because of YOU i opted myself to join YM!~) . We were so active at channel INTEC, AUSMAT and RP to be exact! . at that time, we shared a lot bout our experience at MRSM, how masing2 cuak giler waiting for SPM result. dh ler masuk SPC MARA using result trial spm MARA, what will happen if kite tak score really well etc. pendek kata, everything about study !!!!! I also knew a lil bit bout you from my Roommate @ INTEC. which happened to be from your MRSM too.!! but definitely u will know NON about me cause from MRSM Mersing, i was d only one !!

FEBRUARY 2003 : as per normal. every weekend definitely i went back home.rumah pn dkt kot.. every weekend la kite giler2 chatting. tp funny because we seldom text @ all. smer chat aje kan.. blh lak survive.. the most funniest word "eh awak,, sy dh nk balik INTEC ni. next weekend la ek kite jumpe kat IRC, same time same place". i realised i never have the initiative to get your number ke ape. not at all. !!

ye la at that time, i was attached to a guy from my MRSM before SPM, (now at Japan doing engineering, dh nak abis gak ni !), but was so pissed of with him. ye la.. ad ke patut dtg INTEC 3 hari 2 mlm.. final day nk blk baru bgtau dtg, bkn nk jmpe ke ape. baik tak yah ckp dtg..saba je.!!

iskh3... last2 fed up , the relationship only lasted for 2 months kot !!.. wat a puppy love.. tp tak ley marah gak, if kita d first gf, kmfm la mamat tu kekok and tak reti!..ha3..this is the time mmg rase geram je ngn dak2 laki.. lol.. p.s : betapa kereknye aku time ni, pantang org wat dajal sket, nahas !!!

back to YOUR story, I still remember the first time a received a text msg from you and how i ignored you for not knowing who u r.. ( tu ler next time, plz intro urself , i get very pissed and really ignorance for whoeva not in my contact list ) .. garang giler kot i was at dat time.. apparently, when we were oL, u explained it everything !. thanks to your fren from MRSM who was d same class with me during foundation at AUSMAT !! patu blh buat lawak2. tgh chat, u tried to call. i said "sape ni. i dont even know who u r stop la kan...". after your confession, i apologised ! lesson learnt : kalo msg tu bgtau la sape.. duhh..

MARCH 2003 : ni la saat2 yg paling kite takut. SPM 2002 results announced.. cuak2.. but alhamdulillah, kite survived with flying colours.. since that kite even rapat. knowing the fact results pn dh okay, i am not garang2 anymore with you.. silly sungguh... as usual, weekend = the time we chat chat and do sharing sessions....

as time goes by, things as per usual.. klaka je plak rase idup time tu.. i still remember how ppl said AUSMAT is the toughest course to survive. but RP is the easiest one.ye la, dak2 RP exam failed ke tak failed MARA still anta. yet for AUSMAT. kitaorg fast track ni,courses 1.5 yrs, dorang gi bagi kitaorg 1 yr.. FAST TRACK mmg FAST TRACK la.. rase nk pengsan pn ad... smpi mid test pn start kul 7 pagi nk ikut time ngn Aussie.. !!!

MARCH - JULY 2003 : hishh, macam bese ah.. IRC but later towards we're a bit slow dh cause myself jarang blk rumah nk prep for exam and so forth. theres nothing significant things happened

JULY 2003 : 1 day, again so shocked to receive ur text message. tho its not in my mobile phone (yerp, ive deleted ALL the numbers that I DONT KNOW and all d GUYS dat i never met ! yerp sakit ati and make me hate guys!.. about 6 months of being single, happy giler rase.. time ni mmg kerek giler ngn guys, like i give a shit org kate... kot dlm phone tu ad la bape kerat je no fon dak guys.. tu pn dak2 kelas ) ... and dat time i did have a falsafah.. tp tak ingat!!

sgt la terharu time tu when i received ur text message .. "hi, sombong nye,, tak ingat sy lg ke?" . time tu rase nk tergelak pn ad.. rase malas nk layan pn ad... terharu sbb wahh,,mamat ni still simpan no phone aku !! tp bile2 pk blk, iskh. lame gak ilangkan diri kot.. tak chat2 mcm bese.. time ni mmg rase bosan giler ngn guys,, menyampah giler .. tp mamat ni berani plak contact aku blk... tak silap july tu ad event "Majlis Graduasi" utk budak2 preparation yg abis blajar 2003 .

sgt la tak senonoh, kitaorg final exam December 2003, tp dh grad awal2. lain la dak2 RP, early Oct 2003 fly kan !.. during the Graduation day , dis was d bes time to kenal each other.. gile pathetic. dlm hall mase rehearsal blh msg2.. "eh awk, turn AUSMAT bile. RP naik dulu ni. mane aci awk tgk sy dulu... " "ek eleh. nasib awk la.. dk2 RP kan nk fly gi russia dulu so naik la dulu." . time tu mcm exited giler kot nk tunggu name appear kat board. akhirnye !.. kenal juge..

