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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

*Daku Tak Sabar Nak Start Final Year of Master Studies !!!*

Now I am feeling a bit down and under the weather, but Shaira please be on track and betulkan niat :).. I am so eager to resume my final year of Master. Ouh dear, time flies too fast and I am loving it !! Tak sangka dah nak masuk final year but that is the fact! Thumbs up Shaira for doing a great job in your first year and summer class. Keep up the good work ! I am so enthusiastic

Next few months. Jeng3x. I am going to keep myself busy and occupied (hopefully dpt sokongan dari org2 berkenaan). Reason being, studying and working full time. I’ve never tried this before sebab masa degree kat Melbourne dulu pun first year memang tak kerja sebab nak settle down. Start second year sampai la final year baru kerja time study. Tu pn 20 hours per week je sebab International Student Visa restriction. Tp sebab skrg dh PR, I am freely to work as many hours as I want. Jom tengok my schedule Semester 1 ni. Yang merah tu sebab ada Lecture clash~

Alhamdulillah with my current job, Shaira suka sangat. They are really flexible especially in making me happy. Kitaorang bila2 je blh ambik cuti tapi make sure kerja at our finger tip. Tu rewards yang kitaorg dapat. Shaira part2 flexible ni memang suka, especially if nak dealing berjalan2. So I am happy with my company. Tambahan pula (cewah bunyi skema), dah dapat jadual Sem 1 ni, kena negotiate juga la. Especially tu ha, hari Selasa. Kelas start pukul 4pm. Usually working hours anytime between 0800-1700. Shaira selalu masuk dlm 0800-0815 and chow dalam 1630. Depending berapa lama amik lunch time.

I love to keep myself busy and occupied sebab Shaira mudah bosan. If ada masa spare, memang mati kutu. So between March smpi June, following are the public holidays and cuti2 dlm uni.

April 2-11  (Spring Break aka Easter Break, Good Friday, Easter Friday)
26 (Anzac Day)

June 14 (Queen’s Birthday)

29June-18July (Winter Break before Sem 2)

Lalalala…Patut ke daku amik cuti April ni ? Nah x kot. Jan/Feb hari tu dh amik cuti dah. Mar memang full on first month of first Sem. Tp Winter Break, masih confuse.. Japan yes atau tak kerna hati ini berat nk pergi Middle East September ! Hopefully Sem 2, aka final Sem ni timetable cun gila. Final Sem duh. Excited Excited. Mid May akan daku lihat the proposed timetable.. (hahah kelas Sem 1 tak start dah fikir Sem 2).  

*If confirm ke i Middle East , memang saya akan singgah balik Msia untuk raya. Sehari pun tak pe! Insya Allah. Aduh bulan ni = Bulan ke 8 tak balik Msia*


  1. Merayap je.. ikat kaki karang... hahahaha

  2. wooooo...souvenir for me ya...key chain pun okay...kekeke...sedangkan souvenir ari tuh pun x amik lagi dari putrajaya..


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