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Friday, January 25, 2013

Honeymoon Series II at Down Under - Part I SYDNEY !

Hello Holiday. Yes again ! Kali ni best cause Hafiz + Hanum came Down Under with Baby Zara too! Hafiz ni member hubby, the same skot with him. Met him first time few months back when he escorted one of the Army's top notch.

Before that, nk introduce my new family member. Hello Baby D-3 (D is from auDi). Hehe. Alhamdulillah.. Rezeki lebih sikit. Although I know, dah 27 baru ada kereta sendiri, lambat kot but I am happy and satisfied !! Audi A3, 3 doors, hatchback and 7 speeds. Huh ! Best best. For me mmg I will definitely take care of this car. High maintenance ni - Comprehensive Insurance, CTP Insurance, Registration lagi. Hehe. Plate kereta ni pun cool ! BSD10D. Eceh. mentang2 tarikh kahwin 10 November kan ! I am thinking of changing the plate to SHY009!.

Oh back to the story, Hafiz's family and hubby arrived Sydney 22 December (tarikh ni lah orang kecoh End of the World). Kinda excited setiap kali ada visitors datang. Since ni kali 3 ke Hubby datang AUS, before2 this just melawat2 je, tata tertib harus dijaga sebelum kahwin, lgpn Hubby penah dtg AUS ngn Mak lagi tahun lepas. Hehe. Since dah kahwin, suka hati la kan nak peluk2 ke apa . Haha.. Opps.. Anyways..

Smpi2 je Sabtu tu, in the evening terus shoot ke Sydney Eye Tower. Me and hubby had the chance to do Sydney Tower Skywalk. Really nice. In 2009, I did Harbour Bridge Walk. Ahh tak scary pun!! Later one, kitaorg pergi ke Sydney Wildlife Park. Since that semua pun baru sampai and penat, we decided to call for that day as tomorrow will be another hectic day too !!

23 December : We started our journey by doing some shopping. OK la managed to grab few things, Bargain and cheap for Baby Zara!! Lepas tu, kitaorg jejak kaki ke Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussaud. Full swing jugak lah. That night, we went to Liverpool for Rashay's Steak. Yummy ! That night I was busy cooking since I wo'nt be joining them jalan2 the next day as I got to work

24 December : Haish beratnya hati nk pergi kerja. Eceh. But have to lor. Prepare the food for them and hubby mentioned he'll bring Hafiz and his family to Featherdale ! Ye lah Sydney Wildlife tak berapa best cause the animals didn't roam that much ! Koala pun susah nk dapat pegang. Later on, they spent some time at Coogee Beach! Xmas Eve, planning nak keluar malam tu, but semua kepenatan !!! Mlm tu Encik Hubby tolong prepare kan Kuih Lopez. Maklumlah ada special gathering tomorrow. Hubby is capable of find it's way. Pathfinder. lol and I knw he can handle the travel by himself

25 December : We went to Grand Pacific Drive (jalan ni macam ala2 Great Ocean Road gitu). Although it was raining on and off, nevertheless, everyone is happy. I am happy too !! Been there couple of times, but the excitement is always different. Mlm tu kitaorg gerak pergi rumah Auntie J. Had dinner and small surprise for Hubby ! Hubby's birthday 26 December. Since kitaorg will not be around from 26 December 2012 till 1 January 2013, buat la early celebration sikit. Hehe 

26 December 2012 (Hubby's Birthday) - 1 January 2013 
* Separate Entries*

1-6 January : We didn't do much thing. Lepak2 je pun. It was really a hectic trip at Cairns but we did enjoy all the outdoors - Bungy, Swing, Rafting, ATV, Liveaboard Diving, etc etc etc. Went to Blue Mountains since Hubby blm sampai lagi. Both of us sempat lagi tu pergi Wreck Dive. Ex HMAS Adelaide. It used to be the Australia's Frigate but once de-comission, jadi wreck ship. Ok, nk cerita pengalaman Wreck Dive. Actually this is the 2nd wreck dive we did.. the first once in May 2011 when both of us did our AOW cert at Bali. But at Bali tu Tulamben biasa je. but this ex HMAS Adelaide is really huge. Mula2 struggle jugak sebab sejuk ! Even dh pakai wetsuit 5mm and full pulak tu. weight 4 kg tak cukup where I had to use about 10kg mcm tu. 

Macam biasa , bak kate Hubby, Shairah first time at a new dive site mesti kabut (but bile dive without Hubby ok je haha). Masuk2 tu terus jejak 30m ! Haha.. Terbaik. tu Level 1 of the ship. If nk go beyond 30m, not really recommended unless you are using Nitrox (that's what I am going to do next, Nitrox cert!!) At least can dive deeper and lama. First dive, just familiarisation. Again, we went without guide and Hubby lah yg bawak pusing2. Second dive much better! We did go inside the wreck ship ! Spooky. mmg pusing from front to the end lah. Dekat Bridge, Missile Compartment, Captain's punya seat haha best !!! Both of us again did enjoy the Wreck Dive and next time akan plan nk buat wreck dives lagi. Kat Malaysia ssh skit. 

The closing event for our Honeymoon Series II ->> Skydiving ! Yey ! Ni pun kiranya first time for Hubby nk terjun kat AUS. Haha kelakar lah. I brought him to my home DZ! Picton :) . The weather was sooooo hot !! 38++ so we got to wait a bit cause ramai sgt tandem. Funny je. Hubby tak bawak dia nye logged books and the CI mmg strict gila!  Macam2 kena tanya. Dh berapa jumps etc etc. Eh mesti la Hubby saya tak de masalah. Dia Paratropper! Recon! Parachute is his baby ! (haha.. parachute pun ye, paragliding pun ye, scuba diving pun ye, whatever makes you happy Hubby! and I am your Baby too LOL). In AUS, the rules for you to mount a device be it kat helmet ke tangan ke ape ke mesti minimum 300 jumps ! Hubby dh dkt 500 kot! Semangat siap tunjuk iPad for his video buat HAHO lagi (he is one from 6 qualified jumpers to do HAHO/HALO, Oxygen Jumps in Malaysia and I am proud of this too!).

But Alhamdulillah, rezeki dia nk terjun kan. I didn't freefall since after marriage Hubby cause wanted me to jaga and tune my body system to 'normal' and jaga adrenalin jangan rush sangat hahah... Ada rezeki nk cpt2 dpt baby but my body system kena neutral sikit. Hahaha.. Nevertheless, Shairah happy cause dpt bawak Hubby jalan2 around the DZ area and long term down the plan this is a potential place for him too to work part time on the weekend - his passion for outdoor activities ! Done Freefall, Done Diving, Done Bungy, Done Swing, Done Almost Everything that we wanted. Alhamdulillah. Plg best when Hubby is around, for sure I can cook everyday for him. Hubby ni jenis yang every 4 hours nk something to eat. Bila duk sorang2, jarang nk masak yg heavy2. So ape lagi, sogok Hubby with food hehe.. Finally, we completed our Honeymoon Series II and for us - Every trip ada it's own target hehe..

               * Opss, pictures are not in order *

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  1. Happy for both of u kak.. :) Kereta tu hensem!

  2. Heee tq sist :) . tu la. kete tu ensem and macho! mcm transporter 3 gitu ! lol


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