tp still tu jauh2 x bape cam sgt.. tgh jalan2 kat lua, my roommate ckp "eh, shairah. tu la A****".. tak sngka tgh lalu satu pathway cuma opposite je. seryes segan nk mampos... my impression "wah, tinggi sey. bes2 rase secure.." - betapa sengal nye aku time ni.. ntah laa ad dis penyakit mmg suker kat guys yg tinggi. duh !!!! so from that moment, officially le kenal each other !

lame gak tu kot from Jan - Jul 03..... apparently when July gone, tinggal Aug, iskh ntah ler nape rase sedih. u were finishing already. u're ready to pack all ur bags to leave INTEC.. sumpah giler sedih... (emo la time ni. sgt2)

AUGUST 2003 : our first date time ni la. bout 2 weeks after d graduation .. weekend.. sengal.. kantoi tak blk umah.. date nye pasal.. kah3.. i brought zera and u brought ur fren.. OMG, time ni u were very very very SHY !. ingat lagi kat KTM batu tiga tu, tgh tunggu "kepala kuning" = KTM .. ha3.. ad ke u were so quiet.. ur fren and zera plak havoc2.. dat time we went to KLCC. tgk movie bru ape ntah.. funny je.. it was alright tho dat was ur final week at INTEC !! . yerp, i still used kepala kuning to describe KTM sumtimes

afterwards, u left INTEC to Perlis, ur house to prepare nk fly and etc.. but 2 weeks later u went down to KL, sminggu lepak umah ur bro, smpt lagi kite jumpe. hahah.. sminggu tu selang seli kot kua dating.. i was having my break ( maklum la aussie tgh spring break time tu..hahaha) .. bes tol.. sbb tau next time jmpe Jul 2004 !!

*shoot ! KLCC d first place we dated. memories recalled!, especially when i worked @ Maxis, no wonder i hated to hang out at KLCC so much!*

SEPTEMBER 2003 : ouh dear. september !! on my sweet 18th Bday, mlm tu we were on d phone for ages.. lame giler k. smpi mamai2 pn ad.. dah puas chat, sms.then gayut. apadaaa.. but dis questions will always be on my mind. (conversation tak de la exact, tp lbh krg maksudnya)

A : awk sanggup tak tunggu sy ? (question related to relationship)

Me : aik tanye sy lak, awk la kena jawab.. sll org kate laki ni yang tak setia..

A : la kite tanye dia, dia tanye kite lak

Me : tak nak, awk kena jawab lu

A : sy sanggup tu yg sy tanye. awk sanggup tak ? (d convincing part!!)

Me : if awk sanggup sy sanggup gak la. ala kite gi jauh2 pn sbb ape, studykn.

A : kalo cam tu ok la.

Me : ok la cam tu

A : nnt awk blk 2nd year kite tunang nak ? (no comment!)

Me : hish dia nk pk jauh sgt.. kot ye pn tunggu2 la.. tak fly lagi pn. sy pn tgh risau2 final exam nnt. hope sgt dpt fly gi aussie k!!

A : tak yah risau, sy tau awk blh buat nye. name pn top student kat mrsm

Me : hahaha.. pape je

A : nnt after sy blk study 2009, kite kawin nak ? (no comment!)

Me : eh, mamai ek. dh2 la.. lame giler gayut kot.. 5 jam lbh. subuh pn dh masuk..

and d conversations ended.. it will owez be on my mind cause its during my 18th bday !

OCTOBER 2003 : d D day. when u have to leave msia.. time ni mmg sedih giler. Zera and Ain followed me to KLIA to send u off.. syahdu2.. flight midnite lak tu. even blk putrajaya i can hear ur flight went off.. start ni la syahdu !! dh ler flight gi Russia lame kan. bile la nk dpt ur first msg / call from sane !! . was crying mcm giler pn ad kot.. hu3...

5/10 : finally got ur first email.. with ur pics !

11/10 : got an email from u
after all i read all of ur msg..then my love growth actively..
thanx my dear for ur care..hmmm so cam ne nak exam nih..gi la baca buku k..
score tau..i know tahat u can do..solat bebanyak..stay as u r k....
jangan kerek sgt ngan org dekat2 ngan peksa nih...

*me kerek ? ha3. mcm dia tau je me kerek2 esp ngn guys.. ha3*
17/10 : another email from u
ok..i'm fine..love u too..
so how's ur preparation in order encountering ur final exam?
hmm hope everything alrite..yeah let sing along my faveret song mr.bartender..
its so easy..hehehhe..so .. sy tgh prepare utk test anatomy la..pointing ngan mcq..
hmm..mcm susah gak..tp best..hmm..ok la kim slama ngan parents..bye
26/10 : another email from u
a'kum..my dear shairah..how's ur life ..
yeah i'm sorry for yesterday coz i was hurried..
so then i've not wished u good bye..it's all my fault k..plz forgive me..
so study bebaik..oo nak alamat ah?tak de la skang..
ade tue ade la tp malas nak amik so next week u'll get from me k..
don't worry..so decide la nak pegi memana pon sebab ilmu nih sama je..k..
by the way happy ramadhan..send my regar to ur parents..bye..lurve u my dear..
3/11 : another email from u, a picture msg

*when u were leaving on d plan, i still have d teddy dat u gave me!*

NOVEMBER 2003 : Happy birthday to you !! all went well as usual

*tbc.. the 2nd part..*d most tense part*

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