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Saturday, May 12, 2012

♥ Another Entry for April !! ♥ From Sydney with love

Long weekend, Easter break ! Good Friday and Easter Monday. Nahh for me, i only got Friday off but not Monday. Well, what to say, with my current job at Fuji Xerox, I am taking care of Msian and Sporean customers so public holidays agak berlainan from Australia. 

Enjoyed my few days coz more friends came from Malaysia for holiday. Last 3 weekends or so, Maya, Fatimah and Alyana. Baru2 ni Conduct, Faris and Farah arrived Melbourne Sunday night (1 April). Dorang smpi Sydney Wednesday night (4 April). After kerja balik, prepare for Dinner. Masak2 la jugak Nasi, Ayam Sweet Sour yg mmg Sweet, Coleslaw with Thousand Island, Telur Goreng disertakan dgn pilihan2 sauce dr Msia - Kicap, Sweet Chilli Thai and Kimball Sos Chilli. Sempat lagi buat Banana bread!! Hahaha. Smpi2 je dorang terus lepak2 at my place. 

Thursday, dorang around the city by themselves first coz i've got to work. As usual made brekky for them first, Pasta with Lamb Mince and Sauce. Hehehe.. That night when they arrived, Shairah dah brief dah where to go, what to do, which bus pe semua.. But malam tu lepak kat Papa Roti, Kingsford. Jalan kaki to UNSW and Kingsford. What an exercise !!

Good Friday, that arvo lepak to Fish Market. Sumpah crowded gile. But all was fun. Singgah Darling Harbour, Hard Rock Cafe, China Town, Paddy's Market, Karaoke at K-1, Max Brenner, The Rocks and Opera House at night. Phew. mmg full on. Darling Harbour was fun and busy !! Sebab ada Easter Festival. Kitaorg pn join la jugak! Mlm tu had supper Maggi Goreng Basah Tom Yum, modified version by me ! Hahaha. Even penat, mlm tu balik tak tido lagi coz they all were busy packing up stuff. Me cooking for Saturday nk berpicnic la kononnye ! For kuih, I made lopez ! 

That morning, all of us slept around 2ish cmtu but managed to get up early. Around 8am, we made our move to Featherdale !! This is my 4th visit :) . Was at featherdale for more than 2 hours, otw balik singgah Birkenhead. Haha. Sempat lagi tu.. Birkenhead pn almost 2 hours. Funny incident happened when we just realised that nak naik M50 kena prepay. Ticket mmg ngam2 je and mula2 kitaorg plan nk wat nakal, but masing2 tak berani ! So Faris did a whole round looking for a place to buy A TICKET. Balik tu sempat lagi Makan2, me cooked Pasta with Cream Cheese Sauce and Chicken. Monopoly pun sempat main. Hehe...

After visitors balik, normal routine lor :). 

The next day, I managed to catch up with Kak Miza, Mukhriz and their daughter. Sempat lunch kat Taste of Thai and later on I met with my girls at Coogee for BBQ. Was there for few hours gak lah. Before balik rumah, lepak Cafe kat Randwick for a while. 
 My 4th visit to Featherdale

10 April - Mama celebrated her birthday. Wot Wot. She also retired on that day. So now mmg long leave la kn. Lol. 

Final weekend before cuti ni didn't do much things, just chilling out, playing badminton and catch up with mates.

Potluck just now :)

Soon 18 April, I will start my vacation. Lol. Semua dah finalised. Will spend time at KL, Tianjin, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, HK & Macau. All routes were self-planned (with me as the planner) and we (me & BB) can't wait to execute all the plans! Haha.. Shopping for weddings pun is in the list gak skit2.

Insya Allah. Semua berjalan lancar.

As usual, for the past few days, I've watched :

English Movies
  • Bad Ass
  • American Pie, Reunion
Series Malay yg blm abis lag
  • Pistachio Dayana
  • Bukan Utkmu
  • Apa Celop
  • Mahabbah
  • Cinta Buat Emelda
  • Nurin Najwa - movie!
Links to my
Youtube Channel

P:s Twitter? Should I or shouldn't I. Oh 18 April, can't wait for my next vacation !

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