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Monday, January 21, 2013

Paragliding & Honeymoon Series I - Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan - Part 1

HELLO 2013!

Finally, I managed to sit down to update my blog. Macam dh bersawang dah rasanya walhal last entry on the 16 December 2012, a week before Hubby came Down Under for our 2nd Honeymoon (pun boleh kan, BerSeries2 la jawabnya). Since my Hubby pun always tanya, bila nk update blog, bila nk update blog. LOL

Walaupun dah 2013, these few coming entries will still be about 2012 - Mainly after the wedding, our Honeymoon Trips (Series I  - Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan ** Series II Down Under - NSW & Cairns), my outdoor trip again to GC for the 11th time + my shooting experience.

As promised, this entry will be about our Honeymoon Series I to Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan Islands (12-16 November 2012). Opss, before that, the day after our wedding (11 November 2012) we went for Paragliding. Orang cakap inai masih merah di jari but that's what we are! Proceed sahaja :).  So far, i've done 2 tandem Paragliding - NZ & Peru ! But later on, hubby will teach me how to do kiting. Wot wot,  slow and steady later on boleh Paragliding sendiri side by side with Hubby. Hehe

At the end of that day, our Paragliding Family organised a simple surprise - cake cutting session for us. Comel je dorang2 ni, padahal masa Wedding pn dah ada cake & pulut cutting sessions. But special nya cake ni, cake ni home made by one of the PG members. Cantik , with the design too.

 *Cheers !!* Inai masih merah dijari LOL

*Ready to go! Hubby dh boleh solo PG!*

*With my lil cousins yang dare to take the challenge too!*

*The Cake!!*

*The fun time with our PG family members*

*With some of the members*

That day, after PG session, we went to meet with Hubby's scuba diving instructor, Encik Rahim to get some Scuba Diving gears. Haha. Early flight the next day but yet, kitaorg satu ape pun tak pack lagi. But it's OK, kitaorg if travel simple2 aja. 

Ok, our first Honeymoon series : Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan. Why? Of coz because the anxiety of me to dive at Sipadan. It is well known among divers that Sipadan is ranked top 5 dive sites so it's a must la kan heee. Dulu simpan cita-cita. Once certified nak pergi. But will be going with my future husband. Alhamdulillah. Allah granted my wish. It is also worthwhile to visit Mabul and Kapalai but SIPADAN a must!! (Trust me divers, if u go to Mabul and Kapalai without visiting Sipadan, seriously rugi!)

Since Sipadan is a national park, to get a permit/ pass to dive, it is on a rotation basis. Each resort is allocated with certain number of divers/snorkels to visit Sipadan Island. Kiranya, to guarantee your visit to Sipadan, minimum stay will be 4 nights otherwise memang susah lah.

HERE WE GO! Sunburn MODE activated

12.11.12 - Our first day of the honeymoon. Early flight to Tawau and transfer to Semporna. At semporna, I met with my long last school mate that we haven't seen each other for almost 13 yrs! After few moments at Semporna we transferred to mabul by speed boat - a 30 mins ride. As Sipadan is declared as a national park , no chalets or resorts are allowed on the island. 

Day 1 - just relaxing and chilling around the island and resort

*Chilling mode*

*Suunto D4 & D6 activation mode. 
Lala - our hantaran to each other*

13.11.12 - Wot Wot : Diving at Mabul. We completed 3 boat dives. In the evening, after tea time, we went around Mabul Island to learn more about the local people. Both of us dapat jugak tgk sunset. Hubby is kinda excited to use his new Canon Mark 3 & wide lens. Suka la tu, new gadget. Lps je nikah, terus bukak and explore. But he didnt got much time until lah PG, baru dpt gune the 'Mak Tiri'. Tak pe lah as for the hantaran, he got what we wanted and i got what i wanted. Fair and Square!

Everytime nk diving, confirm excited. I knw that I will be well taken care underwater since my hubby is also a DM to be. Jadi guinea pig dia lah for this Traineeship. Hehe.. I am indeed blessed to have him around me and he complements me too. We are in the battle of siapa dive plg byk ! Haha.. Ok la since both of us dah dives 60++ I didnt take diving that serious in the sense nk further smpi DM> but i wanted to do Nitrox later on and will be good for Wreck Dive .

(Haa about Wreck Dive, I will share later on during our Honeymoon Series II, We did dive the Ex-HMAS Adelaide).. But in skydiving, memang now way ! Hubby already did almost 500 jumps kot and I am still taking my baby steps - with 13 freefalls logged. Hampeh. Aiming to get my International A License soon since I've completed AFF about 3 months ago at Picton DZ. Opss back to the diving.

*Suunto Ready, G12 Ready, We are INDEED Ready!*

ALL UnderH20 pictures taken by my husband! 
Special credits to Mr Amar Ab Aziz.
Susah nye nk pilih pics apa nk upload kat blog, byk yg best nk share. But it's OK, few pictures underwater pun dh cool enough!

 * You See Me! I See You too!!*

*The local kiddos*
*Sunset at Mabul*

Okay, to be continued part 2, Day 3 & Day 4 at Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan! It is now 21 January 2013, 10.08am and I am hungry. Hubby already went to work and I am in his mess. After this kena buat proposal pulak since our company will be organising a Wind Tunnel Competition at Genting later on. Jeng3x :) . Stay tune for this one :)

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