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Sunday, February 28, 2010

..::.. 1 March 2010 : New Month, New Season, New Spirit, Insya allah, Strive for Excellent ..::..

Welcome to a new month & a new season. Wat a marvellous tym of d year ~ d days r getting shorter, d leaves r turning color & d air is fresher ~ its Autumn ~ changes in our routines & activities.

Tak sangka, hari ni 28 Feb is the last day of my Summer holiday & Summer season. Time flies and Shaira still ingat how we ended up our Semester 2 tahun lepas. Then Summer Class. Tup3 2010 already ! This is my final year of my Master studies. I am so enthutiastic  to be honest. Ntah la kenapa. Semangat musim baru, bulan baru, need to be positve & focus. 
Tapi ada satu peristiwa, kerana excited sgt nk start class, last week Shaira start 4 readings for this 1 subject. Each reading ada la dlm 17 pages. Tp frust lepas dpt course outline, lecturer tu tukar format this year. Pergh. Mmg bengang gak la. But it's okay, i will just take it as a knowledge maaaa....

By the way, on 27 Feb pegi Mardi Gras ~ Heh. Lesbian & Gay Community Parade.. Pening je pegi tu. But lesson learnt : I just want a plain, straight, normal guy in my life. That's all i would ask n pray for.. Nak Malay guy boleh tak ^___^. Gamba ? nah, tak letak kot. Too controversy

March, nothing major event happening. Focus study and kerja je. Lagipun tak de cuti.  Cuma tak sabar April ni, sminggu Easter Break, me and mates are going to Lady Gaga !! April jugak la beza dengan Msia hanya cepat 2 jam. yeyy Bumblebee, x de la seksa sgt ^____^ !!
Anyways, doakan yang terbaik untuk Shaira yer :) . I wanna graduate successfully in Master of Commerce (International Business & Organisation and Management). Insya Allah ~ Adoi habis belajar fikir ape lak ? Kahwin ? kuang3x. Siapa la yang sudi tunggu daku yang jauh2 ni.. Later2 la k. Nak abis pusing d world dlu kot. I wanna repeat my success, my pride, my joy ~!! They can't take that away from me ~

~ Insya Allah will do it again ~
 *2006, Scholarship Award from Golden Key Honor Society. Top 4 from Top 15% of the RMIT Undergraduate Students*
*2008, Recognition from MARA, the sponsorship. Top 10% Class of 2007 Undergraduates students all over local & international. tq MARA. I wont waste each & every $ that i got*

History ~ The branch of knowledge dealing with past events are always there to remind the best things you achieved. No point of recalling the things that can't build up your future, always stick to the events that will motivate you to go higher, stronger, taller and better than before ~ Bak kata pepatah, Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih ~ Insya Allah

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