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Saturday, November 24, 2012

28.09.12 - Pre Mature baby turned 27. Final celeb as a Bachelorette...

Olla, there were the first to wish me. Surprise. Yes! It was about 1 hour before midnite. And thanks to En Fiance yang rupenye kept updating them all for my movements. Hahaha... 

Oh this year, I turned 27 and the last celebration as a Bachelorette. Lol. That's what written in Bb's note to me. BB again as usual with his surprises. Grrr. Selalu sgt. 27 White Roses yang bertahan selama 4 weeks. Still have the last one standing tak nak tanggal langsung. Lol.. Sgt tahan lama.. Few days from the date, 28-09-2012, suddenly received a delivery. 

New IPad. Grrr. White and 64GB ! Aiyaa BB ni, siap carving lagi. So I have to start explore. Indeed, ada juga godek2 sikit. Ntah, I am not that fancy with IPad coz I do have my iPhone and MacbY already. Hehehehe... 

Sempat lagi, did 1 shore dive the next day after my B-day. Heeeee

PS : the next entry is about the journey to my Big Day 10.11.12
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