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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post Apr/May 2012 Holiday :) - The Journey >> SYD – KUL – TJN – BJG – XI’AN – SHA – HK – MACAU – KUL – SYD

Phew! Day 9 after I came back from my vacation. Rasanya dah settle down and adjust sikit kot :). Let's recap the summary of my 'packed' trip.

18 Apr – After work, straight to the airport. Thanks Tia for the ride & Aishah for tagging along. Gonna miss you girls ! Oh Flying with MAS as per usual

19 Apr – Arrived KUL. Went home, drop barang, mandi-mandi, brekkie and terus settle pape yang patut. Rushing gak need to prepare for the next flight tomorrow. Slept at 2.30am

20 Apr – After subuh, flight to Tianjin. One night stay, round around the City and did some photoshoot! Oh ya, part of the reasons for this holiday is nak buat pre-wedding photoshoot. Thanks to En Fiance yang sangat pro and we have our own pictures as much as we want!!

21 Apr – Early day, bullet train to Beijing. Lepas Check In terus start our first day tour : Ming Tomb, visited Jade and Silk factories, cable car and walk along Great Wall Of China. Happy coz we bought a blue Jadeite pendant :). Then we walked around the City. Jalan-jalan cari makan for Halal food and Recce tempat for shopping

22 Apr – Second day at Beijing. Visited Forbidden City. Tianmen Square (People Square) sangat crowded. Teringat pulak masa visit Vatican City! Such a long queue but we managed to get in quickly. Gates and more gates!!

After 3 hours or so, we had foot massage!!! Then a short drive to Temple of Heaven. Again, another visit to the Silk Factory. Then we went to Summer Palace and we took the dragon boat. Got the chance to see the longest balcony in the world ! Trip ended, another day recce tempat shopping and lepak at Wangfujing. Enjoying the night life and more photoshoots!

23 Apr –Phew, purely our shopping day. Thanks to En Fiance for his bargaining and negotiation skills. Love you more syg!! We got what we wanted and we walked away happily. Final place we visited that night, Hard Rock Café Beijing!

But opsss, us buying fake items, nah ! Buat ape nk bergaya tapi barang cilok ! Malu. Ukur baju di badan sendiri ok. If tak mampu buat cara tak mampu, ni tak ada jugak yang dah besar2, tua bangka, duit still mintak mak bapak. Heeee pity u !

24 Apr – Flight to Xi’an. Raining so bad and the whole Beijing airport was disrupted. Allhamdulillah, sebab flight kitaorg tengahari, we managed to fly on time.  Arrived Xi’an, straight away cari Halal food! Yey ! Xi’an tak susah nk cari halal food. Byk sgt! Ape lagi, memang enjoy puas2. I was craving for lamb as usual. Hehehe

25 Apr – Day trip at Xi’an to Banop Village (the first settlement), Underground Palace, Terracotta Army Museum (loving this place – the new 8th Wonder of the World!), again and again we visited silk and pottery factories. Malam tu lepak2 around Muslim Terrace, took pictures at the Drum and Bell Tower!!!

26 Apr – Another day trip at Xi’an. We cycled 14km around the City Wall. Visited all the 4 gates!!. Tak jauh pun cycling tu. Syok ! Experience yang best! Biasa la China ni kan, confirm ada visit tengok Pagoda but this time, we visited the Big Goose Pagoda. Shan’an Xi History Museum was OK too! Sambil2 tu, we went around inner Xi'an and outside a little bit

After trip, terus rush to the airport because we are flying off to Shanghai !!! Phew a long journey.

27 Apr – Hello Shanghai! A Day trip to the Jade Temple, Museum (this Museum is worth to visit, FOC and sgt lain dari yang lain. The exhibitions covered most of the history of China). Around City Day and Night! I Love the BUND! Sadly, Hard Rock Café Shanghai dah tutup

28 Apr – An early day for us! Off to Hong Kong. Bye2 China. I might come back later. Hahahaha…..  At the airport we bought Octopus and we took the MRT to Tsim Sha Tsui, check in, drop barang and terus ronda2 around the area. Dinner at a Halal Restaurant then singgah Kowloon Mosque for prayer. BB took a lot of pics and very impressive sebab Mosque tu across THE ONE je. Spent couple of hours around TST (bak kate bb, recce!)

