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Friday, April 29, 2011

My 9th visit to QLD.. *** Always loving it ***

Huih. Easter Break April 2011 baru2 ni sgt seronok. As usual pergi theme park, ronda2 around Surfers Paradise. Sbb ni kali ke 9 Shairah pergi QLD, I have decided to do something different. SKYDIVE ! ...Ive always wanted to do skydive, maybe since 2008 kot.. Just after my experience Diving with the Shark at KLCC Aquaria. I always keep on thinking of things to be added to my bucket lists.. 
My video: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My First Skydive 14,000 ft QLD

Initially, planned skydive last year Dec 2010. But i was sick at that time. Jangkit ngn sum1 dtg jauh dari msia for cuti2...Then sll ad promo kat Wollonggong for cheaper price tp x berkesempatan.. Last2 few days before Easter Break, Ive decided to book in for myself on 25 April 2011 slot (Anzac Day) at Brissy as I knw I will be at Gold Coast. QLD at that point of time. Org kate. Once u r booked in, it is some sort like your commitment. Jgn duk ckp je tapi x wat pape. U will go nowhere...

25/4/2011 - on our way to Brissy, rcvd a phone call, they had to cancel the session due to weather. gle disappointing. i have to book in for another slot and mmg yg available 26/4/2011 (that arvo i am off to Sydney again).. So smpi je Brissy transit terminal at 1045h, trus tukar ticket blk Gold Coast. Patutnye blk GC 730pm lps skydive . tp sbb dh cancel. trus chow p GC blk. agak kecewa disitu. Hahaha..

Tp after all the experience, yang penting. nk wat lagi !!

My album: pls right click here & open in new window/tab 26 Apr 2011 - My First Tandem Skydive 14,000 ft, 222km/h

Now, back to the story pasal trip ni.. Hehehe. Patut Skydive tu cite last2, sbb kirenye closing la for the trip... 

After a long journey on 21/4/2011 Thursday for 4 of us.. Me, Yasmin and Bun from Sydney to GC via train and bro naik flight, around 8ish kitaorg meet up *well my brother join sbb last year dia dtg Oz x smpt p Gold Coast*. 22/4/2011 Friday, terus shoot pergi Movieworld. Lalalala.. Best gak laa kitaorg naik smer main rides despite Q pnjg giler :). Shairah mmg smgt, since last year dah ada National VIP Pass and Unlimited Pass to ALL theme parks.

I am sooo excited nk pegi QLD lagi. Biarlah kali ke 9 pn, but I loveee QLD so much!!

My album: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My 9th visit to QLD - Easter Break April 2011 Day 1

Day 2.. 23/4/2011, This time, pergi Seaworld pula. Heee Ok la.. Day 2 ni more towards chillax2 shj :) .. tak de tense2 sgt pn. ride yg extreme tu tak laa. sbb Seaworld ni hanya utk kiddos kan. Heheh..Daku frust menonggeng sbb x bawak Open Water Cert !! Ad scuba shark kot. AUD 90 je. grrr

Mlm tu I tried Slingshot. Heeeee.. my partner was this small girl (mixed Vanuatu and Australian) . She is very pretty.. Mcm mana blh terjumpe, Shairah nk sgt naik Slingshot tp x de geng. Para hadirin yg ada just tengok2 je. Tup3.. this kid, name dia Noweleen dtg nk bayar.. Dorang tny how old are you.. she's 13.. So kena ad guardian.. tup3 dia lari mane ntah x nmpk.. I was looking around and we spotted her. Shairah ajak laa naik. And kitaorg pn naik. Heheheh.

My video: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My Sling Shot Experience

My album: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My 9th visit to QLD - Easter Break April 2011 Day 2

Day 3, 24/4/2011 Well me and bro pergi Dreamworld & White Water World. Ramai gile k.. But kitaorg Q kat White Water World utk wat Pass for my bro. Then baru pi Dreamworld... Then as usual. naik the rides la!! .. Shairah ada rent Q4U, save some times utk Q lor... Heee. Extreme2. Love2

My album: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My 9th visit to QLD - Easter Break April 2011 Day 3

Oh, 25/4/2011 Monday, waktu ni chaos sket. Hahah. 4th day patutnye Skydive, Tp otw to Brissy, dorang call. Rupenye weather truk ! So patah blk GC lor... just lepak2 chillax, shopping sket and lunch with bro. Ptg blk konon nk swim tapi pengsan.. So ended up mlm kua.. Heeee. 

My album: pls right click here & open in new window/tab My 9th visit to QLD - Easter Break April 2011 Day 4 & 5

Heeee. I am excited cause 6-15 May 2011, I am off to Indonesia - Bali and Makassar, here I come. A lot of activities are waiting for us :) - Advanced Open Water Diver, Bungee, Rafting and much more !!

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