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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

♥ July Ohh July... 91 hari lagi !! ♥

Alhamdulillah, dah masuk 2nd part of the year. New financial year for AUS. Shairah tak sabar nk buat Tax Return. Hopefully few grands in my savings later.

Btw ada few incidents kat workplace for the past few weeks (need not to elaborate on this). But all should be good. Rasa syukur sebab cuti October/November dah lulus dah. Lalala Yey. Sebulan time off. Lame tu kan… 

Shairah pun dh settle semua arrangement flights, tours, insurance utk trip blk Msia in Oct then my next Mega Trip to South America, yes next region to conquer. Tinggal tunggu nak gerak je. Rasenye ni my last so-called Mega Trip kot ‘solo’ (maknanye pergi without my other half). South America if nk pergi sorang2 risk. So I am joining the other group kat sane later. Next time nk pergi dgn hubby lak. (trip around Asian countries I don’t consider as MEGA TRIP sbb x challenging enuff for me. Hehe. That’s my POV, no offence anyway). Nnt blh activate mode LATINO babeh ! >> Next region ticked off <<

Next MEGA TRIP perhaps honeymoon to the Mainland USA. Hehe.. Maybe honeymoon few days kat Malaysia then panjangkan langkah. Encik Hubby tak yah susah2 nk pk cari travel consultant. PA sendiri dh ada. Lol Dah ada first draft dh. Places in mind, around US (East, West, South and jejak Canada skit kot). I think 3-4 weeks should be enough sbb dh jumpe tour yg blh cover East to West about 12 days and North to South about 12 days.. >> Wah, macam dh nak kawen tahun ni je kan <<

Lalalala, Pretty cheap too ! Considering USD dh depreciate skit. But who knows! >> Masih simpan smgt ni. Ni sme gara2 WTC dlu, kalau tak mmg further degree kat US << Shairah mmg suka jot down ape2 plan, sebab thoughts will be words, words will be come actions, Insya Allah. Nak conquer next region ngn my other half.

For the past few months juga, Shairah asyik semangat semula duk belek2 wedding related photos – dress, dais, deco, semua2 la. Hahah. Dulu2 terbantut jap. Obsess siot. Macam la nk kawen next few months. Heeee… Yerp, I will be my own wedding planner (takut nnt if ad wedding consultant or planner tak blh cope ngn kefussyan Shairah pulak. Sakit jiwa je ngn org x phm bahasa). I love to plan things. Tak sabanye nk tunggu my own fete ni. So better I have my own ideas and propose kat bridal services utk execute. As usual, I’ve created my own spreadsheet with all the necessary information. I’ve contacted few hallscaterers and bridal services. At least dh tau expected costing pe sme :). Blk msia mmg dah arrange few appointments dah. Nk pergi boutique dorang and hope sgt for their outcome sbb most of them ~ couture ~ Oh, to make it suprise Shairah tak kan share pictures ape2 bout wedding/akad and etc... 

Hope dpt la nnt later decide which services to use. Actually blh tahan gak pening nk pilih mana. But its good sbb after research and observation dpt narrow down from 11 bridal services option to top 6. Yg penting self satisfaction.

Lgpn weekend baru ni ad Wedding Expo kat Putrajaya. Mama and Papa pergi. So dpt la few brochures & pamphlets. Hall dah dibook. Jeng3x. Tak sabar nk balik and usha2. Nk cptkn time blh?. Yeye!
Oh normal routine as usual Movies & lepak at Malaysian Hall on Friday night for Isyak, yasin and Tahlil. Last week Shairah wat Kuih Lopez. Hehe. My favourite. Saje bawak pi hall.
Movies I’ve watched so far.

  • Transformers 3D >> Love the graphics
  • Bridesmaid >> Mmg klaka lah. Ni movie hope lps T3, 3D
  • Mr Popper’s Penguin >> Sgt lah comel this movie. But JC nye lawak x excessive sgt
  • Cars 2 >> Not bad
  • Blitz >> Thriller movie. Bes!
  • Harry Potter Finale 3D >> Tgk midnite smlm. Mmg syahdu abis. Byk gak touched scenes. I didnt read the novel so I wouldn't know what to expect.
More to come!!!

Outing2 around Sydney for food !

Shairah pn dh start pegi YOGA (Sorry I am only interested with the movements. Lgpn x de chanting pn kt sini) .. mmg huih. Urat mmg stretch la. Feels good bile berpeluh2 !!! … Shairah pun dh start slow2 masak stiap weekend.. hehe kerja 2 tmpt ni. Aduh. X de mase ok!

Rasenye that’s it for now. The countdown remains on my daily basis. So looking forward :0 . Pesanan kepada manusia yg tak paham bahasapaham2 kn lah bahasa anda.

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