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Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Oh August. Ramadhan & Final month of Winter for Southern Atmosphere.

Assalamualaikum. Ting3x. My update since 14 July. Phew, finally I managed to redeem one of my online vouchers. This time, no more about massage, no more about Yoga but food! Macaroons. Yummy, the best. 6 flavours - Macadamia, Coconut, Chocolate, Chocolate Rasberry, Passionfruit, Orange. With this promo, it was only $20 for 15 macaroons. As we all known, Macaroons expensive! So I nailed this bargain. Hehehe 

Oh, Encik Hubby ke Sabah, Land below the wind sbb ada exercise for about a week and expo ape ntah. Tgk la tu, pic Mount KK. Pls note, area semak sbb Encik Hubby pergi recce DZ // *last year ada satu DZ he named as DZ Shyra* Rindunyer KK. Last time jejak KK, Labuan & Brunei was in 2000!! As soon as after kitaorg adik beradik abis UPSR (Boy), PMR (Me) and SPM (K Lee). It was marvellous sebab all 3 of us scored straight A's in our respective main exams :) . Alhamdulillah. TQ Papa Mama for all the support and gile2 focus on us in 2000. Heeee

As usual, weekend routine pegi Yoga classes. Last weekend focus on balancing :)  . Yaww berpeluh2 ok.. Best betul, feeling so fresh and great!!! Lgpun winter susah sgt nk berpeluh, so sekali skala itu perlu. This weekend pulak focus on back bending :)
*Heee, May 2011, Makassar, Indonesia Trip*
i love this candid, yes slim!

Tak ketinggalan juga, movies yang dilayan for the past 2 weeks. ahahah.. Thanks to the technology. So kurang ahh skit Shairah nk jadi notty pergi movies hopping.. For sure, watching all these movies online at my own comfy zone memang the best.. Yes, weekend is my 'me time'. Mane tak, Monday-Friday keje as usual during business hours & Monday-Thursday malam part time. So Friday je mmg yipeee !!!

Horrible Bossess >> Lawak sgt. Bes
Bad Teacher >> Not bad, Cameron Diaz berlakon. So it was alright
Larry Crowne >> So so la.. tak berapa sgt
Ironclad >> I love this movie
Monte Carlo >> If you sought for some relaxation and funny movie
Zookeeper >> Awesomeness.. Movie ni best. It's about how important for YOU to be YOU, ada jugak adegan funny2, as the animals can talk!
The Chapereon >> About a father who wants a second chance from his family. I'm touched by this movie too as the father was trying hard to gain trust from his daughter
Change of Plans >> About a newly wed young couple yg terpaksa change all their plans because of their late best friend. Best jugak la
Captain America >> Yeah it was alright. Not too much of fantasies
Burning Bright >> A story about a sister who sacrifices for her brother. Mak dorang mati sbb drugs and the stepfather is hopeless. To cut long story short, at the end, ayah dia mati kena makan dek harimau (mst terpk, harimau? from where? tgk la cite ni yek). Thriller gak movie ni
The Inheritance >> Huih. sumpah scary ok. Ending semua mati kecuali the eldest. The chosen one. huhu.. not recommended kalau nk tgk cite ni malam2.. lol

Tick tock tick tock... Countdown for my Mega Trip sentiasa tersemat dalam hati dan calendar. As of today, lagi 72 days. Malaysia for 2 weeks then wot wot to South America... Phew, excited okay, semua planning and funds titik peluh sendiri. Sorry, x de loan bank ke, loan papa mama ke. Nope. Against my principal :) . Sorry. Nak travel 'internationally' ukur baju di badan sendiri. Dah besar kot nk burden papa mama lagi.. Now its time for them to pamper themselves :)). So what to do? Make yourself a timeline, plan on what to do, what to achieve. Start savings for the things your really3x want. If tak cukup fund, postpone tak yah trip besar2, small trip je. For me, last 2 years in 2009 I planned to go to South America. Kononnye 2010 nk pergi. Tp pk, uih 2009 hari tu dh jejak Europe, dkt2 3 weeks gak la.  2010 slow down. So 2010 I went to Jordan & Egypt patu lepak balik Msia during raya. Sebab dah defer so mmg ada spare funds lah kan. Tp 2011 ni lemak pulak, lagi2 Encik Hubby pun minat travel, jadinye stretch destinations pergi Indo and few other places sebelum timing to South America. Haha. *Encik Hubby tak join South America sebab cuti lame sgt nk kena amik*

