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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Journey to 10.11.12

Alhamdulillah. TQ Allah. Finally, we're officially married on the 10.11.12 Saturday. Solemnisation was held at Masjid Putra, Putrajaya and later on our wedding reception at Dewan Seri Endon, Precinct 10 in the afternoon. Phew. Would love to share the journey of our love life. Yerp, Cinta Muka Buku (Facebook Lovers). Hahahaha..... Another thing, we proudly would like to mention that, the solemnisation and reception events received a lot of great feedback - Syukur. Truly blessed. 

Although we did all the plannings by ourselves, yes no wedding planner nor event planner involved during the process at all. We managed and nailed everything through our own efforts. Alhamdulillah. TQ again to Allah for all the strengths and courage that you gave us for the past 1.5 years of the wedding preparation. TQ juga to all the family members yang banyak membantu.

Here goes the journey of ours. From a stranger to a best friend, to what so-called Fiance/Fiancee and finally, to Mr & Mrs :) .

It's all started in mid 2010. Where he found me through his senior. Well, took me more than 3 weeks to initially approved my husband at that point of time. Yeah, I admit that I am a very friendly person and don't mind to be friends with others. But making friends from the cyber world leads to either positive or negative outcomes. To cut long stories short, I decided to 'welcome' him to my cyber space somewhere in June 2010. Heeeeee 

The reason why I kinda attracted to my hubby : For me he is Rare. Mind me saying I adore him la for sure.

*His approached memang totally different from others. Typical guys, Hai, duk mane, wat ape, study mane, dh kerja ke = BORING + L.A.M.E. 

Sep 2010 : First official date we met. I was transitting about 14 hours before my trip to Middle East & Africa. It was a fasting month
Dec 2010 : His first visit Down Under. He called it ABT. Amar's Birthday Trip. Spent time at Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Gold Coast

May 2011 : We went to Bali and Makassar for our date. This was the time when we started checking on wedding cards, doorgifts examples etc.
Aug 2011 : We went to New Zealand, South Island and this was when he proposed me
Oct 2011  : I went back to Malaysia few days before and after my visit to South America. This was when most of the wedding preparations started. We visited our wedding hall, met up with wedding vendors to check on our dais, dresses etc. Attended Wedding course
Dec 2011 : His second visit Down Under. 2nd ABT with his mother

April 2012 : We went to China - Tianjin, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai. Hong Kong & Macau
May 2012 : Merisik and Engagement Day. Went shopping for our Bilik Pengantin and doorgifts
Aug 2012 : Another meet up to settle few things about the wedding
Nov 2012 : Our Big Day !!

** Phew, it all happened very fast isn't. Our wedding preparation officially started in 2011. However, all the input, ideas semua pun since ntah la, few years back kot. Lol. A lot of bookmarks on my Macbook. Be it Mozilla, Chrome, Safari. Hahhaha
Wedding prep sendiri dah quite lama jugak la. But masa tu just prep je pun for long term. Hahaha

However, I still remember my vow when I graduated from RMIT 12 Dec 2007, I did mention I wanna get married by 12 Dec 2012 (because of the date 12.12.12) Hahaha.. Bila consider balik, nahhh 12.12.12 falls on Wednesday, nikah je la kot, but reception that weekend. Tak kn nak buat majlis tengah2 minggu susah je org nk datang. Turn out that I achieved my goal, yes, before 12.12.12. Alhamdulillah :) .

Talking about marriage. Our mas kahwin : 1 dinar emas ~ RM 806 tunai.

Hantaran Hubby to ME
* Gold Bar 100g, Cincin T&Co & Gelang
* Suunto D4
* Set Kain Solat & Sejadah
* Beg Burberry
* Set Crabtree & Evelyn
* Jubah & Tasbih from Mekah
* Sireh Junjung

Hantaran ME to Hubby
* Platinum Ring T&Co
* Canon Mark III 5D & Wide Lense
* Suunto D6
* Set Jubah & Sejadah from Mekah
* Tag Heuer Sunglass TH5505-104
* Set Davidoff 
* Set Shirt, Tie & Belt - can't remember what brand
* Pastry
* Tepak Sireh

We decided to buy the stuffs that we mainly gonna use it. Alhamdulillah, memang most of the time pun akan sentiasa pakai barang2 tu... 

Phew, nk share pasal wedding ni byk sgt, nah. tak pe lah , next time :). Official photos very soon ... including Post Wedding Event - photoshoot, paragliding session, wind tunnelling session and much more

Cont next entries : About our Honeymoon Series I - Diving at Mabul, Kapalai & Sipadan. Jeng3. Series II commencing 22 Dec 2012 - 6 Jan 2013 when Hubby is coming Down Under for his 3rd visit. Lalala

Teaser video (solemnisation) : Video
Teaser video (reception) : Video

Proudly Married : Mr Amar Ab Aziz & Mrs Nur Shairah Ishak (both qualified divers, qualified freefallers, casual river rafters, casual bungy jumpers and more to come. haha)


  1. Hello Shairah, I must say you are living the life.. and you've got an awesome blog as well!

    I looked you up today when your name appeared in today's The Star. Sorry to hear about your court case. Hope it all works out.


    1. Hello Anonymous. Thanks for your comment :)

  2. salam kak,
    saya berminat dengan dewan ni
    berapanya sewaan dewan ni?


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