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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Marking my travel route. Negara ke 40. Puasa di Fiji....

Oh Fiji. Time flies. Kejap je seminggu puasa vacation di sini. Special entry for this vacation as Fiji is the 40th country that I've been to. Alhamdulillah. One word to describe, exotic! Why Fiji? Because it's a rare destination. Not many people choose to go to Fiji but Koalabelang is dare to take the challenge to expand our market to Fiji apart of Australia & New Zealand. So why not? Come and join us!

Alhamdulillah, while drafting this blog, we got a great news, check this out. Huih, dah dekat 10 bulan cuti bersalin, pejam celik pejam celik, Raudhah pun nearly 10 months :D

****  http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/07/17/big-resort-project-on-nacovi-island-begins/

****  Sebelum nak berceloteh, nak jamu sikit pictures during the trip. Pictures are not in order :)

Baby Raudhah and Fijians. Mesra alam!

Check the history. Ratu Udre Udre ni makan org!

Semestinya Hard Rock Cafe

Baby Raudhah and Busu!

Insya Allah, we found a partnership in Fiji

A cultural show not to be missed
Sebelum naik boat

Bye Bye Sydney

Express Path :)

Bula! Welcome to Fiji

Ready to enter Fiji!

Bila Tuan Puteri conquer!

Smile for the camera

We explored dari Nadi ke atas hujung Island

Sunset di Voli Voli Beach. Masya Allah
Angin deru bersama tuan puteriku

Mereka sibuk bersunset, kami rehat dulu

Bila geng photog turun ke bawah for waterfall


Manja nya Baby Raudhah

Sand Dune Area National Park

Suva, Fiji

Fiji Museum di Suva

Maoi Bay, amazing and superb. Macam Maldives!

Berposing di Nadi Cultural Market

Insya Allah slow and steady, Koalabelang ingin berkembang di sini

Bye Bye Fiji!

With my bro, Dr Noor Syafiq Aizat Ishak

Salam Sayang dari Kami

I Love You Sayang

Baby Raudhah passport blue black. Haha

The other side of Fiji. From Nadi to Suva!

Credit photos to : Zharfan Azizan

Raudhah pun naik main camera la Walid!

Selepas borong barang HRC

Featured in the paper, Sun Fiji

A visit to Malaysia Consulate di Suva

Photo satuuu, Suva!

Melawat Tapak Kawasan Projek

Let me see my photo Walid!

Peramah dengan orang!

Percaturan Allah itu menakjubkan. Percayalah dengan kuasaNya. Semua yang terjadi be it baik atau buruk tentu ada hikmahNya. Kami ke Fiji dengan niat yang satu. Utk recce new destination so that Malaysians akan berpeluang menziarahi Fiji - a rare and exotic location - Usaha yang tidak sia2 kerana kami dipertemukan oleh Hamba Allah, a Muslim Australian Fijian yang sedang dalam proses membina resort etc dalam masa terdekat.

Summary of Fiji in short.

Airport :- Kinda an old airport but sgt menarik bila masuk je airport lounge we were greeted with their traditional songs. And of course the word BULA!!

Custom :- Awesome as you can bring everything from Australia including milk, cheese, fresh meat BUT not fresh chicken and veggie. Frozen is OK. So tak susah lah nak masak

Road :- Hmm maximum national speed limit is 80km/h. Yes 80 sahaja! Lol. But Fiji tak de traffic lights in most of the places. Traffic lights or cameras can be counted. Setiap kali lalu villages you will see a board showing the village name and 95% of the villages will have Hump Road for safety (driving in and out the village). One thing we noticed, each village has their own decoration or setup. But lucky those villages if the Westeners sponsored them of education or welfare projects ie Australia. New Zealand and Korea. One unique thing Fiji roads, there are no lights on the road and you will see a lot of Fijians walking in the dark without you noticing until you are very close to them. So kena berhati2. Lucky us pergi masa Ramadhan, kalau tak memang confirm duk ingat ada hantu! Serious no joke.

Weather :- Winter with temperature around 28-30 during day time and 18-20 during night time. We love this so much! Not humid not sticky not too cold not too hot! Just nice. Fiji has 4 seasons and the time zone is GMT +1200 :). The weather is also heavily impacted by changes from NZ weather. Since there are 333 islands in Fiji, Fiji is divided into few sections , Western. Central. Eastern. Northern.

People :- Nice and they always welcome tourists. No wonder Fiji is all year long the hot spot of holiday! English literacy is not a problem.

Culture:- To my surprise, Most of the population in Fiji is made up of Fijians and Hindi people. Plus Fijians practice FIJI time a lot so don't get mad when they take ages to do something. IE Fiji time for a shuttle ride from Nadi to Sigatoka for boat transfer. They said it's around 45 mins FIJI time. Means it will take around 60-90 mins. Very laid back compared to Aussie haha.

Currency :- Fijian dollar is Pretty high than Malaysia. 1FJD : 1.75MYR / 1FJD : 0.60AUD

Religion :- Mainly Hinduism. Islam is around 20-30%. The rest Christian, Sikh. Masjid, markaz or musolla are everywhere. Kena pandai cari aje.

Food/Groceries :- Very expensive! 1L of milk is around FJD 3.30. So cooking is the best way.. we are also lucky sebab memang kitaorg stock up food from Sydney - Frozen Paratha, Mackerel, Kicap, Tomato etc etc

Touristic Areas :- Fiji ada 333 islands and the island is divided into few regions. Yang famous ngn tourist are the Central region (Nadi, Racci Racci, Suva, Pacific Harbour) and Western region (Mamanuca - pronouced as Mamanudha & Yasawa)

So far from 257 countries in the world, I've been to :-

Argentina 2011
Australia since 2004
Austria 2009
Belgium 2009
Brazil 2011
Brunei 2000
Chile 2011
China 2012
Ecuador 2011
Egypt 2010
Fiji 2014
France 2009
Germany 2009
Holy See (Vatican City)2009
Hong Kong 2012
Indonesia 2000, 2011
Ireland 2009
Israel (border) 2010
Jordan 2010
Luxembourg 2009
Macau 2012
Malaysia Born and Breed
Netherlands 2009
New Zealand 2007, 2011, soon ! end of Aug 2014
Paraguay 2011
Peru 2011
Portugal 2009
Saudi Arabia 1995, 2013
Singapore hmm masa kecik couple of times, dah besar 2008
South Africa 2011
Spain 2009
Sweden 2009
Switzerland 2009
Taiwan 2012
Thailand couple of times masa kecik
United Arab Emirates 2013
United kingdom 2009
Uruguay 2011
Vietnam (Border) masa kecik

Insya Allah in Oct/Nov/Dec 14 - Wanting to go on a cruise to New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Polynesia. Raudhah pun dah setahun.

Next year big mission! End of April to Mid Jun 2015, Insya Allah United States and Canada. Focus on Hubby's skydiving Record Formation Event.

Sebelum mengakhiri pena pada entri kali ini, 
sedikit brief mengenai Koalabelang

Koalabelang is a small business family company based in Sydney. It is proudly 100% owned and managed by Malaysian, recently established in September 2014 and registered under the ABN 45 859 081 097.

In Malaysia, we are registered as Go Getter Consultancy (002148322-A) since 31 July 2012.

We provide shipping/freight forwarding, transportation, travel and inbound operator services not to only Malaysian community in Sydney but also to their extended families.

Shipping/ freight forwarding services are seasonal and on demand basis. However, transportation, travel and inbound operator services are provided all year long. Not limited to Sydney/NSW/ACT areas, but our destinations cover all around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

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