29 Apr – Wot Wot, started our early day to HK Disneyland. Cayalah. The second in line to enter. Hahaha.. tp overall kn, Disneyland ni memang biasa2 je la. Not many extreme rides. Stakat RC Racer and Space Mountain tu, seriously tak thrill langsung. Hahaha.. for those yang ada balls, Ocean Park is way better!! The whole day kat Disneyland kitaorang naik je ride ape2 yang ada and in few hours, dah cover the whole park. We decided to spend one day only. Mana tak, I went to Gold Coast like almost 10 times and all visits memang pergi Dreamworld and Movieworld. Rides yang lagi thrill !! Hahahaha. 

*Selingan* I still remember, ada lah dulu kenal sorang hamba Allah ni, guy la kan. OMG pengecut abis.. Nk suruh naik ride kt Genting Corkscrew tu sampai kena umpan RM50. Orang lain nak beround2 dia sekali je. Haha.. ops, ntah2 memang mata pengikis and duitan kot, nk kena sogok RM50 dulu. Shiann. tp tu la Sunway punya rides pun pengecut. Kalah budak2.. Mmg hampeh.. Haha. Eh silap, jadi entry ngutuk pula. Change topic ~  

After Disneyland, we spent our night time to visit Central. Off to The Peak, Express Lane to Madam Tussaud (nah, MT London way better kot hahaha). BTW MT baru je bukak kat Sydney !!. Then we had dinner at Bubba Gum !!! Macam biasa, Hard Rock Café babeh !!! Opss, no lah. The Peak Hard Rock SHOP ONLY ! But the next day we went to the proper Hard Rock Cafe :)

30 Apr -  Today, our half day tour around HK Island. Again, naik the Peak. But it’s OK sebab day view. From The Peak memang nampak the ‘concrete site of HK’. Then we went down to the south.

Aberdeen Fishing Town, Deep Water Bay, Shallow Water Bay, Repulse Bay, Stanley and also around Ap Lei Chau. Disebabkan geram and tak berapa satisfied with Disneyland, kitaorg singgah Ocean Park. Wot Wot, dpt la tgk Panda yang comel and terus we took the Cable Car up to the Thrill Mountain . Oh yeah !!! This is where the fun started!!! We covered most of the rides and sangat puas ati, despite ada satu incident kelakar. Thanks to BB for the surprise, Pitbull 

On the way back, while waiting for the bus, we met one Malaysian yang dh settle down for 12 years at HK. Nice story! TQ Uncle Sham. We saluted you ! Msian yang dh duduk overseas but still maintain ‘KeMelayuan’. His wife from Germany. Impressed sebab kadang2 pk, bangsa sendiri kat Malaysia, nk berlagak jadi mat salleh. CELUP!. Then bangsa Melayu yang baru sampai overseas pulak lupa diri jugak. Insya Allah, I will take care of myself as always.

Before going back to TST, we visited Hard Rock Café Hong Kong. Instead of taking the MRT to TST, we took the ferry. Thanks to our Octopus card. Malam tu kemas2 barang for the next day journey.

1 May – Another early day ! Ferry to Macau. We stayed at Regency Hotel. It was a 5-star hotel. Kalah Hard Rock Hotel. Hahaha. In the afternoon, the shuttle bus sent us to HK Ferry Terminal. Lepak at Gloria Jeans (yes! I miss this café). We did our tour covering both peninsular and Macau Island. Such a small peninsular 4km x 2km in distance.

Damn ! Lupe pulak kat Macau visited what areas. Apart of tengok banyak casinos, we also went to visit Portugese nye colonisation area. (Nak recall kena tanye En Fiance, mana tak, all photos dalam Nikon D7000 dia. Lol)

After the trip, we went to Venetian, the largest Casino in Asia. First impression, oh , it’s just another casino. Nampak WOW sebab design je, tp pun I am not that impress sebab >> amik design kat Venezia (Venice, Italy). Yerp, maybe because I have visited Venice in July 2009, so the copy cat designs didn’t capture my eyes pun. City of Dreams ey? Lol, not for me, full of casinos, tak menjamin ketenangan pun, masjid punya la payah nk cari, halal food pun sama. So this place for visit OK, not for settle down.

Before balik, we went across to go to Hard Rock Café Shop and Hard Rock Hotel. Yes! We bought souviners from both Hard Rock’s . Hahaha. Murah nye lah tempat2 ni plus with HRC Access Card, tak risau nk queue and dpt discounts. Dah almost 4 tahun guna memang collect byk points cuma if guna around Europe and US, instead of discounts dorang akan bagi shotglass la pin la, some sort of souviners!

