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Sunday, August 21, 2011

HE took one -ve 'thing', but HE gave me HEAPS of +ve things. TQ Allah....

Phew, finally blk pn Sydney. Extended 2 days from our usual plan due to the unexpected heavy snowfalls. Check out the news here The warning for us >> Time ni mmg dh risau2 dah sbb 16 Aug tu we were supposed to fly back to our destinations. Airports byk tutup.  Further news >> Erm mmg dah agak dh. No way and no chance nak balik the next day either. 

Dr 2 days off jd 4 days off but suprisingly on Friday dapat cover semua keje 4 hari tu. Kinda impress with myself. Well, since 31 July smpi lah now, tak de ape sgt yg jadi apart of cuti2 to NZ with my BB. Photos pn dh on Facebook, videos pn dh on Youtube for sharing. Blog pn sudeh. 

Puasa mula2 agak tough jugak sebab kerja both days and nights on the weekdays. Tp first 2 days je rase tired and exhausted. Perhaps I am trying to adjust and adapt. Tak penah selama ni kat AUS (thn ni kali ke 7) puasa kerja malam and siang. Otherwise, mmg all good :) . This bulan puasa mmg Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays nights Shairah akan pegi Msian Hall for Isyak and Terawih berjemaah. Sometimes ada iftar. Feels good sgt! Ye lah weekdays mmg totally dedicated kat kerja. Balik malam pn terawih solo je.. I've also discovered few things that made decided to choose what's good and what's not for me. Alhamdulillah, spoke to few others, mmg dorang setuju and support. I think I've made my own move :). Esp after that 1 particular 'disgusting' incident. For you to be good, you need to be surrounded by good ppl too!

Few days ago kat NZ mmg best sgt. First time lepak2 dgn BB bertudung.. Dia tegur lor. But it was excellent. Kena slow2 lah sebab nak jaga aurat kn. Dosa anak perempuan yang belum kahwin, ayah yang kena tanggung. So fikir2 kan lah yek. Dr kecik mcm2 dorang dh berkorban utk kita. Huhuh... Kat NZ juga BB ada bg suprise (he's full of suprises- selalu sgt. Bak kata dia, selamatlah Shairah bukan kat Msia, kalau tidak macam2 lagi. Hehe). 

He bought me a ring. Jeng3.. Nk tgk? It's a Diamond Platinum Rolled Gold. Siap ada alat khas lagi nk tgk shape diamond tu. Plannye Encik BB just nk tau size of my hand utk ring, so Shairah ckp kite pegi je la kat Town mase kat NZ nnt usha2 cari yg murah. alah amik benang lilit pun boleh dptkan size. Tp tup3, this is what I got :). Loving it.... Blh ke dikira as 'unofficial proposal'? Well, kite nk official kena merisik and meminang kn? Haish, how sometimes I just want things to be easier. Nikah terus, tu pun yang wajib.

Okay, selain tu bulan puasa ni byk gak get together kat Msian Hall. Bes.. Food pn best2. Hehehe. 

Movies2 yg telah dilayan past 2 weeks. Hehehe

Area 51 >> Best gak cite ni. Psl mutant vs human
Friends with Benefits >> JT berlakon. Tp not bad gak lah
Whistle Blower >> Thriller
Cowboys & Aliens >> A lil bit boring
Crazy, Stupid, Love >> Comedy, romance - ending dia small world la pulak
Prom >> Erm, cite pasal schoolies
The Change-Up >> Sgt best !! 
The Smurfs >> Love the smurfs, bes. Slmt la bukan anime
Rise of Planet Apes >> Very touching. But chimpanzee tu sgt smart. Blh deploy the whole team
Final Destination 5 >> As usual, scary2 skit. Sbb byk part yg suspen!
Jane Eyre >> Slow skit movie ni
Don't Fade Away >> Bes gak ! 

As Puasa almost comes to an end, Insya Allah next weekend Shairah organise makan2 berbuka puasa kat luar. Nak kat umah, bilik sempit. Hehe.. Tapi tak ramai pun. Maklumlah, Rabu ni dpt Bonus and back dated payment for payrise. Alhamdulillah. Sekali sekala belanja makan. Why not? Next weekend jugak a friend of mine, Hanes from Queenstown akan dtg Sydney for 8 days. Nak datang beraya katenye sbb nk balik Msia cuti panjang tak dpt. Hehe . He helped me a lot masa kat NZ baru2 ni. Looking forward for his visit :)

I think ni je lah updatenye. Sampai ke temu next entry in September. Yey, my favourite month. Perhaps on RAYA mode :). Iskh tahun ni tak hantar pun Salam Perantauan. Maybe next week lah email dorang.  As of today, lg 52 days for my next vacy >> Malaysia & South America. Wot Wot. 

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