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Friday, July 4, 2014

Welcoming Winter

Phew... Busy bangat despite I am on ML.

Since 26 January. Hmm apa updates ek.. Especially on Baby Raudhah lah. All about her lah kan. June! New month, new season and end of financial year here in Australia. Let see from the last updated post, banyak lagi nak di share.

26.1 - 31.1 :  New car Road Trip 1200 km terus! Hahaha.. Sakan... Sedih mengenangkn Audi A3. Hantar Qila balik 29 Jan. Patah kaki rasa kena handle sorang2 but I need to learn!

February : Chillax a bit.

March : Clients Clients Clients. Raudhah start crawling 10.3. Wingsuit lessons started and we spent time at Elderslie.

April : Kak Suri came for 2 weeks. Weee rasa slim dah weh.. Back to normal weight - pre pregnancy. Harapan nk kurus lagi boleh? But I cannot skip my meals since BF Baby Raudhah lagi. Friends came over for skydiving course. Road trip to Moruya. Stayed in a cabin. Raudhah started her swimming school. Long easter break, all about skydiving. Hubby continue to do her Wingsuit lessons

May : Busy with clients, Parents came for 3 weeks. 1 week with friends. Skydiving. Stayed in a tent!! Baby Lab Raudhah dapat Degree

Jun : Alhamdulillah. Still busy with clients. Was planning for a cruise trip tapi umur Raudhah too young. Grrr.. Went to Sand Dune. Cruise and surprisingly, this was when my car strikes 10,000km. Teringat pulak, masa mula2 dapat , drive all the way ke Newcastle and to Nowra and up to Sydney for the first 1,000km. Fiat Freemont celebrated her 10,000km pun kat Newcastle. Best! We stayed at Executive Villa with Jacuzzi.. Baby Raudhah kan pantang ada air :)

*During clients datang, Baby Raudhah pun join sekali Road Trip upon clients' request of course!.

Koalabelang at your service ya. We also cover the whole Australia, New Zealand and Fiji!!

Very brief on this entry as we are still busy! Glad after straight weeks since March till mid June, Hubby busy with clients

17-20 Jun : Melbourne Trip. including Puffing Billy, Brighton Beach, Ballarat, Phillip Island and of course city! Back to where I belong eceh

21-22 Jun : Elderslie and Maitland Trip. Hubby ada wingsuit training.

27-30 Jun : Canberra and Winter Trip. My 9th winter trip

1-6 July : Gold Coast Trip. Movieworld, Wet and Wild, Seaworld. This time we are giving a pass to Dreamworld. insya allah next trip. LOL. Kira2, rsnya dah 12x jejak Gold Coast. Bezanya this time with Baby raudhah..

10-16 July : wot wot Fiji daaa..

Will share pics and videos laterr

Ps : Baby Raudhah survived first month of winter without flu or fever. Alhamdulillah. Good job syg!
New website already launched www.koalabelang.com

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