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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*Monologue conversations between myself* ..::.. This feelings again ..::..

*Monologue conversations between myself*

Everytime i feel this kind of feelings, i hate it soo much !
Yerp, i hate it very very much !!

Plz Shaira dear, set ur focus on ur target
Plz, set ur focus

I do know how much i miss my degree's life
Melbourne, RMIT and such

Hey dear, that was way back ago!
Come back to the present. Present ! No more past ! dear !

Why is it so hard for me to cope and settle down with Sydney?
Why?! Why?! Why?!
I never reacted this kind of way towards new environment
I thought I am flexible enough
Yes - Indeed I AM !

Past is good for you to track what's your experiences are
But plz Shaira, never ever take it too personal
Don't think about it too much
But why and how come you so much hate this feelings ?

Its just that I dont know - WHY ?
Everyday I try to figure out the real facts
But I discovered NON !
I am getting less and less motivated each day
Shoot ! That's very bad aiye
I know

Yes dear, that is very bad
Don't kill your thinking too much
You have a lot of other things to do
Studies, Work and even your life !
Plz move on, don't live by the past dear

Yerp, I am trying and still coping
Everyday I always pray to Him
Because I know, He won't give this kind of obstacles
UNLESS you are capable with it rite
I always pray for the courage and strength to face the reality

That's excellent
You will get better with time
Do enjoy the moment that you used to have
If you ever did it before, replicate the same thing
Just set your mind
You aren't in Melbourne any more
You are living in a new environment now
You, yourself know
(its pretty sad if you don't know as a lot of ppl does)
You have a lot of strengths and courages
Don't look down on yourself
So now, be on track and focus

Yes, Insya Allah
I will focus and be on track
One question :
Am I capable to be like what I used to be ?

Remember what you used to learn at Maxis : 7 Habits
Begin with the end of mind
Be Proactive
Put First Things First
Think Win/Win
Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
Sharpen the Saw

I will try to replicate my succeSS at Melbourne like what I used to
Insya Allah, Amin

*Insya Allah, I will gain another flying colors for my Masters*

Some of the thoughts 'quoted' by friends

Terpisah kerana mengejar cita & impian. Moga Dirahmati Allah.Insya Allah

When I fall in love, I take my time, There is no need to hurry to make up my mind
But when I am frustrated, Definitely it will take time for me to heal,
Yet to understand the real...


  1. Gurl. you can do it gurl.Shairah that i know tak pernah mcm ni pun. What's bothering u too much ni?? Ape2 pn, like u said, focus okay !

  2. walawey.
    cpt giler zack ko bace.
    ntah la.. depress depress state
    dis is not sooo me aiye !


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