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Saturday, August 20, 2011

♥ 12-13 August ♥ My 2nd trip to NZ + A Short & Sweet Date ♥ Part 1 from 5 - Cchurch, Qtown & Dunny!!

12-16 August 2011 ♥ My 2nd trip to NZ. I went to NZ *North & South Islands* before in July 2007 :)). This was a last minute trip gak la sbb my Bb decided to go to NZ sebab nk merasa berpuasa di tempat org. Since he's been Down Under, we opted to choose NZ sebab tmpt lain ah pulak kan.. 

Puasa in winter, berbuka awal. Kitaorg pn akan involve gak dgn few activities.. *both of us are adrenaline junkies. Heee.. Skydive tak sebab mahal sgt $499++, Rafting pun tak sbb sejukkk.. <9 degrees... Scuba pn kena skip. Winter kot.. Lol... but we'll do Jetboat & Tandem Bungy/Swing.... Sejuk.. kurang penat.  Yang bestnye nnt dpt bersahur, berbuka, solat, terawih with my Bb. He'll be the leader .... 

12 August - tak de ape2 sgt. Masing2 make our own way to Christchurch. First time kot flight Bb- AA on time. Dulu mase 1st trip to AUS (Dec 2010), flight AA emergency landing kat Alice Springs sbb ada Mak Cik sesak nafas (Hoh mencongok daku takut Bb smpi kt airport). 2nd trip to INDO (May 2011), flight AA delay lagi. adeh. as usual dua jam daku mencongok kat Bali tunggu.. Kali ni Bb smpi on time. Dia check in and loaded barang dulu. Patu suprise2 datang airport balik (acco only 400m away dr airport). Smpi2 hotel tu tgk brg2 Bb bawak. Heee. 2 baju kurung for raya + a Diamond Platinum Rolled Gold ring :)) .. Jeng3x. Nnt ah upload gamba ring tu :). I'll take it as an 'unofficial proposal'. Lalalala

13 August - pagi2 tu our flight to Queenstown with Jetstar. Time ni kelaka skit. Org hotel x wat wake up call. Kitaorg smpi ngam3 je x blh drop bag utk check in. Org Jetstar ckp, U can travel but not your bag” sbb kitaorg dh web check in (erkk lawak kot, x kn laaa kami je p, beg x pi). Tp Bb dgn muka slumber, bwk semua beg and scan kt gate. Officer custom siap ckp byk gile beg. x check in ke.. mmg kabut jap time tu sbb flight 0820h kot. mase kat kaunter dh kul 0800h. scan pe sme. slmt x de org. smpi2 dpn gate, phew,, ad sorang lagi minah yg duk congok nk masuk flight. Apparently fight delay kejap. Yg penting, kami berjaya angkut semua bag. wohoo...

Flight was only 45 mins kot. Turun2 terus pi amik kete sewa. Was funny tho sbb airport Queenstown sgt2 lain dr 4 years ago. we made our way to the car parks area. cari la mane kete kami. pusing2. rupenye jumpe gak. Lps pasang GPS and etc, jemput Hanes kat tmpt dia and straight drive to Dunny. 1st half of d trip Bb yg driving, 2nd half of d trip, I drove.. Journey dlm 4 jam.

Smpi2 umah Kak Nieda, singgah solat and angkut d kiddos p Cadbury World.. OMG comel btol anak2 Kak Nieda. Petah and fluent sgt!! Mula2 dorang senyap je dlm kete. Lepas tu hyper.

After trip tu, drop bdk2 kat umah, then kami to the Steepest Road in d World

*Sblm pegi dh beli certificate . ahaha takut kedai tutup lor*. Then berbuka kurma dlm kete and drive to Pak & Save beli groceries. 

About an hour or so, kitaorg p balik umah Kak Nieda, makan2 proper utk berbuka, chillax2 for few hours. Time ni budak2 tu dah happy go lucky ! suke sgt dgn ifon. Asyik nk main games. Apparently my i4 x byk games, bdk2 ni suke i4 Bb (ceyt). 

Bdk2 tu tdo dulu. Then, midnite drive blk Queenstown *kali ni Bb nk drive. org nk tuka x nak*. Highway mmg gelap 95% of the time. masuk town baru cerah. but we're lucky sbb cats' eyes membantu. Plus bulan mmg full time tu *But x sangka next few days heavy snow*. Smpi Queenstown dkt2 4am++ cmtu. Drop Hanes and terus balik acco. Sahur jap and power nap sebab pagi tu dah nk Bungy etc....

P/S : More pics on My FB & Videos kat Shairah nye Youtube Channel

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