Oh ya, an update about my wedding thingy >> almost every alternate day godek2 pasal wedding. Liaise with bridal services (still in decision mode sbb tak sure lagi nk pilih mane satu) and caterer to ensure everything is well answered before meet up in October ni. Ecey. Mcm EOY ni lak kawen kan. No lah. Tak de aral 2012. But I love to prepare everything awal2 so that dpt ideas and can fill up the missing gaps once everything is in place. Ye la orang kate in a successful event, 90% planning, 10% execution. Opss, ape pasal wedding designs etc, I wont share. Tak gimik la kn. Hahaha

August ni puasa. I also received a suprise news I would say. Ada chance nk spend masa berpuasa about 4 days or so dgn Encik Hubby. He's flying to New Zealand and definitely Shairah pun ke sana (2nd time to NZ). It's been 4 years since I went there last time July 2007. As of today, lagi 10 hari before our next meet up !!

Puasa in winter best, sebab masa berbuka cepat. lol. Yes, ada juga plan utk beractivities - ski, sowboard, bungy, raft and ape2 yg patut. But all should be good sbb winter sejuk, ssh nk rasa penat.. Tp maybe Scuba Dive and/or Raft kena pass la kot. Sebab sejuk.. we'll see. *Kami ni mmg suke terjah je, macam kat indo, nmpk menarik, x de dlm plan terus on* .Sebab ni short trip je, kitaorg spend masa kat Queenstown. Yey. My favourite town. Meet up kat Christchurch, patu fly to Queenstown . 3 full days kat sane, perhaps return day trip to Dunedin. Then balik to Queenstown and final day fly to Christchurch.. Kitaorg ada few hours before  flight masing2 balik ke destination masing2 ptg. So timing is just nice. Perhaps akan speed tour kat Christchurch nnt.

*Oh, Mesmerizing our Indo trip May 2011 - Bali & Makassar *

During this time jugak, Encik Hubby akan tapis2 contoh2 design for wedding - pelamin, deco, dresses semua2 lah. He is very meticulous gak like me. Attention to details, tp Shairah lagi la kot. "Eyes of an eagle". He loves photography and sure thing with all the photos yg Shairah tunjuk nanti dia blh tolong 2nd layer tapis mane design2 yg best. Heeeeee

Since 1 July was the new financial year for AUS, last week I had my performance review with my COO (pls note my line manager resigned 2 weeks ago because of health so COO la kena take over her review). It was good and we did talk about my next potential role and development plan for me. Yang penting juga end of August ni akan dpt bonus and payrise :) . Alhamdulillah. More rezeki.

I also can't wait for August sebab it's Ramadhan ! Puasa. Kire2 this year puasa yang ke 7 Shairah di perantauan. *ingat lagi mase mula2 puasa kat Melbourne mase degree, sakan anta Salam Perantauan. hahah smpi keluar kat few newspapers, every week lak tu*; Kali ni puasa lain sikit sebab first time bulan puasa, kerja day and night. Tp Shairah dapat exemption kt tmpt kerja malam utk start awal. So dpt blah awal. Macam biasa, after abis main job, Shairah blk rumah dulu, solat makan etc, baru gerak p keje.
*Heee, Malaysian Hall of Sydney*

As usual terawih kat rumah je on the weekdays (better buat dari tak buat kan?). Regardless penat mana pun i will try my best to do it. Surah pendek pun pendek lah.. Then Jumaat mlm and weekend terawih kat Malaysia Hall!. Yey.. Bes Bes.. I can't wait for puasa. Ni pun dh semngat nak masak for sahur mlm ni.. Hahaha. Lek2.. Malam ni Shairah pergi terawih kat Malaysian Hall Sydney. Esok 1 August, Bank Holiday (for those yg keje in banking and finance). Tp Shairah kerja gak. Tak pe, 2.5x pay kot. Lagipn mmg tak buat ape kn. Hehe.

Heee sila2 tengok salam perantauan 7 tahun yg lepas.. 2004. Rasanya ada 7 kot. Tapi jumpe 2 je :). Muka innocent.

P/S: Moga2 tahun ni lebih ramai org berpuasa dari orang sambut raya. Hmm. sekadar ingatan utk diri sendiri dan rakan2 yg lain. Puasa setahun sekali je kot. We dont even know if kite sempat puasa lagi pada masa akan datang. Wallahua'lam.

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