2 May – The trip finally comes to an end! Need to start focus for our weekend events.

Some of the pengalaman >> 

Driving attitude kat China mmg pakai redah je, asal dapat lepas and sampai destinations dah kire OK,

Lingo mmg tok sah ckp la, macam anjing and kucing Haha. but tq to BB, he is well prepared with his apps, cuma kadang2 sakit jiwa gak coz even kat international airport tak ramai fluent in English. If you are catching the taxi, make sure ada alamat written in Chinese! Haha. But we survived!

Eating and Craving, not sure why, kali ni punya tripping mmg asyik lapar je. selamat la ada junk food and chocolates like Tim Tam to alas perut. hahaha

All our tours are private, less than 8 ppl. Sgt puas ati ! Ramai2 mane syok. at least the guide can purely focus on us 

We travelled by taxi, van, bus, bullet train, light train, ferry, boat, foot, flight, trishaw – all means of transportation. Lol. Thanks to my BB for his skills – the man full of gadgets, pathfinder, bargaining, negotiations and his ‘slumber’ness! Sangat best because semua ni self-planned. No travel agents involved. Baru thrill !!

Last but not least, I will bear this statement in my mind "You havent been to China, if you dont visit the Great Wall of China, You havent been to Paris, if you dont visit the Eiffel Tower .... cont sendiri OK!"

Got the news about my baby bro patah kaki sebab main futsal! Hahaha

3 - 6 May >>  Sedikit busy with preparation for event penting :)

Walla! Again, this is another trip of my for the year 2012. Eceh.. The holiday vibe from South America – visited 6 countries (Oct & Nov 2011) masih terasa. It was definitely a good continent to visit compared to Europe 'I think'.

♥According to the Worldbank, The World is divided into the following

Africa - (Dah pegi Sep 2010. Egypt kat Africa OK. More to go)

East Asia + Pacific - (Dh cover byk part of AUS & NZ throughout the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and more years to come. Byk small islands around Pacific nk pergi with my hubby nnt i.e Samoa, Tonga, Fiji

East Asia – China (done 4 main cities), HK & Macau

Europe & Central - (Done mostly main region Europe. 15 countries dh jejak during my Euro Trip July 2009)

Latin America + Carribean - (Oct & Nov 2011! Done Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Peru - the best way to btul2 proof u’ve been to Latin America is the International Vaccine Card. Carribean later for our honeymoon lak 

Middle East & North Africa - (Done Jordan Sep 2010, Arab Saudi Jeddah, Macca & Medina Jan 1995, Alhamdulillah, got a chance to fast at Tanah Haram)

South Asia - (Dh cover most places. Around2 Asia nnt lah dulu. nk cover regions yang jauh2 dulu. Hahaha

Mainland USA – Soon >> To cross East to West

♥ Europe -15 countries ✓ Australia ✓ New Zealand - North & South Islands ✓ Asia ✓Asia Pacific ✓ Malaysia - Semenanjung most of the places & islands ✓Sabah, Brunei & Labuan ✓ Middle East, Jordan✓ Arab Saudi (1995) Jeddah, Madinah, Mecca ✓ Africa✓ Egypt✓ Bali ✓ Makassar✓ Argentina ✓ Brazil ✓ Border Chile & Paraguay ✓ Peru ✓ China ✓ HK ✓ Macau♥

As usual, for the past few days, I've watched :

English Movies
  • 3D Avengers - Gold Class at Midvalley!
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
  • Lockout - my rating 8/10!
  • Get The Grinco (Mel Gibson!) - oh, teringat pulak my trip to South America! Don't be a grinco, be a local !
  • Iron Sky
  • Safe
Catch up on Malay series!
  • Cinta Buat Emelda - done!
  • Bukan Utkmu - done!
  • Bicara Hati - up to Ep 19
  • Bunga-Bunga Syurga - up to Ep 9
  • Mahabbah - up to Ep 21
  • 3 Janji - up to Ep 8
  • Apa Celop - up to Ep 12
  • Paan Paiz - up to Ep 3
  • Friday I'm In Love - up to Ep 3
  • Lara Hati - up to Ep 3
  • Seindah Sakura - up to Ep 4
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PS : All videos uploaded on my FB & Youtube Channel, cume pictures je still WIP coz waiting for En Fiance to tidy up his RAW and NEF files :)

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